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wpengine review

Are you looking forward to creating an attractive site that can take your business to the next level?

You should make use of WordPress.

This is a content management system that can help you develop web skills that boost conversion rate and increase traffic to your site.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, a lot of hosting companies have started creating packages tailored to improve its functionality.

WP Engine is among the hosts that support WordPress.

Unlike other hosting companies, WP Engine focuses explicitly on WordPress hosting. Its hosting system operates on a WordPress platform.

The company provides business owners with different hosting packages to suit the needs of every blogger. Both beginners and intermediate web developers can gain a lot from choosing this host.

Check out this WP engine review to find out more!

The history of WP Engine


Jason Cohen and Aaron Brazell founded WP engine in July 2010. The main aim of opening this company was to provide WordPress users with a secure platform that they can use without worrying about their accounts being hacked.

The team of experts that run this company has managed to make it a successful one. Over the years, it has managed to host for significant companies such as Telus, Rogers, and Asana.

WPengine Review By Hosting Experts & Users

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Comments Rating 4.68 (60 reviews)

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12 WPengine Pros or Advantages

While WP Engine offers a host of other feature, it’s mainly known for its hosting services.



And now that you know about the WP Engine coupon that could give you up to four months of free hosting, let’s take a look at the top features of this hosting service and why you might want to consider WP Engine’s managed WordPress Hosting services.

It’s the leading WordPress hosting service, which means that its hosting is well-optimized for WordPress. For example, the upgrade of WordPress to WordPress 4, an upgrade that introduced a host of developer features saw WP Engine’s fast response to the upgrade with their instant integration of the WordPress 4 features into its systems.

By doing this, the web host made it possible for its users to stick to the service, and it also pushed many new clients in their direction.

For the security of your website and your files, this web host also offers on-demand and automated backups and the files backed up will be retained for all of 30 days subsequently.

But, this doesn’t mean that you lose your data because you can restore your data with a few clicks.

1. Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Environment

Your research and analysis of web host will reveal that this web host offers shared hosting.


But, the sharing shouldn’t put you off because unlike other shared web hosting plans you’ve been trying to avoid, WP Engine’s shared hosting assures customers of access to adequate resources.

Also, hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress.

2. Development and Staging Environments

This web host gives you a free website production environment. You also get development and staging environments, which will help you attain a high workflow efficiency.

The staging environment is a function that allows you to run tests and also to assess the site changes critically before your site goes live.

For staging, this host gives you a staging area which has a testing domain that allows you to mirror your website for experiments.

Along with the development environment, you will get to move your website between different environments, thanks to the WP Engine visual interface.

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3. Genesis/ StudioPress WordPress Themes

In a move to give access to the best hosting services, WP Engine acquired the theme development company StudioPress in July 2018.


This theme production company is known for its production of the popular Genesis Framework, as well as their huge portfolio of the premium WordPress themes.

As a result of this move, WP Engine will now give you access to over 37 of StudioPress’ WordPress themes at no cost. Remember that these themes would otherwise set you back $129. Therefore, WP Engine gives you great value for your money.

What makes these themes special?

These themes made available at no extra cost by WP Engine are some of the best in the web design industry, and they can be used in different industries and categories.

You could use the themes to create your online portfolio, a café site, an e-commerce store, or any other type of blog.

4. Uptime

This is the most important concern when it comes to web hosting, and WP Engine doesn’t disappoint.

This web host understands that a minute of downtime will cost you thousands, and an hour-long downtime could cost you more than a few hundred thousand dollars while causing a drop in faith by your customers.

Therefore, WP Engine works hard to ensure a high rate of service availability. Currently, the uptime rate stands at 99.95%.

5. Automated backups

Today, data is the most important currency in the world, and you wouldn’t want to lose your data at all. WP Engine understands this fact too; hence, their automated data backups that take place every night.

The backups contain all the WordPress core files, plugins, themes, as well as databases. So, should anything go wrong with your website or blog, you’ll only have to restore data from the previous data point.

The restoration process is easy, and you could also create a full data backup manually, at any time through the WP Engine user portal.

When you create a backup point manually, and before you enforce new changes to your website (for example before you install a new theme or plugin), you get to roll back your site if anything goes wrong.

The backup files are easily accessible using the WP Engine portal, but you could also download the files as a ZIP file, for safekeeping.

6. Automated software updates

One of the functions performed by WP Engine’s WordPress hosting service is to keep your core WordPress software working at its best.

So, signing up for this web hosting service means that you never have to worry about software or your website being outdated.

The website always uses the latest version of WordPress. The company goes above and beyond the expected by testing all new updates for the WordPress software to make sure that the software is stable. This means that you do not have to worry about your site having problems after an update.

Also on software updates is the fact that the web host gives you the option to defer the installation of a new software release. For example, with the impending release of WordPress 5, as well as the new Gutenberg WordPress editor’s activation, you could ask the web host to defer your software update.

You’ll also be happy to know that the deferral setting gives you 60 extra days during which you get to test the new WordPress before it’s applied to your site.

The only catch with this managed WordPress hosting service is that you have to update the plugins on your own. Plugins are not updated automatically.

