9 Ways to Create Your First Blog and Make Money Online From It

Ways to Create Your First Blog and Make Money Online From It

Creating a blog is fairly simple. What’s going to be challenging is ensuring that it’s searchable. And apart from generating a substantial amount of traffic, you want it to have a significant earning potential as well.

Have you ever thought about launching your own blog?

Are you even a little bit aware of the things that you have to do, not only when it comes to building it but creating the right kind of content that’ll resonate with people?

It’s fairly easy to make a blog. But there are a limited few who’re able to transform it into a reliable income stream.

Probably the most common mistake aspiring bloggers make is starting one with profit as their primary objective. When it comes to blogging, you have to do it out of passion.

This will help you create the right kind of interesting and entertaining content. It will also make blogging feel like a pastime, not a job.

So, how can you start a profitable blog?

What are the steps that you have to take?

First things first, you must determine its purpose. Will your blog stand as a passive income source or main income stream?

Also determine a profit range that you’d like to achieve. Then, list down how you plan on reaching this — via selling, affiliate marketing, AdSense, and so on.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

1. Choose a Topic

Browse the Internet and take a look at how successful blogs operate. Almost always, bloggers focus on one overarching topic. It can be anything from automotive to food; but rarely will you see a fashion blogger talking about industrial machinery, for example.

So the first step is for you to choose a topic to write about. Consider your passions, your interests. If it’s something you like then it will be easy to write about. And chances are, the more you’re into the subject, the more valuable your insights will be to your audience; hence, the more credible you’ll be.

2. Choose a Platform

There are different blog platforms that you can work with. The most popular one is WordPress. It’s an ideal option for newbies and pros; plus, the system comes with pre-programmed technologies that make everything from content development to publishing and monitoring easy as pie.

3. Choose a Domain Name and Host

Now that you have identified what your blog will be about, choose a relevant domain name for your site. You can use your name, a moniker, a statement about your chosen subject, or anything that can easily be associated with your content. Remember to keep it short and memorable.

You’ll need web hosting services as well if you’re to publish your page online. You don’t really have to spend a lot on dedicated hosting here. It’s best if you check available services online and invest in the one that’s most suited to your needs.

4. Work with Permalinks and Plugins

Permalinks and plugins don’t only make the process of building and maintaining a blog easier. These also help ensure that your page and content will come with search-engine-friendly tags that will enable your audience to easily find you online.

5. Work with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

There are free tools that can help you monitor your readership and overall performance so capitalize on these. Some need to be installed on your computer, others can be embedded into your chosen blog platform, while there are those that can be enabled on your preferred browser.

6. Familiarize Yourself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As you write content, make sure that you work with keywords. Optimizing your content by adding these into the mix will help you reach higher ranks across search engines. The latter crawls your page in search for these terms. When used properly, they’ll signal these engines to mark you as a relevant resource.

7. Develop and Publish Useful Content on a Schedule

Don’t create and publish content on a whim. Create a monthly plan and stick to it. You want to be consistent here. As you build your audience, you want them to expect certain content to come out at specific days.

8. Create a Sales Funnel

Aside from signing up on AdSense, also explore options for affiliate marketing and direct selling on your blog. These days, you can incorporate e-commerce capabilities into your blog site. This means that you can have an online store within the same asset. You can also partner with brands and other sellers by featuring their products or services and earning a percentage from sales coursed through your site.

9. Extend Your Efforts on Social Media

Boost awareness for your blog and offers by participating in social media platforms. Create accounts on Facebook and Instagram and make sure that you engage with your followers.

Don’t use social media to promote products or services alone. Use these to share newly published content in. Also keep up with trends and use them to add regular updates to your feed. If you find relevant posts, don’t hesitate to share them on your page as well.

As you can see, you can write and make money off of blogging. The key to being a successful blogger is to be passionate about the craft. And as much as possible, steer clear of shortcuts. Remember that you’re developing something with the objective of eventually earning sizeable profits. So follow the process mentioned above and remember: Be patient. Be persistent. Stay motivated.

Ways to Create Your First Blog and Make Money Online From It

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