How Dedicated Hosting Boost Website Traffic & Perfomance: Benefits

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Dedicated Hosting Boost Website Perfomance

Let’s face it – the success of your business today depends to a considerable extent, on the full functionality of your website.

It, therefore, means that in as much as your business does not rely on being housed in a brick-and-mortar establish, its success relies largely on your website’s online home – the web hosting provider and the server the website is housed in.

You should also realize that in as much as your customers will find your physical store whenever you are open, you run the risk of being inaccessible on the online scene should your website vanish from the online space temporarily.

A technical hitch will send your customers to abandon cart or look at other websites, and this will affect your bottom line significantly.

If you are running an e-commerce platform or a fully-fledged blog with hundreds of active blog posts, you need to ensure that your site sits on a reliable house.

One of the best solutions involves the use of a dedicated server.

But, before we delve deep into web hosting by dedicated servers and how this affects traffic to your website, here is a quick look at the biggest customer pain points when it comes to website functionality and access.

The biggest issues reported by online users include access to glitchy sites, especially the ones with broken links.

The other big issue to online visitors is finding that the site they are trying to access is constantly down, not to mention the issue of sites to long page loading times.

Of these three issues, we’ll first look at the pain of a website being constantly down, and how the use of dedicated servers could be the remedy that boosts traffic to your site.

To address this issue, we have to look at the effects of web hosting on the traffic recorded on a site.

Web Hosting

What we are about to talk about might sound like a cliche, but you should never take the issue of web hosting and your choice of web hosting service provider easily.

Making the wrong or a poor choice will come back to bite you and to upgrade to another package could cost you so much more than it should.

So, even though you get to choose between shared, VPS and dedicated servers, paying more for each service compared to the preceding one, you need to make sure that you only pay for a hosting service that will meet the needs of your business, and improve your profitability.

Why dedicated servers for web hosting

We recommend dedicated server hosting is your site records high traffic.

The dedicated servers will easily handle the traffic load, and you won’t have to worry about your website crashing.

Dedicated servers also work well for mission-critical sites or the ones that are contractually obligated to run on dedicated servers.

Also, if you are launching a business website that calls for the best in search engine optimization, power and security, you need to ensure that the website runs on a solid server that will handle the high traffic volumes as well as traffic surges.

A dedicated server does all these, and it will also allow you to install scripts as and when you prefer.

The shared servers, on the other hand, power hundreds, sometimes thousands of websites, jeopardizing your website’s stability and its reliability.

In the shared system, you share the servers’ full CPU power, more bandwidth, RAM, storage and disk space.

Since dedicated servers give you access to all these functionalities, you won’t have to worry about the neighbors using more power or risking your site’s security, or even site crashes.

How dedicated servers boost traffic to your website

Since the dedicated server gives you access to all the web hosting resources needed to keep your website up and running seamlessly, and since you have more data space and bandwidth, you won’t have to worry about the system crashing.

The increase in traffic comes in different ways.

The dedicated server means high site loading speeds, a considerably high uptime, faster access to customer support, improved security, as well as scalability.

1. Site Speed

Did you know that about half your site’s visitors expect a site to load up in 2 seconds or even less, and that about 40 percent of site visitors will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

The bounce rates impact on your website significantly and easily result in losses.

The impact on the loading speeds on how long visitors stay is particularly important to e-commerce sites.

And as reported in an internal study by Amazon, an increase in loading speeds, even when it an increase by 100ms will result in a significant drop in sales of 1 percent.

The use of dedicated servers will come in handy in boosting your site’s loading speeds, especially if your site is well-optimized.

The increased loading speeds when using a dedicated server results from the fact that the server has enough space and bandwidth to receive and send FTP reports in milliseconds.

The use of dedicated servers provided by a reputable company ensures that your website host is not overburdened, even with heavy files, large images, and premium-quality graphics.

