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Activecampaign Review

ActiveCampaign is an Email Marketing service provider that simplifies the time-consuming sales and marketing task, via CRM/Sales automation and by the creation of converting emails.

Small and Large enterprises alike are always on the lookout to improve the services and products that they offer to their customers, just to make sure that they retain them and remain relevant in the business.

Therefore, there are many ways that can be adopted to achieve this objective and ActiveCampaign gives its users the opportunity of exploiting them all.

For example, when we look at the social media platforms, most of them contain the numbers especially Facebook and Twitter.

ActiveCampaign encourages its users to exploit this opportunity by conducting an email marketing campaign on the social sites. Users are allowed to create subscription forms via their email marketing software and integrate them in their Facebook sites.

What is ActiveCampaign?

Initially, ActiveCampaign was a consulting firm but began transitioning slowly first into an on-premise software provider where it helped both small and mid-sized businesses automate their marketing tasks and manage their contacts.

Currently, it is specifically centered on providing online marketers with cloud-based marketing and sales automation software that comes complete with email marketing features.

Who should use ActiveCampaign?

1. Small and Big businesses or Website Owners

Running a small business can be frustrating because of the limited financial resources and consequently the limited automation tools that users are able to access.

Big enterprises, on the other hand, seem to threaten the life of small businesses because they have the resources to automate and are always customizing their services because they have the financial capability.

The big problem is that customers do not understand why you have to offer them a service that is not of the same quality as that offered by big enterprises and might run away if you don’t level up.

ActiveCampaign, therefore, provides small online businesses with the necessary and most relevant automation tools to grow their businesses, enabling them to offer their customers quality services at pocket-friendly prices.

Just like advertising on a billboard sometimes you need to inform your customers about your new product or service.

However, you don’t have a billboard and you are not running TV commercials to reach a larger audience. But you can broadcast; ActiveCampaign lets you reach all your subscribers at once with the Broadcast emails.

After creating and customizing your email to properly reflect your brand, your business and the new products or services that you are offering, you can send a one-time email campaign to all the contacts on your lists.

Your email marketing campaign messages don’t have to be deleted on arrival, so you want to make sure that the messages resonate with your client’s needs.

ActiveCampaign allows users to keep track of their visitors and customers activities in their site; you can thus track the purchase pattern of your client, or track the pages that a particular visitor visits the most. Then tailor-make emails with regard to the specified activities.

ActiveCampaign, therefore, provides you with a service known as triggered emails, where you automatically send emails to your customers with information in areas that they are most interested in.

You can also send targeted emails, but here you have to prepare a segment or a tag that groups customers according to their interests.

The whole point of online email marketing is to ensure that you convert your visitors into permanent customers, and even in a physical store if customers don’t get a warm reception or if you are too busy to attend to them, they move on to the next shop where they are well received. To this end, you will, therefore, utilize the autoresponders.

Whenever a visitor visits your site and subscribes to your services you can get in touch immediately, just like you would greet and welcome a shopper in your physical store. Therefore, with ActiveCampaign you can automatically start a welcoming series, which helps you hook your subscriber.

Sending incentives is also a brilliant marketing strategy, also known as Lead magnets. The effectiveness of the feature becomes clear when you get the email address or contact information of your potential client.

I know running a small business might throw you off balance when you start thinking of incentives yet you are still struggling to get a competitive edge in the saturated online business.

Don’t scratch your head too hard, lead magnets are things like an eBooks, a video, or a free PDF checklist, all this stuff are digital and downloadable and are a great customer relationship management tool (CRM).

Every entrepreneur desires to create a good relationship with their visitors or customers because they are the lifeline of their businesses. By using a sales funnel, you will be able to nurture a good relationship with your email subscribers.

The option also enables you to educate your potential customers of the benefits of your products or services and encourage them to make a purchase.

Therefore, the email sales funnel provided by ActiveCampaign lets you sell more via email and by setting up email automation, which will turn your contacts from interested leads to paying clients.

You can also schedule emails with regard to a specific event, to be delivered in a specified time or date.

2. E-commerce

There are chances that a customer will abandon a shopping cart in your online store if they haven’t already. Even in supermarkets people will come in look around and just walk out, well that leaves a very bad taste in the owner’s mouth and you will start asking yourself very tough questions.

People running online stores don’t have to worry about abandoned carts especially if you are using ActiveCampaign as your email marketing service provider. The Abandoned Cart reminder is a service that will help you redirect your customers back to your site.

The tough economic times makes running an e-commerce store a challenge, therefore, people tend to focus so much on the basic needs that even when they can afford to spare some cash for other niceties, they rarely remember to visit the online stores.

