6 Reasons That Why You’re Losing Your Blog and Youtube Subscribers

Reasons That Why You are Losing Your Blog and Youtube Subscribers

In today’s world, an owner of any income-generating site or blog would worry over losing subscribers.

Who wouldn’t if it means losing part of your income?

Your subscriber count would definitely see some rise and fall, but a steady decline must mean there’s something wrong.

So, why are you losing subs? There are a handful of probable reasons why your subscriber numbers may have dropped. Here are some of them:

1. They may have had their accounts deleted

If your YouTube subs suddenly drop, this might mean that YouTube is doing one of its famous random cleaning.

YouTube would randomly clean its user list by deleting inactive accounts and banning those suspected of being bots.

Spam and bot accounts usually follow the same, big influencer accounts in hopes that more people would get to see their spam comments.

This is why large influencers get unfollowed or unsubbed by the same accounts as well.

For this reason, there’s actually no solution. But it’s actually better for your channel! You don’t want spam accounts leaving spam comments on your pages all the time.

It’s kind of disappointing to see unregulated spam comments posted on big blogs. Or even worse, people may start to accuse you of using spam accounts just to increase your subscriber and readership/view count.

2. They may be getting too much or too little

It’s true that consistency is key when it comes to content creation. However, there is such a thing as too much or too little. Posting too much content could make your subscribers tap or click the unsubscribe button.

You could easily overwhelm your followers and their news feed if you post too much content in one day.

They’d probably want to watch or read about other things too, and they’re bound to scroll past yours if there’s just so much content from your channel.

On the other hand, you may underwhelm your followers if you’re posting just for the sake of it.

You may have a number of fans who love you and your blog, but they’d definitely know when the quality of your blog posts starts to drop.

In any case, you need to get a closer look at how much or how little you’re actually giving your subscribers.

You need to make sure that you’re posting new, unique, and interesting content at just the right rate.

3. They may have been offended by something you’ve said or done

It’s highly likely that a controversial view on just about any topic would offend a number of your followers. If you’re talking about a sensitive topic, you shouldn’t be surprised if your follower count declines.

You just have to accept that some topics are just too controversial to talk about. You have to think before you click, and remember that it’s better to keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything good to say.

As an aspiring influencer, you have to be careful about your words and your actions, especially since your followers may be comprised of impressionable kids.

4. They may have disliked your new ads

Of course you have ads. How else would your site, blog, or channel be generating income? Your followers are used to your ads — the content and the frequency alike.

If you changed your ad content, how they’re displayed, and how often they’re displayed, be sure you’re also ready for the change it makes on your follower count.

If your ads come from a third-party host, your old ads may have expired and some new ones could take their place.

Sometimes you wouldn’t have any control about which ads are displayed.

In some cases, you can report malicious or offensive ads and have them removed so your followers don’t associate the ads with your content.

5. They may have started to outgrow your channel

Let’s face it, people change. You grow and evolve, and so do your followers. It’s either your content has changed over time, or your followers simply outgrew your blog.

Either way, this shouldn’t be a cause for worry. This is totally normal, and is even better from a statistical point of view.

If your subscribers are simply not interested in your blog anymore, you’d have a harder time convincing and converting them.

You could take your time crafting these amazing newsletters only to have them sent straight to spam mail because your emails are being left unopened.

6. They may have been influenced by another blogger

Right now, there seems to be a trend of bloggers calling out other bloggers for different reasons. This makes it all the more important to get in good terms with other bloggers.

Influencer or sponsor pullouts may also be to blame for decreasing follower counts. A growing blog or channel may get some help from sponsors or larger influencers.

Collaborations happen between bloggers all the time. But a sponsor or an influencer who is especially vocal about pulling out their support for your work can mean a drastic decrease in your follower count.


A decrease in followers doesn’t always translate to losses.

Truth be told, you’d be better off without some of your followers. Some of them would be following you just so they know when you’d make a mistake.

You don’t always have to worry about losing followers. Instead, focus your time and energy in bettering your channel, site, or blog.

Think of new and creative ways that will help you keep your loyal subscribers and help you make some more. This way, you’d be sure to gain more than you’re losing.

Reasons That Why You are Losing Your Blog and Youtube Subscribers

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