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GetResponse Review

According to GetResponse CEO Simon Grabowski, the company comprises of a multinational team of tech geeks.

There are experts in various fields that embrace creativity, new information, and experiences that reflect the nature of GetResponse.

It is for that reason they feel they have been able to be successful in entering and conquering markets globally for the past more than 15 years.

Currently, there are more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries that use GetResponse.

The number is even more impressive when you factor in that the cloud-based online email marketing solutions platform is available in over 27 different languages.

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    Their global offices are in the U.S., Poland, Russia, Canada, and Malaysia. The company size stands at more than 300 professionals.

    Their main offering is email marketing, giving marketing professionals powerful tools that are simple to use to aid them in running campaigns as part of their ROI.

    There is no discrimination when it comes to the company size; startups and a huge corporation can have their email marketing needs fulfilled with GetResponse.

    Before we get into this GetResponse review, we need to fully understand what the solution is about to know if it’ll meet what your work demands.



    GetResponse is email marketing and online campaign management platform that’s intended to help entrepreneurs build targeted subscriber lists so that they’re able to send high-impact newsletters, video emails and even follow-up campaigns to those on their list.

    It has a responsive email design ideal for marketing automation and has email templates that are ready for use in the hundreds.

    A marketer can also create a landing page for the campaigns and use available statistical analytic tools to get insight into how the marketing activities are doing.

    GetResponse standouts from some of the solutions in the market because of their spam-free solution. It has helped them attain a deliverability rate over 99% that’s currently the highest in the industry.

    The figure has also been consistent. Their features also include an image editor, a responsive design, and webinars, CRM, Forms, and Perfect Timing.

    There’s a team working round the clock on chat or email to assist users.

    GetResponse Review By Experts & Users

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    15 GetResponse Pros or Advantages

    What else does an individual or company using email marketing in their business today stand to gain?

    With GetResponse, you have a suite of email marketing tools available to aid you in the delivery of tailor-made offers that you send to your contacts.

    It gets them when they are most active, meaning that you get higher chances of someone opening your email. With these features, you don’t have to break the bank.

    GetResponse can help you set up an effective email marketing strategy. Let’s see below.

    1. High Open Rate

    Their email marketing solution is effective when it comes to running your campaigns. There are professional templates that one can use, along with easy design tools that give quality delivery.

    The intention is to ensure that your emails get more clicks, opens and as a result, sales.

    In the age of social media, it is easy to think that emails are no longer a regularly used form. That is an incorrect assumption.

    Emails have been and remains as a means to build relationships with one’s audiences. When done properly and consisting of relevant information, converting leads to customers becomes easier.

    It also ought to be done at intervals and have a call to action. What would you like your customer to do? It could be downloading an app or a free ebook, sign up for something, buy a product or service; whatever it is, your email ought to make it clear what you want the person opening the email to do.

    It is, therefore, essential not to neglect email marketing as part of your marketing strategy. When done right, it could provide a significant and consistent revenue stream.

    You only need to meet the needs of your target audience whose emails you’ve gathered or wish to gather. GetResponse states that their open rate results stand between 30 and 50 percent.

    That is high as most cold emails land in the trash or labeled as spam.

    2. Flexible templates and automated tools

    Another aspect that one notes about GetResponse and they talk about a lot on their website is the simplicity in the use of their tools. Creating email marketing campaigns is simple.

    The customization aspect allows your newsletters and landing pages to align with your company’s branding. A drag-and-drop editor and email creator make setting up seamless.

    There are 500 email template designs that you can customize and about 5, 000 licensed images from Shutterstock that you can use for your campaigns with just a few clicks.

    It makes your newsletter or landing page professional-looking and reflects a society where images are what attract people far more than text.

    When you get feedback on designs or when making a few changes for the next campaign, you can do so simply. You can also use the performance tracker to know what needs editing to increase impact.

    3. Personalized communication

    Using the tools mentioned, you can create targeted and personalize communication for your mailing list. It helps in increasing the engagement rates of the emails you send out.

    The personalization aspect comes in when you’re able to tailor your communication based on their preferences and needs.

    As time progresses, you’re able to know more about your contacts, allowing you to create categories where your batch people with similar interests.

    When communicating with these categories, you create categories where you can then formulate dynamic content within the emails.

