Easy Ways to Get More RSS Feed Subscribers Faster For Your Blog

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Easy Ways to Get More RSS Feed Subscribers Faster For Your Blog

Within the race of churning our more valuable content for their blog on daily basis, even the most renowned and successful bloggers forget the essential fundamentals of marketing.

As its pretty much clear that the success of every write-up, website or blog is truly determined by the traffic it attains, the number of new visitors that it experiences daily, along with the loyal subscriber base that they have created within this long-haul journey.

There is a great difference in generating more visitors and having a bunch of exclusive subscribers who are your loyal branches that assist in sharing your work and helping it reach greater heights.

Within the various fundamental aspects of generating more traffic and marketing your work in the best manner, RSS is significantly used all across the globe.

It is a perfect way to keep your readers alert and keep them connected through regular notifications.

The higher the number of such RSS subscribers, the higher your content promotion and reach will be.

But, how can you enhance your RSS customer base? Read further and know the techniques!

Writing good quality, original, unique and plagiarism-free content is definitely some of the things that can assist you in getting more subscribers.

But giving them the right direction to follow is extremely essential. What if some of the readers love what you post but cannot find the right icon through which they can subscribe to the blog?

Such faults in designing your blog or website, designing its content and other relative actions might lead to failure even after writing the best content.

So, make sure that you follow all these below mentioned ways to get a high amount of RSS subscription.

Significant placement of the RSS subscription icon

so elaborating on the above-discussed point; you must largely focus upon the placement of your RSS subscription icon as it decides the faith of your blog.

Users only love those things which they find easy and attractive. They won’t struggle around the page to find the right icon where they can subscribe your feeds from.

Thus, keep your icon at a place from where it gets easily caught and is visible. The best placement is generally either at the topmost part of your page or at the bottom of it.

You can even go for a side-scrolling bar as it works well too.

Catchy blog description and ‘about’ page

Keep up a title bar that must contain a brief description related to your blog.

This is important because any reader will only get attracted to your feed when they find a catchy title or about page.

You must undergo deep research and include everything about yourself and the niche of the blog in this column.

Great descriptions will entice the readers to get connected with your niche and find the most relevant things which they expect from you.

As you only read the news in the paper that is published with a catchy headline, a good beginning is extremely essential and it keeps the readers engaged.

Provide them with an email subscription form

email subscription is another indirect way to make your readers connect with your RSS feeds.

As people are pretty much unaware about what this term is and what it does, you can simply start with emailing benefit.

With the emails that they get, people can get the direct option to subscribe to your RSS too.

And right from their mailbox, they can read all of your latest updates and posts.

You can add the subscription box at the sidebar, or at the extreme top, and extreme bottom as mentioned above.

This will help them to easily detect the icon and get easily subscribed to the same.

In order to enhance your reach and help the readers stick with your page forever, such activities are highly essential and promising.

Create high-quality blog posts

Readers are more concerned with your writing style above everything else.

If you come up with good quality blog posts that readers like and use appropriate writing skills, they will look forward to future posts and look for ways to grab such posts in their emails.

There is no way readers can stick to your blog if they are not satisfied with your content.

It is easy for such a reader to move on to the next website available if you don’t give them the information they desire.

You can deliver good content by doing extensive research work before you start posting content to readers. Aim at satisfying their questions and doubts so that you can see a difference in RSS subscribers.

The existing numbers count

It is easy to motivate readers to participate in your blog if you can show them that you already have a good number of RSS feed subscribers.

Use a blog sidebar to reveal your RSS feed subscribers count. The higher the number, the easier it is to convince other readers to subscribe to the blog.

The truth is, no one likes to follow a blog that does not have any subscribers. If you market your existing numbers, you can gain others easily without a lot of efforts.

Educate your blog readers and ask them to subscribe

You should have two types of posts, regular and special posts.

Come up with special posts and dedicate them to helping you to get more subscribers for your blog. In these blogs, ask your readers to subscribe to your blog RSS feed and give them compelling reasons why they should take action.

You can also include educative information in your regular posts to help your readers understand more about RSS feed for them to subscribe to the blog RSS.

Inform them the basics of RSS feeds and teach them how they can add RSS feeds in websites, social media platforms, and blogs.

By enlightening them more on RSS, you increase their likelihood of subscribing to your blog.

Consider guest blogging

You cannot succeed as a blogger alone. As you try to get more RSS feed subscribers for your blog, you need to look for popular bloggers in your field and do guest blogging.

As you submit your guest post on another person blog, add a way in which readers can subscribe to your blog RSS on the post.

Remember to follower the guidelines of the owner of the blog as you include this detail.

It could be a way of reaching out to more readers who can subscribe to your blog.

Share blog posts frequently

You have to be an active blogger for readers to keep up with your posts.

Frequent blog posts can also help you increase subscribers count and drive high traffic. Apart from quality, the quantity also matters because readers don’t like subscribing to inactive blogs.

If you are good at it, try to publish at least three posts on your blog. Remain focused on certain topics and avoid blogging about random things to keep readers interested in your work.


So, to get More RSS Feed Subscribers for your Blog, you can always use these tricks.

This will not just let you avail the benefits of huge traffic, but will also encourage you to produce better content and provide more value to society.

What’s more?

People will love what you post, share it and help in converting more of your visitors into all-time subscribers. These benefits are surely desired by every blogger and for the success of their work.

Easy Ways to Get More RSS Feed Subscribers Faster For Your Blog
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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