How To Make Money With Web Hosting Affiliate Programs: Guide

make money with web hosting affiliate programs

Web hosting services offer big commissions for every new customer that their existing customers refer. You can easily take advantage of this as this affiliate program does not require you to register to be qualified.

As long as you are using a web host for your website, you can promote it and earn commissions through its affiliate program.

But, before we talk about how you can earn the commissions, you must first realize that…

You Should Only Promote a Web Host That You Are Using

Your experience should always be the basis on how you recommend your affiliate programs. This is the best way to maintain your site’s credibility as visitors who purchased through these links can confirm what you stated from their experiences.

It is for this reason that you should choose your web host based on your website’s needs. In choosing your web host, you have to consider the following:

The commission from the affiliate program should only be considered if the hosting service can deliver what was mentioned.

By doing so, you are acting as a customer. This gives you the actual experience of once being a potential customer for the web host being promoted.

This experience is valuable as you can use this to relate to your visitors since they are now the host’s potential customers. In this way, you would not be acting like a salesperson or a marketer but, simply, as someone who went through a similar experience in choosing a web host.

Aside from this, you also have the experience of using the web host. You can use this experience to create valuable content for your visitors such as tutorials, troubleshooting tips, and in-depth guides.

From there, you can suggest to the readers the website you are using so you can earn affiliate income.

Other than that, you would know the issues and the problems with the web host. You can provide an objective picture of the web host that your visitors can use for making the decision.

How to Create Affiliate Sales for Your Web Host

Create a Website for a Relevant Niche

Creating websites that delve on the topic of web hosting is the easiest way to earn from web hosting affiliate programs.

You do not even have to make web hosting as the niche for your website.

Niches like website design, coding tutorial, digital marketing, domain names, and affiliate marketing can still discuss topics related to web hosting. Common strategies used by websites targeting these niches include web hosting comparisons, web host reviews, or website creation tutorials.

You do not need to be an expert on these topics to create a niche that can promote web hosting affiliate programs. You might already have a background in coding, writing, web design, and digital marketing.

And you can use your professional knowledge and experience to create content for the website targeting a related niche. From there, you can link to a web host you are using to earn affiliate income.

Create a Page for Your Web Affiliate Links

If a website does not cater to a niche related to web design or blogging, it would be very limited from creating content that can promote web-hosting services.

It can still create a post or two about it if they can spin the content to be relevant to their niche. But, beyond that, it can create inconsistencies to their content that can lower their search engine rankings. This is an instance when a dedicated affiliate page can be useful.

You can do this by creating a page that showcases the different tools you use on your website. These tools can include your web host, CMS plug-ins, e-mail marketing service, SEO tools, and website theme service.

You can even include the gear you are using for your content creation. You can then link to the affiliate programs of these items without creating unrelated content.

This page is extremely useful as there would be visitors who would ask for the tools and gear you are using to create content. You can simply give them a link every time someone asks. This will save you time in answering those who are asking these types of questions in the comments or the e-mail.

Promote in channels other than your blog

If your website has a YouTube channel, you can promote discount promotions in your videos. The discount promotions can come from the custom discount coupons some web hosts provide to their customers.

If your web host does not have this, you can directly ask them and see if they are willing to make an arrangement.

Your manner of promotion in this approach is similar to how other YouTubers promote products in their videos. You can mention it in the video as a way to support the channel or your brand. You can also state your opinion on the web host as proof that you are using it.

If you do not have a website catering to a web design niche, you can still create guest posts for websites targeting the said niche. You can share your experience and tips in creating websites and other related content. You can place the affiliate links on relevant texts of the post.

(Of course, you should disclose to the website owner that you would be placing an affiliate link to your web host.)

Place ads on your website

If you have a vacant ad spot for it, you can place an affiliate banner on your site. You would not even have to make your own since web hosts often provide these banners for their customers. All you would have to do is to copy and paste the code on your page.

Make sure that the ad only takes one spot on your page. Placing it on multiple spots of your page can annoy your visitors and would not increase the chances of them clicking it.

Promote it through a product or service

If you offer a product or service on your website, you can give those who use your affiliate links a discount. This method would be more effective if you can promote the web host and your offer in a way that these two solve a common problem.

For example, if you are a writer, you can give a discount for your ghostwriting services to your visitors who are thinking of creating their own website.

These are just some of the ways that you can earn from a web hosting affiliate program. Some websites definitely have other ways that uniquely applies to their niche.

If you have any strategy that you think can apply to your situation, try it out and measure the results.

make money with web hosting affiliate programs

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