    Also known as “smart HTML,” dynamic content allows you to use different features tailored specifically to the segments you’ve created.

    For example, if you’re a car insurance company, the images and wording used targeting a family man would be different from that of a lady running a startup that just landed its first lucrative deal.

    Each is likely to open your car insurance email if they feel that your company can fill their individual needs.

    Such targeted and personalized communication ensures that subscribers remain on your mailing list as long as they perceive that your emails are providing value.

    Using this approach, you can grow your email list that will ultimately bring about the increased revenue that you’re seeking through your marketing efforts in the first place.

    4. Email timing

    We’ve mentioned in passing thus far in the GetResponse review that can use the platform to send emails when a subscriber is more likely to open and engage with it. Let’s explore the tool that enables you to do that further.

    Social media marketing analytics and other platforms such as WordPress can let you know when followers engage most with your content. You can do the same with GetResponse.

    You don’t want to send your email on Monday morning, for example, where someone who doesn’t work over the weekend first has to focus on an urgent task.

    In the midst of that, your email is likely to remain unopened. The email analytics on this platform and their Perfect Timing tool let you know when each person on your contact is likely to engage with your email.

    You, therefore, don’t have to use blanket timing. With automation, everyone on your list gets your email when they are most active; you don’t have to stay glued on your computer to enforce the timing data provided.

    It also helps you create your content calendar as you’re able to find out on average what days and time of day people are most active online.

    An Email Marketing Benchmarks report by GetResponse found that a large average spike of emails tends to happen at 1am. Overall, the highest spike in click-through rates is about 9am.

    However, less than one percent of all emails get sent at either of these times. GetResponse promised to give users proven 99% email deliverability to your contacts.

    The company partners with other email delivery technology service provide like Litmus, Return Path, Spamhaus, Port 25, and SpamAssassin to make that possible.

    5. Email tracking

    The deliverable rates can be seen through their email tracking tools. You can also generate reports that show the success of your campaigns.

    However, for this success to come about, there ought to be best practices that you uphold on your end. A person is more than likely to label your email spam if they did not subscribe to your product.

    That is why you ought not to purchase mailing lists from companies that share people’s contacts.

    A high-quality mailing list consists of people who have chosen to subscribe to your email list because they perceive that your brand has something of value to offer.

    People who do this will gladly open your emails, leading to more revenue as they engage with your content. Once you have such a contact list in place, email tracking becomes a more meaningful tool.

    You’re able to track statistics and monitor your campaign results. Clicks open, bounces, email comparisons, mobile view statistics, and many more advanced analytical tools are made available to so that you can revise your email list accordingly.

    You can also make changes to your entire marketing program accordingly depending on the types of emails that get more opens.

    You can enhance your tracking by using other online analytics tools like Google Analytics. GetResponse offers advanced integrations where you’re able to use other tools to gain more control.

    With these integrations, you can, for example, track user behavior on your site and compare that with data from your email analytics. It also makes it easier to track ROI from campaigns your brand runs.

    6. Mobile compatibility

    We’re aware that people are accessing their emails on their phone more.

    The GetResponse Email Marketing Benchmarks report states 56.52 percent of emails get opened via webmail.

    26 percent are done on mobile phones while the desktop is made up of 16.99 percent.

    The templates GetResponse provides are responsive and look fantastic on any screen.

    It means that people checking out your email on their phone can have somewhat of an equal experience when opened on a desktop.

    7. Project management

    Those having teams running and managing email campaigns can keep an eye on what’s happening through the team management function GetResponse provides.

    Apart from oversight, it provides an opportunity for amazing collaborations to take place.

    It permits you to design the type of communication you’re putting out, the direction you want it to take, the various segments and how to cater to them and creating marketing automation workflows, only to mention a few.

    Working in a team is best in marketing because you can brainstorm, get various creative ideas, and come up with an approach.

    When using GetResponse and such solutions in general, they are great because one person can catch what another person has missed.

    It leaves less room for errors and fosters a spirit of teamwork. It will be evident to your audience that there is cohesion within your marketing department if all the emails you send out always hit the mark.

    8. Communicate the right way

    According to The Data & Marketing Association (DMA), it states that most people preferred it if brands they are interacting with got in touch with them via emails.