7. Transferable Sites

The WP Engine web host also gives you the ability to make use of its transferable environment to create a working WordPress site. You will use the production, development, and staging environments to create your transferable website.

Note, however, that the transferable websites you create will not count against your hosting plan’s allowance for your sit.

Also, the transferable site is password-protected blocking access. And until the transfer to your client is complete, you cannot make the website public.

If creating a new transferable website, you should consider starting with a fresh WordPress installation although you could also use an existing site (on your account) as the new project’s foundation.

And if you’re a WordPress developer who creates client websites frequently, you might like how easy WP Engine makes you work.

All WordPress installations will be based on the existing configurations for themes, settings, and plugins – saving you time.

So, once your client has access to the site using the demo link provided and if they’re happy with your work, you can finally transfer the site to them. Once transferred, your client will have to create/ set up their WP Engine account and subscribe to a hosting plan for their site to go live.

Note that this transferable site feature is one of the new features offered by WP Engine, and it’s helpful if you’re interested in creating creative websites for your clients.

8. The GeoTarget Tool

Would you like to display different versions of your blog or website and even the published content to visitors depending on their geographical location? How about the GeoTarget function.

WP Engine offers the GeoTarget tool to help you in content targeting. It detects the location of your visitors, and then it displays to them only the pre-defined content for that location.

This feature comes as a plugin. So, after the installation of the GeoTarget plugin, you have to make use of short codes for the definition of the content in your web pages, posts, or widgets to be displayed to visitors in different locations.

You could also write codes that perform specific/ custom actions, depending on the visitor’s location.  You might also like the fact that you can define the content that’s seen by a specific visitor, based on their postal code.

Why use GeoTarget when you can use the multilingual and the translation plugins?

While WP Engine offers translation and multilingual plugins for the WordPress users, the plugins do not work as well as the GeoTarget tool. GeoTarget’s designed to work with WP Engine’s caching technology, ensuring that your website doesn’t suffer from performance issues when handling different versions of content from your website?

The only catch is that this is not a free feature – it’s a paid add-on in all the hosting plans.

Finally, you might like this web host for its high-level security features through SSL certificates, as well as the site optimization for high performance and top speeds.

9. Global Data Center

WPEngine also offer multiple data centers to maximize speed of web pages.


10. Easy Migration

The company provide plugin to migrate your website. It means if you want migrate from another hosting to WPEngine then Just use their plugin.


Also you can contact them for migration help or service.

11. Performance

This hosting company provides you with cloud-based solutions to boost the loading speed of your site. Statics reveal that more than half of site visitors leave pages which take more than three seconds to open.

If your shoppers are not satisfied with your site, they may not purchase your products from it again. WP Engine incorporates advanced technology to prevent this from happening.


The company works hand in hand with Google cloud platform and Amazon web to boost enterprise performance. This collaboration ensures that your site loads fast regardless of the location of your visitors.

Your brand can keep on growing if you provide a reliable WordPress digital experience for your visitors.

WP engine ensures that you achieve this by offering data center redundancy and uptime protection so that your site can load as expected.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 2020100%312 msExcellent
January 202099.99%356 msExcellent
December 2019100%291 msExcellent
November 201999.98%346 msExcellent
October 2019100%423 msExcellent
September 2019100%625 msExcellent
August 201999.99%539 msExcellent
July 2019100%381 msExcellent
June 201999.97%698 msExcellent
May 201999.99%572 msExcellent
April 2019100%445 msExcellent
March 2019100%368 msExcellent

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12. Customer Support of WPengine

According to WP engine reviews, most people are happy with the quick response they get from the company. The customer support of this WordPress hosting company stands out among other features.


While most hosts tend to outsource their support, WP engine gives personalized support to customers as they have agents ready to assist you.

The company has employed more than 100 WordPress experts who work full time.

Being experts in the field means that they can offer you useful information if you get stuck on something. They understand how you can use WordPress in the best way to improve your business.

The company continues providing the team with rigorous training to keep their skills sharp so that they can provide customers with a high level of service.


You also get support every day and any time since they operate round the clock. Feel free to choose support options such as Email, Live Chat, and Phone.

Apart from that, choosing WP engine helps you gain a lot of knowledge since the company provides you with guides and tutorials to help you solve any problems.

If you cannot get in touch with customer care representatives, the guides can help. You can quickly locate the articles and tutorials which come with images and distinct steps for you to follow.

Their resource center is also equipped with ebooks, white papers, and webinars that can help you learn more about WordPress.

Popular companies that work with WP engine like the fact that they offer quick replies while at the same time are open to receiving feedback.

Listening to their customers and showing eagerness to improve are great attributes that have made WP Engine succeed.

3 WPengine Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

Given the name, it should come as no surprise that WP Engine is a hosting platform dedicated to optimizing WordPress sites.

Given how popular WordPress is, this comes with several advantages that sites that have a more broad approach do not have; however, it also comes with some disadvantages of its own.

1. No Email Hosting

These days, it’s expected that a web hosting service comes with some form of email hosting.