You might also like to use the dedicated servers because they can give you high loading speeds thanks to you having the right to use a bandwidth of up to 100MB per second.

By utilizing your entire bandwidth limit, you don’t have to worry about slow loading speeds or high bounce rates.

2. Enhanced Uptime

Think about it this way – every second your site is offline you lose new traffic.

With five downtimes in a month, you will end up losing too many sales.

The biggest causes of downtime include failed network devices, power outages, poor and irregular supervision by the systems administrators, DDoS attacks, as well as the poor implementation of changes in configuration.

Shared servers also increase downtime with the dedicated servers being the only ones that can guarantee almost 100 percent uptime.

3. Security

We’ve talked about how a dedicated server could offer close to 100 percent uptime.

The other attractive bit of these servers offer the best security systems especially with attackers on the constant lookout for vulnerabilities.

With malicious attacks, especially the vicious DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks decommissioning your website with no warning or slowing down the site’s loading speeds by running too many page requests, you need to ensure your servers and website are protected from such attacks in the best way possible.

The web hosts offering dedicated hosting have their systems running on the very best security systems which make them trustworthy.

When visitors know that the site they are visiting is secure, they will keep coming.

Besides working with reliable web hosts, you could enhance your page’s loading speeds by:

  • Updating your software and the plugins constantly and regularly
  • Install reliable security software
  • Use complex and unique passwords and change them regularly
  • Change your default CMS settings
  • Choose plugins and extensions that are updated regularly
  • Update your security certificates
  • Optimize your configuration files
  • Secure your payment gateway options
  • Use secure HTTP security headers.

4. Fast Access to Support

Can we all agree that the 504 Error is the worst thing that could appear on your screen?

Now imagine that happening when your website is supposed to be making a killing in sales and not finding quick access to the web host’s customer support team, painfully frustrating, right?

Well, you could easily avoid potential losses by using dedicated web hosting servers offered by the best web hosting companies on the market.

For these companies, their reputation is at stake, and if it means being accessible and helpful in seconds to save face and to make more sales, the companies will do that.

There is also the fact that dedicated hosting is available at a premium and no business wishes to pay all that money for horrible services.

5. Network Performance

The other way through which the dedicated servers boost website traffic is in their use of top-notch network monitoring applications and software.

Proper network monitoring solutions will constantly evaluate a site’s performance and fix small issues like broken links and other glitches before the problems escalate.

By ensuring that the site remains in good health and fully operational, you will keep up your site’s traffic and engagement rates.

6. No Unexpected errors

With shared/ third-party servers, you cannot utilize your server’s full capacity which means an increased downtime.

And being inaccessible too many times does not stand in good taste for anyone looking to attract customers and boost their sales.

Are there other ways of boosting traffic to your website, besides the use of a dedicated server?


We’ve listed them below.

Optimization of your Content Delivery Network (CDN):

The use of CDN could boost traffic to your site. CDN is the collection of servers spread worldwide for efficient content delivery to local visitors; its optimization will ensure that visitors from around the world access your sites fast.

Without CDN, users located far from the servers will not be able to load the site fast because of an increase in latency.

With a CDN, static files are cached from multiple servers then the files are delivered to the server location closest to visitors.

Optimize your website design:

There are several ways of doing this, but first, you need to know that for proper site display, you need proper relaying of the HTTP request from your hosting server to your visitors’ browsers.

With an increased number of scripts loading, you could still boost your site’s loading speed by doing the following:

  • Use Lazy Loading plugins to ensure that media is only loaded on demand
  • Reduce the number of plugins, and if you need them all, use the lighter versions
  • Clean up the scripts to eliminate unnecessary characters
  • Use image optimizers to upload media
  • Combine your CSS files into one file
  • Specify the display image dimensions
  • Find then fix all dead and broken links
  • Avoid the use of redirects, unless it is necessary

While dedicated servers are expensive, they are worthy investments.

Dedicated Hosting Boost Website Perfomance
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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