ActiveCampaign will help bring back your customers by using the automated win-back campaigns.

Now since you don’t want to lose your customers forever, the campaigns will keep them posted about the new products and services and when they can afford it guess what? Your online store will be the first in mind.

Furthermore, as an online entrepreneur, your customer is king and you have to appreciate them every time they make a purchase and inform them of other related products that are available.

You never know you might catch their interest; therefore, ActiveCampaign in a bid to enhance your email marketing strategy lets you send bounce-back campaigns that will help you sell even more products.

The feature works by sending your customer’s customized email with information related to the products that they have been purchasing in your online store.

Another strategy that ActiveCampaign uses to attract and maintain clients is the rewarding process. A little thank you note and some discounts go along way and will even encourage your customers to make repeat purchases.

To effectively use the reward feature you have to set some targets for your customers to meet before they can qualify for the reward.

For example, you could reward clients that make repeat purchases or use the average order value, which is the average dollar amount spent every time a customer makes an order. Creating a segment will thus help you effectively manage clients that qualify for the rewards.

There are so many things that are sold in online stores that people don’t know how to use but might be very useful. Now, it wouldn’t hurt to give your clients some helpful tips on how some of the products that you sell in your site are used.

So people who are new to your products can be welcomed with an automated series, which explains how to use a product.

ActiveCampaign helps you track the order fulfillment automatically and by using the CRM, you can create deal records and tasks and move shipments between stages.

Ecommerce site owners have the advantage of accessing some of the most relevant retail platforms and any marketing tool that they want, to help boost their businesses, which are available via the 250+ app integrations.

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    Is ActiveCampaign easy to use?

    Identifying the technology that will correctly optimize the functions of your online store, enhance your marketing strategy and lead to conversions can be a challenge; but also knowing how to use the various automation tools provided by the email marketing providers helps you make the most of your online business.

    ActiveCampaign will give you a free 14day trial, to get you accustomed to their services and you can, then set up your account with their intuitive interface.

    The first features that you will interact with when creating your account are pretty basic. If you are a first-timer you will be asked to give your company name and email address.

    You will then be presented with a screen in which you will input your password and confirm it, after which you will select the type of service or indicate how you want to be using the application. Next, you will be presented with options but if you are looking to solve something specific you can type it in the provided entry box.

    You will then select the industry that you are currently in and the number of contacts that you want to use. From the above, the input of information when creating your account in ActiveCampaign is easy and direct.

    You will, therefore, be required to add a phone number and click “get started” and from there you will be taken directly to your Dashboard.

    Now, when you get to the Dashboard there are some basic but important configurations that you must implement. For example, you will add your address, which will enable you to send email messages, then you will click select on the site tracking feature.

    Input your domain name and then copy the tracking code, so that you can easily paste it in your website’s header and in all your assets. The process above will make sure that anyone who visits your site will be tracked by ActiveCampaign.

    Features of Active Campaign

    1. Geotracking

    Technology has made the process of online marketing quite easy such that you can even get information about your customer’s location.

    ActiveCampaign lets you see an individual subscriber’s GEO location data complete with a map under their photo.

    The benefit of Geotracking is that you can create a segment of subscribers within a specific country, city or even region and then send a campaign.

    In addition, with Geo-location, you can send conditional content to different regions or countries. For example a cloth store can send out a promotion with offers based on which state the subscriber comes from.

    The campaign could, therefore, contain varied contents for the customers in each of the different states.

    2. Free Image Hosting

    Although some of the email marketing service providers discourage the use of images in the email marketing campaign because of their load speed.

    The active campaign lets its users upload images to be used in campaigns. Online product-based entrepreneurs could benefit from this service because their clients can relate to their products much easier.

    Images can also be used to encourage a call to action; you are also not limited to the number of images that you want to upload to use in your campaigns.

    By uploading an image to the image manager gives you the freedom to use them in any template, automation email, campaign or form.

    Even more interesting is that you can upload your business logo and use the link generated by ActiveCampaign to use the image in your appearance page.

    3. Analytics

    Running an online shop seems easy than running a physical store especially if you can see what your site visitors do after they have clicked on an email campaign that you sent.

    The Google Analytics integration will enable you insert tracking links in your campaign emails, and track the conversions generated from your campaign.

    The analytics tool helps you optimize your website content after knowing the effectiveness of your campaign strategies, and the open and click-through rate.

    Integrating the Google Analytics feature in your ActiveCampaign account might require the help of the support service just to make sure it is configured correctly.

