Top 10 Blogging Apps for iPad & iPhone Users That You Can Use

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Blogging Apps for iPad and iPhone Users

To win a battle, you need competent arms and ammunition, to achieve a success in business; you need workable strategy apart from the capable product.

In the same way, for blogging, you need to have efficacious arms and that should be fortified enough to help you to sail through in the blogging field.

Nowadays, there are various dedicated tools which provide the ecosystem for blissful writing. For every system, you can get the tool for error-free writing. In this article, you will witness some of the best blogging apps for iPad & iPhone.

With the advent of technological advancement, there are legions of apps coming to cater to the needs of blogging and many such apps has arrived for the iPad & iPhone platform.

These apps help you to perform many of your work in relatively less time. But one thing you have to notice before installing that not all apps are free of cost, for some you have to pay money.

One by one you can enlighten yourself with the apps that you can use.

Best apps for blogging:-

1. Flipboard:

This app is one of the most fascinating ones as you can utilize this for reading. If you are an avid reader, then it may help you.

Apart from that, you can link any of your accounts whether it is a social networking site, email address and many more.

2. Evernote:

It is an evergreen tool; it helps you to well maintain all your articles. By installing this, you can write a note, record the audios, can click photos or videos, generate to-do list, and many more things like this.

Moreover, you can search any of your work even in offline mode and you can sync all your account so that if you have made an edit in your computer then it will automatically update in your iPad.

3. WordPress:

This is the basic step which every WordPress blogger use in the initial stage. It’s an absolutely free app from the WordPress and can make your blogging experience more delightful.

It is recommended to use it if you are running your own blog on WordPress as it will become easy to sync data.

4. Techsmith fuse:

By installing this app, you can transfer images, videos from your iPad to snaglt and Camtasia (snaglt is an image capturing desktop tool and Camtasia is video capturing, both of them are the product of TechSmith).

So, it would become a cakewalk to edit photos and videos.

5. Google+ :

You can utilize it to raise your ranking. According to various estimate, a higher number of followers on Google+ will raise your ranking in search engine.

6. Skype:

Interaction is vital to keep apprised of the latest things. Apart from having numerous video calling apps, this is one of the professional ones.

So you can utilize this to maintain interaction, as it will help you to develop your blog in a greater way.

7. Blogtouch pro:

It is an application that helps to manage various blogs at a single platform on iPad. You can edit, add, and can remove post, text and comments by using this.

Moreover, you can schedule your publishing timing by using this. Privacy of your data will be taken care by this app.

8. Weebly:

It gives you access to create websites, blog directly from your iPad (isn’t it great?). You can make mobile or tablet responsive by using its effective tools in just 60 seconds and remain connected to all your contacts.

To upload images, you can directly take pictures from your camera or upload from your gallery. Its features like pre-built templates, payment integration can make your experience of blogging awesome.

9. Tumblr:

This helps you to share images, videos, writing blogs, and presents to your loved ones.

It may be more helpful for the blog-savvy person as there are dedicated communities which you can join to interact and get the more information. It has 7 post types (text, photo, link, chat, audio, video and quote), pursue what you love.

10. Other:

Apart from above-mentioned, there are other apps such Facebook for iPad, YouTube capture for iPad, blog app, desk app, canva for iPad, nuzzle app etc. which you can utilize. At the end of the task, it’s should match your needs, that’s why selecting the app is a subjective task.

Till now you have seen various app that you can use to make your blogging experience an easy one. Apart from having installed the latest app, what you should be careful and incorporate in your blog?

That you will see in the next segment of this article.

Following things can make your blog attractive:

  • Use of right images for the right thing:

Images should be dazzling and must be visually alluring to the readers. Lacklustre images can’t hold the viewer for more than few seconds. Vivid and effulgent images drive attraction. Sometimes it saves the time of onlooker.

By just having a look at the kinds of pictures present, the reader can get the synopsis of the articles. It can enrich the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.

With better keywords, taglines and presentation authors can amplify the traffic to his or her contents. Images give a professional touch to the write-up. It catapults the quality and equations of the articles.

  • Formatting:

Legible format, with proper use of comma, punctuation, grammar, spaces, and flow in the article can make your blog attractive. These are the simple things yet hold a vital role in bringing patrons on your blog.

These are the first impression creator and that’s why governs the number of visitors.

Apart from that you can use various services such as guest posting to create a marketing of your blog and add a wide range of articles.

These were a few things that can help to makeover your blog and there are many other which you can incorporate from time to time.

Hope this article has helped you to find some of the best blogging apps for iPad and now you can select any one or more for your blog.

Blogging Apps for iPad and iPhone Users
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