How to Make Money with Your Videos on Video Sharing Websites

How to Make Money with Your Videos on Video Sharing Websites

If you would like to earn money without leaving your home and you are not a blogger or a software engineer, you can simply make videos! All it takes is to turn on the camera on your phone and make one about something that you are passionate about.

We will present you some places where you can upload your content, and yes, there are other websites besides YouTube.

How does it work?

These websites offer you a place where you can upload your videos and then they attach ads to them. The more views you get, the more money you earn, as simple as that.

Of course, not all websites offer the same revenue. Although there are other ways of making money with video sharing websites, this is the most basic one.

1. YouTube

This well-known website is easy to use both for viewers and uploaders since there are categories for every type of content.

Moreover, it is quite simple to make an account since YouTube is in sync with Google. Also, you would need an AdSense account in order to make money with YouTube.

In this particular case, you would earn 68% of the ad revenue.

However, YouTube has changed some of its policies which have affected smaller content creators. Since the beginning of this year, it has become harder to join the Partner Program. In order to monetize your content, you now need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past year. Just to make a comparison, you only used to need 10,000 views to join the Partner Program.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the next big thing after YouTube with its 190 million monthly visitors. Their Partner Program was only available in the USA and France, but now it welcomes creators from all over the world.

Moreover, they offer you 70% of the profit that they make of ad revenue.

In addition, they make payments four times a year, i.e., every three months. You can receive the money via bank transfer. If it is good enough for BBC and Bloomberg, then it can also be good enough for you.

3. Vimeo

This is a video sharing website which decided to orient itself towards quality content.

Vimeo started working back in 2004, and they were the first ones to include HD videos, back in 2007. Moreover, professionals often use this website, especially aspiring film-makers, who can post their short films there.

There are two ways to make money through Vimeo. One is the Tip Jar, where Plus or Pro Vimeo users can reward your work.

The other one is Video on Demand, which allows creators to sell their content directly to other users. It is also important to point out that there is a 500mb upload limit per week for free users.

4. Metacafe

It has been online since 2003, and with its 25 million viewers per month, represents a great YouTube alternative. Unlike some other websites, they pay per view, so you do not need to meddle with annoying ads.

Also, the videos on this platform are rather short, usually around ninety seconds.

Every video that users submit is checked by 80,000 volunteers who are responsible for choosing the best content. However, they are very strict regarding the copyright laws, so they only accept original videos.


Unlike the previous video sharing websites, this one allows you to upload pictures and flash games too. Moreover, they have a specific audience in mind, and that is men between the ages of 15 and 35. They concentrate on content that is in connection with sports, entertainment and military.

If your video gets featured on the front page, you would get $2000! Also, another way to earn money on is if one of your pictures ends up in the Gallery. In that case you would get $25.

Furthermore, it is essential to point out that there is no option for ads and that you can get paid once a week via PayPal. Also, there is a limit for the size of videos you can upload, and that is less than 60MB.

Also, they even have an affiliate called, where you can actually sell your videos directly to them so that they can post them on their network or YouTube. You can withdraw your money via check or PayPal.

6. Twitch

This website was launched back in 2011 by Amazon, and it is a bit different than the previous ones that we have mentioned. In fact, it is a live-streaming platform, which is strictly concentrated on video games.

Since Google is in possession of the dominant YouTube, the people from Amazon reasoned that it would be smarter to focus on a specific audience.

Twitch has almost 100 million visitors on a monthly basis! Moreover, they offer content from around 1.5 million broadcasters. It is interesting to point out that people are often influenced by the reviews that appear on Twitch of the newly released games.

We can even say that it has a similar impact on video games as Rotten Tomatoes has on movies.

In addition, Twitch has an affiliate program, whose way of functioning is similar to YouTube’s. The conditions for joining this program are quite straightforward:

  • 500 minutes of video game streaming every month
  • 7 unique broadcast days
  • 3 users watching at the same time

This aforementioned affiliate program is only a stepping stone towards reaching the exclusive partner program. If you qualify for this program, you can even start your own channel and earn money from ad revenue.


We hope that we have managed to provide you with enough options from which you can choose the right one for you. As you can see, there are plenty of good websites, but we were not able to list every one of them (there are so many!).

If you are finding a hard time deciding on the best one for you, I recommend that you try out some of them and see which fits you best.

As you can see, there is something for every type of user, and it’s not so complicated as you may have thought.

How to Make Money with Your Videos on Video Sharing Websites

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