    4. Multi-user editing

    The bulk editor has been provided for users to help them modify multiple contacts at a time, instead of editing one contact at a time.

    The feature allows a user to subscribe and unsubscribe contacts, update the custom fields, add and remove tags. Lastly, it helps in the addition and removal of contacts from automation.

    The bulk editor also allows you to tag the subscribers that visited a product page in your website or add your customer’s contacts to follow-up automation, once they click on a link in an email campaign that you had previously sent

    5. Managed Deliverability

    Many times email messages fail to reach a client’s inbox and this could be due to the content, the list quality, or the reputation and if the email is considered spam. However, ActiveCampaign is dedicated to improving your email deliverability.

    The metrics employed toward this objective are the Open Rates, however, you don’t want to be relying so much on the data collected with this process because the number of email messages opened does not really mean that they have been read. Then there is the Complaints Rate, which is how frequent are your messages marked as spam.

    You should, therefore, be keen on contacting people who did not opt into your email marketing forms and acquired their contacts by purchasing a list.

    Therefore, make sure your contacts have subscribed in the opt-in form and more so a double opt-in form. However, if your contacts repeatedly mark your emails as spam then review your content or the frequency of your mails.

    Bounce Rates: is another metric and is the rate at which emails fail to get into a contact’s inbox. Therefore, if you are accustomed to purchasing contacts you just might get an inactive or incorrect address.

    Spamtrap Hits: they are email addresses published in a hidden location. The addresses are usually picked up in an email harvester and the email that they receive is automatically marked as unsolicited spam.

    Delete Without reading Rates: Many emails end up deleted before being read, it is thus important to scale and test your email marketing campaign, so as not to over-saturate your contacts and inspire them to hit the delete button the moment an email lands in their inbox.

    6. Mobile-Optimized

    By now it is obvious that people can open their emails from any location and not necessarily in their desktops, therefore, as you carry out your email marketing automation you might want to consider making your emails mobile-friendly.

    ActiveCampaign helps its user’s design mobile-friendly emails, therefore, when drafting your email have them made simple and clean with the small mobile screen in mind.

    Don’t create an email with an image on the left and a text block in the right of the image because the image will now appear above the text when viewed from a mobile phone.

    Mobile devices also work well with an email width of about 650 pixels but if your email is wider than the stated pixels, then you will need to use a horizontal scroll bar so that your messages can be viewed. Most likely this situation will lead to your contacts opting-out.

    When it comes to images make sure they are within 400 to 650 pixels as the measurements enable images to display full width in mobile phones.

    Pricing Plans and Options

    ActiveCampaign offers its user’s a free 14day trial before you opt in to any of their plans and free migration services.

    The first Lite plan costs $9/m and only allows three users, and in addition to unlimited sending, you will be able to access the email marketing feature, the marketing automation feature, send newsletters and use the chat and email support.

    The $49/m Plus plan allows only 25 users and has all the features that lite has, and more such as the One on One training, custom user permissions among others.

    The Professional plan goes for $129/m and allows up to 50 users, it includes everything from the plus plan with the addition of predictive sending, split automation, site messaging and win probability.

    The $229 Enterprise plan offers all the features in the professional plan and has an addition of unique features such as a dedicated account representative, free social data, uptime SLA and unlimited users.

    All the above plans are paid for month to month and the free trial account does not offer all the features available in the enterprise plan but most of the relevant ones are available.

    ActiveCampaign does not have any setup costs and users can cancel anytime as there are no binding contracts.


    Some of the ActiveCampaign support services include live support with one of their technicians, they also offer phone support and you can type a query in their help center search box.

    The email marketing service provider has provided knowledge-based materials that have been broken down into details about many of their automation features and they also offer video tutorials.

    Pros & Cons


    • Integrates the unique Geotracking feature
    • Easy to use interface
    • Offers a free 14-day trial
    • Easy to customize


    • Additional cost for advanced features
    • Finding personal information on a lead is a bit hectic because of the tiny window

    Final thought

    ActiveCampaign like its name suggests is very thorough in the email marketing business, it has ensured that users make the most of their interface and has devised actionable strategies that guarantee conversions.

    Their plans are not too costly and users can optimize their email messages to fit in mobile phones.

    The free trial is a chance to try out the platform without any binding contracts or hidden charges, only that the accessible features are limited.

    ActiveCampaign Expert Rating:
    • Features
    • Ease Of Use
    • Price/Value
    • Deliverability
    • Reliability & Support
    User Reviews 4.27 (48 reviews)
    Activecampaign Review


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