Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for Bloggers on iPhone or iPad Devices

Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for Bloggers on iPhone or iPad Devices

Staying updated with everything on the internet and following your favorite writers, channels, and publications is a blogger’s most important jobs, yet, most bloggers fail at it.

You cannot ignore what is happening around you, and what better way to stay in the know than with an RSS Feed Reader?

While its use declined in the past few years following the rise of the use of social media and the closure of the Google Reader, the reader remains the ideal device that brings the web to you.

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication, and its primary role is gathering headlines from the top/ your favorite sites then feeding the information to your app, automatically.

With the reader, you can click on headlines that interest you for more information.

The reader is also called an aggregator, and you can use the feed to pus anything from images to text, videos, GIFs, or any other multimedia content that’s available online.

While email is an option for receiving the feeds, an app is convenient as it bundles up all the headlines you need.

The apps we recommend in this article support several RSS Services, sharing services, are intuitive and beautifully designed, and they support the latest RSS Services features like tagging, automation, and offline reading.

And on top of it all, these apps have support features for iOS’s latest features such as drag and drop and other URL actions.

The apps include:


This is the standard of feed readers available for iPads. Developed by Silvio Rizzi, Reeder is among the original RSS apps for the iPhone.

It made its debut on iPads in 2010 and has defended its position strongly since.

What makes Reeder the go-to iPad feed reader is its incredible speed and its trademark and slightly textured off-white paper-themed design – gave RSS the fee of a rough-cut page from an old hardback book.

Reeder made RSS feeds cool.

While its design has remained mainly unchanged, it has a few extra features but a bit of a personality.

Among its standout features is the one that gives you the power to add and reorganize RSS subscription within the app and you can also choose neutral themes.

It receives updates from Apple, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

It’s easy to use with the swipe gestures letting you swipe from right to left to load web pages in the browser or left to right to return to the RSS version.

Such a fluid transition. While the gestures are not as sophisticated as they are in other apps, its list view enhances its intuitiveness.

Fiery Feeds

This is one of the new kids on the RSS block. This means the app provides the latest features from top RSS providers, and that it’s well-designed, fast, and fiery.

Its custom functionality allows for sharing or articles between apps, and its premium subscription means getting more from the app.

It supports the widest range of RSS services, feed management and it has several external keyboard shortcuts for smart keyboard users.

Its Quick Actions and Today Widget enhance processing in and off the app.

It’s easy to use, but you first need to get used with the positioning of the navigational menus on the right rather than the ‘common’ left.

Yes, it feels a bit odd in the beginning. Navigating the app is generally a breeze, and the buttons are easy to use. It also supports multiple article-view modes including web, article, and the text view.

You might, however, have one issue with the app – its paid premium subscription service.

Note, however, that by paying the subscription fee, you will access a wider range of custom functionalities, URL actions, feed and design management.


Developed and released by Jared Sinclair in 2014, Unread for iPhone is an RSS feed app that creates a shift from the common apps configured to look like email.

It takes the work out of the feed access and reading process, leaving you with a deliberate reader with warm typography, and an intuitive interface.

Its sparse interface creates a serene environment for reading while the use of gestures enhances your experience with the app.

Unread is focused on reading with no buttons inviting you to star, mark, send, or move items. And, you can either save an article for later reading, or you could tap the headline to read.

Unread boasts a plethora of themes, and you can choose between day and night themes, among others.

Unread lacks in one area though – you cannot manage your feeds, subscribe or unsubscribe.

The other apps you might consider include Lire, Ziner, The Early Edition, and Newsify.


This is a unique RSS feed reader app since it gives you a newspaper-like layout for you to read different blogs from other writers and access various websites conveniently.

If you do part-time blogging during night hours, you will love the night mode featured in this app. It also includes great themes such as light sepia to boost your reading experience.

Do not hesitate to come up with your own library and even sync it through iCloud. This allows you to read different articles from your iPad or iPhone device.

The RSS feed reader app also allows you to include custom feed URLs for you to share the most exciting articles with your friends on different social platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

It does not limit you to Wi-Fi use since you can work while you are offline. The lack of a secure internet connection cannot interfere with your reading time.

This RSS feed reader app will not cost you anything to download.  If you have the resources and like the app, you can, however, enjoy additional features by purchasing the Newsify premium version.


If you need an RSS feed reader app that does not make you feel like you are missing out, download Feedler today. Every blogger deserves a good RSS feed reader app that offers numerous features.

Feedler is popular because it contains powerful features that improve your reading experience. You will find most of the features easy to use and control. The app facilitates full-screen browsing.

Just like Newsify, you can also read articles using the app when you are offline. The user-interface is impressive, and the gesture-based controls are useful. You can even customize the app by utilizing features such as night mode when you need to read in low light conditions.

Feedler works with Evernote to ensure that you can save and access RSS articles, images, and web pages when you need to view them at a later date. You will definitely get a delightful reading experience from the app.

Byline 5

Are you a blogger tired of complicated RSS feed reader apps? Get this simple and elegant app which makes reading enjoyable. Byline 5 is a minimal RSS reader that you can download in your iPad.

After downloading, you no longer have to stick in a place with internet to use the app since it works even when you are offline. It comes with a built-in browser which increases comfort when you are browsing.

You can easily access different articles in Spotlight or in this app. The difference between this RSS feed reader app and the other competitors in the market is that Byline 5 supports multiple languages. You can, therefore, access all the desired information in languages such as French, Japanese, Romanian, English, and Spanish.


Whether you are a fashion or travel blogger, Flipboard RSS feed reader app allows you to get all the kind of information you need. Most people like it because it acts as both a new app and an RSS app. You can read about health, fitness, technology or even politics from a single app.

Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for Bloggers on iPhone or iPad Devices

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