    A reason to perhaps consider is that people typically find their messaging apps and inboxes on social media as private.

    Reaching them through these channels (unless they were the first to contact for you) can feel intrusive if they haven’t liked or followed your pages. Emails are also professional and tend to be non-intrusive.

    A person can open the email whenever they are ready and have time to spare.

    There is also a lot you can do with email marketing. In your newsletter, you can also incorporate snippets of your blog and other social media pages.

    Additionally, there is the RSS-to-email function where one can share a blog post on both to your mailing list and social media.

    That way, those who follow your content through email can get to enjoy the same content that their social media counterparts have access to.

    Using emails can also serve as a way to draw people to the work you’re doing around other channels, your website included.

    Given that you’re likely reading this GetResponse review because you want to create a mailing list, you can encourage people to sign up to your mailing list.

    The incentive would include getting special offers or being the first to be in the know about a specific type of content.

    9. Webinars for Additional Reach and Engagement

    Thanks to a seamlessly designed integrated webinar software package, you can use GetResponse to increase your number of conversions by connecting with your audience online.

    With globalization, people are no longer functionally limited by physical boundaries. This feature is straightforward to set up, and no software installation is required on your end.

    There are various functionalities included that help you to maintain audience engagement at its peak. You can use file insertions, a built-in chat functionality, screen sharing, and an included brainstorming platform.

    Additionally, polls and tests may be used to gather feedback on your audience.

    10. Learning Resources

    No matter how intuitive a new platform may be, there’s a certain degree of learning that is required before you can use it to its maximum potential.

    GetResponse is no different, but thankfully, much of the learning material that you need is provided for you.

    There are various resources, such as articles and newsletter items, which help you to take your business to the next level with the mechanisms provided.

    These resources focus on the tools that GetResponse offers, as well as various strategies and tips that you can use to increase their efficiency for your unique situation.

    11. Lucrative Affiliate Program

    GetResponse allows you to earn an additional income by becoming affiliated with it.

    The process is as simple as affiliate marketing gets. Every time a GetResponse account is created via your assigned affiliate link, you make a commission.

    There are two commission programs available, and you are given the freedom to choose whichever meets your needs.

    The email marketing industry is one that is seeing some of its most exceptional performances ever, and this is an excellent time for you to invest in getting an immense future return.

    You can even monitor your referrals in real-time.

    12. Digital Marketing Certification

    Whether you want to increase your knowledge base or display or gain expertise, GetResponse offers a digital marketing certification program to help you broaden your horizons.

    There are five different certificates to acquire across 136 lessons that last a total of 13 hours.

    Industry experts do the delivery, and you get to conclude the programs with industry-recognized certificates, which are testaments to your expertise.

    There are additional opportunities, such as the ability to join the GetResponse Facebook group of experts and influencers.

    You can also use the GetResponse marketplace to connect with numerous customers who want a certified expert.

    13. No Language Barriers

    No matter what language is spoken in a country, business takes place as usual.

    A useful marketing tool needs to be inclusive where speech is concerned, so that it can be used for and by people regardless of what language they may speak.

    While it’s not possible to accommodate every language, there is the primary set of languages that should be catered for by any comprehensive tool.

    Thankfully, GetResponse has a language panel that accommodates 26 different languages, to ensure that this barrier of speech is broken down.

    14. The Benefit of Experience

    You may be asking yourself the question, “what makes GetResponse such an authority in the field?”

    One of the main reasons that the platform is so successful is the sheer amount of experience it is backed by.

    The reason why GetResponse adequately assists so many businesses in thriving is that there are over two decades of collective experience throughout the team.

    This means that there is a level of mastery and comfort with marketing via online tools.

    This platform that helps connect you with your customers, regardless of what may be going on in the world.

    15. Trial Period

    There is a lot of skepticism associated with trying a new platform. GetResponse is so confident in its offering that it offers a 30-day free trial of the system.

    One very impressive thing about this is the fact that you can activate the said trial without the need to enter any credit card details.

    While you are on the trial package, you are provided with free access to every GetResponse power feature.

    These features include funnels, various analytic tools, surveys and web forms, webinars, landing pages, marketing automation, contact retention, and unlimited email marketing.

