11 Ways To Make Money Online From Home For Woman or Housewives

How To Make Money Online From Home For Woman

There are plenty of ways how women can make money online from home. Some of these opportunities require very little technical know-how while others will require some decent techie abilities.

Of course you will have to get your inner geek on at times since you need to make technology work for you in order to earn money.

For instance, if you’re starting a blog or an authority site, you need to know how to create and maintain your own website. You may need some video editing skills if you want to create instructional videos.

Here are our top picks of online money making opportunities for us ladies out there:

1. Customer Service

Many companies outsource their operations for customer service to other service companies. This actually saves them a good deal of money. Note that even the IRS outsources this operational segment.

Other than the IRS, you can contact other companies such as 1-800-flowers, Express Jet, ACDDirect, WorkingSolutions, WestatHome, and LiveOps for job opportunities as home based customer service representatives.

2. Telemarketing/Online Marketer

This is one of the jobs that will require some tough skin and a good sales pitch. As a telemarketer or an online marketer, you will be contacting potential leads by voice, email, chat, and social media.

You will be paid by the hour by companies who are looking for home based workers by contacting leads and potential clients. Sometimes you don’t have to sell anything but just remember that everything you do is part of the overall plan to convert a lead into a customer.

3. Online Jury

As an online juror you will be required to attend and sit on mock juries – well, virtually, of course. You will be listening to actual attorneys present their case as they practice everything before the actual trial.

Yes, you’re going to listen to actual cases being presented and your reaction to the arguments will help attorneys to gauge how well each argument pans out. The trials and cases being discussed will be real but the trial you’re attending isn’t.

4. Online Surveys

The money you make by taking online surveys isn’t exactly enough to replace your day job. But it’s a great way to make some money aside for a few minutes. Some earn an extra hundred dollars or two each month by just filling out surveys during their coffee and lunch breaks.

5. Freelance Writing, Editing, Proofreading

If you have a knack for writing good prose then you probably can make freelance writing aka ghost writing a shot. It’s about time for you to monetize that core talent.

Another opportunity in this department is that of an editor or proof reader. This is the kind of job for grammar Nazis and anyone who can spot grammar errors from a mile away.

6. Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are kind of similar. The business models of these two are almost similar since both of them move products that you don’t really physically handle.

The big difference is that an affiliate marketer is one who just advertises products. You are not the seller, when someone buys a product because of your advertising efforts then you earn a commission. You don’t handle shipping, customer service, and other concerns – you’re just there to advertise and sell online.

In drop shipping on the other hand, you are the business owner. You are the one marketing and selling the products. However, you don’t handle the products or do any inventory.

Another company (usually the manufacturer) does that for you. Think of it as a distribution business but you don’t need a huge warehouse to store the products.

The manufacturer handles the shipping and warranty replacements.

Customers can’t buy directly from the manufacturer, they would have to transact with your business. In this model, you will have to handle all customer concerns because they’re your customers, and not the manufacturer’s.

7. Blogging and Being an Authority or a Coach

Do your friends ask you for advice about the things that you are truly passionate about? It could be anything from how to buy used cars, baking cake, choosing the right hairdo, how to lose weight, and other stuff.

If you’re good at something – and you’ve been at it for quite a while, then you may want to consider being an authority figure or an online coach. You can even put up a blog about that thing you do.

If you don’t your writing skills is a bit off then just go write your tips, advice, and anything you’re doing and hire an editor to fix your grammar mistakes. Now, if textual output isn’t really your thing then you can just make instructional videos and then post them online.

You can earn some money on the side by posting and promoting your videos on YouTube. You get paid for your viewership. Now, you can also be a guide and answer other people’s questions.

For instance, guides at About.com, Justanswer.com, and others are paid to answer visitor questions. It’s another side job that you can do if you really know your stuff.

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant (PA). But you don’t make your boss some coffee or something. You’re the assistant, usually to an executive, and you work remotely.

Think of it as being a work from home secretary.

You write emails, make phone calls, post stuff online, schedule appointments, write reports, dig up info, and prepare pretty much everything your boss needs so he could do his job. Everything is handle via the internet and also by voice and chat.

9. Site Tester

You can also get paid to beta test sites. There are website owners and developers who hire people to try all the functionalities of a website or an app that they are working on.

Your job is to see if all the features of their product, website, or app are working properly. Well, in reality, what you should be looking for are problems with their work so they can iron things out.

10. Online ESL Tutor

There are lots of people from around the world, particularly around Europe and Asia who want to learn better English and want to speak it as a second language. You can sign apply as a teacher, but you need to get certified as an ESL instructor (English as a Second Language).

However, there are some online correspondence schools who allow their faculty to teach even though they’re still working on their certifications. Classes only last an hour or two and you get to interact with people from around the world.

If you’re a people person and you have a knack for your native tongue (i.e. English) then you may want to take this opportunity to make several extra hundred bucks each month.

Now, some schools are for English while others teach other languages. So if you took other languages back in your school days then you can use those skills to make some money.

11. Data Encoding, Transcription, and Creative Services

Another easy thing that you can do is data encoding or data entry. You enter data through a database, a spreadsheet, etc. It doesn’t pay as much but it’s pretty easy money – you get paid about five to six bucks an hour.

An alternative to that is transcription. You listen to audio recordings, usually from doctors and businessmen, and type up a transcript of the audio.

If you have some decent Photoshop and other digital arts skills then you can monetize those skills to help you earn some extra cash.

How To Make Money Online From Home For Woman

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