Where To Promote Your Blog Posts After Publishing It For Traffic

Where To Promote Your Blog Posts After Publishing It For Traffic

The success of blogging is not only determined by a high-quality matter but also depends on the traffic driven into it by the viewers for reading the content.

One of the potential ways to naturally enhance this situation is by creating the substance that is search engine-friendly and thereby, letting a greater number of people to easily locate your blog.

However, at times, this technique also does not work out well and there are circumstances when even your excellent piece of work goes unnoticed or also, does not rank high in the search engine ratings.

How to wisely handle this?

It is always ideal to be prepared to actively push these posts by advertising them on the various existing social media sites and equally tagging them on the online community bookmarking sites.

By doing so, at least some of the people including your family and relatives get a chance to examine your well-written work and might share it which, in turn, is beneficial for you.

Apart from this, make sure you promote the content on the sites where your target audiences are present. This can indeed help your live blog to reach out globally to all those interested and happy viewers.

As Joe Pulizzi once pointed out ‘Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience- and, ultimately to drive profitable customer action.’

Know the list of places where you can share your content after publishing:

For a process to be effective, it requires an adequate planning strategy. In this case, it is vital that you develop a checklist backup plan that prevents you from being repetitive while promoting things which further assist in your growth.

Choose from the best data managing applications that are available online which automatically updates when you insert your post on the various sites.

The common social networking sites:

This includes – The friends and family group.

This is one of the top trending social sharing routes. The most surprising fact about such a site is that they could effortlessly bring a major portion of the referral traffic to your required blog.

You can also employ the dynamic audience page group which is more welcoming for your blog promotion.

You can use the various formats like text, links or even icon of your blogs. Further, you can invite your buddies to comment, rate or like your pages.

Tagging your friends and frequent updates on your upcoming post can keep up the excitement of your blog viewers. All these practices could absolutely satisfy your need.

Graphical image tagging sites:

Here, group boards can be crafted based on the niche of your content and thus, can attract traffic.

Group of professionals:

This undoubtedly contains the specific category of the audience whom you are looking for.

Instantly, share your post so that they can read it.

Reputed tweeting sites:

Such microblogging platforms can also aid in promoting your blog.

Small positive messages by your followers are all that you need to bloom as a blogger.

Powerful email alarms:

It is one of the sound methods to reach out to the dedicated readers.

uch people would certainly login to your site if they are really interested in knowing more about the stuff you write.

Now, it is your duty to regularly alarm them about your new articles and hence, structure up a strong relationship that could be advantageous to you for getting more contacts in the future.

Networking through Questioning and Answering:

Yet another explicit tool that can endorse your blog status.

There are billions of users who make use of this user-friendly site for acquiring more information regarding the topics that fascinate them.

Similarly, they could be asking valuable queries related to your post which needs your potential response.

You could also tag relevant and prominent links to your post to obtain a more exposure. As Gerard Vroomen once stated ‘I don’t think of it as marketing.

It feels simply like talking to people. You want to give them good quality, and they tell their neighbors’.

Content upgradation by the voting method:

A space that can brand and breach your site.

Branding means you get almost millions of viewers that could mount the traffic and breaching includes almost like rupturing your site as these many users’ crawl in.

Further, they can support your blog or links by voting that is crucial for your blog promotion.

Presenting the blog slides:

Format your quality blog content into the visual mode and just enjoy the terrific user flow.

Be it precise with digital images, short texts, links and so on.

View on the Internet video gallery:

The only skill you need here is to transform your slides into a PowerPoint presentation type and upload to this video platform.

Viewers would certainly hit the likes and might subscribe your link forever.

Picking and publishing the best:

This is one of the striking places where your excellent matter can surely get through to win the title of being the best of the month.

In addition, this site takes the immense pleasure in featuring your blog and so, you need not put any extra effort to get traffic with this site.

Regular users will catch up with the top and trending news along with depending on the best weekly resource. Take the responsibility of updating the users with your new edition blogs that might show up an influx of audience.

Tricky baiting:

It involves the technique of attaching the relevant quotes by recognized blog writers that can add value to your content.

Once you have published your blog, take the opportunity to contact and inform them that you have cited their famous phrases within your post. Just wait to see that these people spontaneously share your content across their associated channels and even link to your blog.

Bookmarking class category:

By utilizing this organized method, you can easily manage the view of the required websites. For this, simply save or add the link of the blog post to a social bookmarking site and refer as per the need.


Now, here is a list of places where you can fairly share your blog post after publishing it. Always use multiple channels for promoting your blog as these could help in bringing the readers influx.

Where To Promote Your Blog Posts After Publishing It For Traffic

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