    6 GetResponse Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    Though there is much to love about GetResponse, there are other aspects that the company ought to improve on. Let’s explore.

    1. Landing pages

    Though people typically like most of the functions, their landing pages are not a big hit with those using the platform.

    Their design templates are basic and make it hard to design something that your audience will be in love with.

    2. Subscriber limits

    For those on the plans that cost the list, they have to work with a small number of people on their mailing list.

    1,000 is a small number, even for a small company that’s just coming up.

    It means for some; they will have to upgrade sooner than expected.

    3. Support for beginners

    Those new to the platform might find that they’ll take a while to figure their way out as some aspects are not as straight forward.

    Text boxes appearing when you hover above an icon would be more helpful.

    4. Friendlier interface

    Getting tasks done might require more clicks than most people prefer. There are simpler ways to get the same thing done with fewer clicks.

    5. Template variety

    If you’re into complex designs for your emails and forms, you might feel limited with what they have in store.

    GetResponse could also do with simpler templates for those who like a clean look.

    6. Customer support can be a hit and miss

    From online reviews, sometimes the support time is prompt while during other times they can take up to three days to respond.

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    Email marketing plans for business

    As part of this GetResponse review, we have also to answer the question of how email marketing is beneficial to businesses.

    We’ve mentioned that it is still relevant, and it ought to be part of your marketing strategy. When done right, you can expect high open rates that allow your audience to follow through with your call-to-action on the email.

    It means that when you’re creating a budget to meet the needs highlighted in the strategy, you don’t have to quote exorbitant amounts for an email marketing tool.

    GetResponse offers plants based on your email list’s size. For a basic plan, you can pay for as little as $15 per month. In the version, you’ll still achieve a lot, including using their marketing automation, autoresponders, and landing page creation tools.

    In essence, you’re equipped with what you need to grow the business from where it currently stands. If you’re reading this GetResponse review as part of your shopping, you can also try out the free plan to establish if it’s the best email marketing solution for you.

    Should you find that you’re interested in using GetResponse, keep in mind that you can always revise your plan to fit your needs.

    A basic plan can help you get started on your contact list, but as your online revenue increases, you can update to gain access to more tools to get you to the next level.

    It is advisable that you first start with a plan where you’re certain it has all you need instead of purchasing big shoes and hoping one day to grow into them.

    Another reason to invest in creating a marketing email listing and an emailing tool is that there you have more control over the content you share and the kind of response you wish to get.

    There is equally the factor that creating a mailing list is organic. You can have people sign up for your newsletters at events because they desire to hear from you.

    The same is possible on social media. When a person uses this organic approach, you know that you have better leads that are going to impact the company’s financial bottom lines.

    Research tells us that email marketing continually brings the highest return on investment as compared to other online marketing channels.


    • Company Details



    In this GetResponse review, it is evident that the company is big on email marketing and believes it is a tool you ought to use to increase your profits.

    In their website, you will note that there is plenty of research-based statements about the importance of email marketing. One is that when you invest $1 into email marketing, you get back $38.

    Marketers seem to agree with these claims. In many reviews, the GetResponse has an average score of 4 out of 5 stars. That is a decent score given that no app is perfect.

    Their email marketing solutions are a great companion for businesses of various sizes. Their plans are tailored for different sized businesses, and they are equally flexible. Scaling up as your company grows is easy.

    GetResponse templates do make coming up with a campaign much easier, but they might have gone a bit too far in their creativity.

    Some prefer simpler templates as those leave more room for someone to create something that is in line with their company’s branding. However, there are still plenty of options, and you’ll get something that works for you.

    Overall, the apps best feature could be considered their personalization. It allows you to send emails at the right time, that is, when the subscriber is actively using their email app.

    That reduces the number of unopened emails, an aspect that greatly determines the success of a campaign. It also improves the quality of your sales funnel, with automation making the process easier.

    GetResponse also partners with other platforms to ensure that you have a working mailing list. It eliminates spam, leaving you with a contact list of people who are interested in your brand.

    Marketing professionals and their managers alike can consider using GetResponse as it is guaranteed to give you good service.

    You don’t have to use it alone; there are another tracking, analytical, CRM, and e-commerce tools you can use to increase your control.

    GetResponse Expert Rating:
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    GetResponse Review
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