Given the intense focus on WordPress from WP Engine, perhaps it isn’t such a surprise that there is no email hosting, but it is still a significant disadvantage.

Most sites need email hosting for the internal operation to run smoothly, and not having that harms WP massively.

2. Premium Pricing Plans

WP Engine has several things that it does significantly better than its competitors, one of the biggest being the speeds that it offers.

WP was the first WordPress hosting service to adapt the compute-optimized virtual machines, which is an infrastructure provided by Google Cloud.

The result is speeds that are up to 40% percent higher than the typical average, and with such high performances comes premium prices.

3. General Shared Server Hosting

For the majority of the plans that WP Engine offers, the only option you have available to you is to host your site on a server that is shared with other users.

This can be a nuisance for a few reasons, depending on the client.

However, you can get dedicated servers with the custom plan, but it is going to cost you that bit more.

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Why You Should Choose WPengine

WP engine makes use of WordPress specialists to offer help to anyone who prefers this CMS. They provide day in day out assistance to help customers grow their sites within a short period.


They guarantee you the security of your site and prevent you from breaches.

If anything happens to your site such as being hacked, the company assures customers that they would take full responsibility and cover the related costs.

Focusing on WordPress makes them stand out among other hosting companies. They work with an experienced team that knows the ins and outs of WordPress to help customers achieve their goals.

They assure their customers that their sites can never go down regardless of the traffic. The team aims at creating long-lasting relationships with its clients.

They can help designers assemble online journals through the use of incredible tools. Hiring this company can give you value for your time and money.

They are a reliable hosting company that has a defensive policy to ensure that WordPress customers are satisfied with their services.

As a marketer, choosing WP engine is a wise move since the company can help you get the outcomes that you want for your business.

It gets rid of technical problems so that you can grow revenue fast, boost SEO ranking and minimize bounce rate.

The type of WordPress hosting that WP engine offers as well as available packages

Making use of hosting which works well with your site can result in increased uptime, performance and reduce errors.

WP engine provides different WordPress hosting plans that offer various plans to users.

Unlike other hosts, WP Engine only provides managed hosting services.

About WordPress Managed Hosting

If you don’t have a dedicated team or are new to WordPress, this option is for you. The company conducts optimization on your server to simplify operations.


The hosting type gives the company control over your server. Experts handle maintenance to ensure that your site is stable and fast loading.

Since you rely on them to manage your site, you can rest assured that it will always be in perfect condition.

Managed hosting from WP engine means that you have people securing your site and adding any relevant upgrades.

You can, therefore, focus on creating incredible content without worrying about things like tech stack, server-side optimizations or updates.

Managed hosting from the company takes care of the complicated technological aspects to boost your digital experience.

It provides you with a menu of different services to help you expand your site.

Using WordPress without a host is risky since it can slow down your site due to the inclusion of features such as ads, widgets, theme files, and forms.

All this together with high traffic affect the speed of your site. A slow site can make it hard for your visitors to stick around. When this happens, you don’t need a bigger server but rather a smart one. Managed WordPress hosting helps you take care of such speed concerns.


Feel free to choose hosting packages according to your needs. The various hosting plans that WP engine offers enable your service to expand as your site grows.

They optimize your website to ensure that you get good performance for WordPress.

WP engine provides the following packages:

  • Startup

Create a single WordPress site by choosing this plan. This is ideal for small website owners or beginner bloggers.

The plan includes 50 GB bandwidth, 3 environments for one site, SSL certificates and CDN which boost the security of your site.

You also get powerful tools that you can use to customize your site. Make use of StudioPress themes to create a beautiful site.


This plan goes for $ 35 and supports about 25,000 visits every month.

The company also offers you free service for 2 months from annual prepay.

  • Growth

Grow your business by choosing this WordPress package which supports up to 5 sites. This plan comes with additional features and supports up to 100,000 visits per month.

It includes 2000 GB, 3 environments per site and page performance tools. The company also includes secure socket layer certificates designed to encrypt your data.

The plan consists of staging which makes it possible for you to create more than one version of your site. You can use any of the versions to test the changes that you make.

Once you are certain that your website looks the way you want and functions accordingly, you can make use of the live version for the public to view. This plan goes for $ 115.

  • Scale

Large enterprises can purchase this plan. It allows you to work with up to 15 WordPress sites. Scale supports up to 400,000 visits every month.

Some of the features included in this plan are 400GB bandwidth, CDN and powerful tools to customize your sites.

The plan also contains page performance tool which is a unique feature that is not found in other hosting companies. This is integrated into your site’s dashboard to increase the loading speed.

The feature is also designed to analyze the different steps of the page load so that you can evaluate which part is not as fast as you would like.

You can also get recommendations on how to fix the problem. To use this plan, you have to pay $ 290.


Though these plans come at a cost, you will enjoy the endless features that each one of them provides.

Even when you are practicing WordPress development, it is wise to invest in either of the plans since you get free migration tools and SSL certificate for all of the plans.

The migration tool can save your money and time when you want to migrate a site.


Purchasing either of the plans is far from a waste of money because you can always get a refund if you feel like they are not the right ones for you.

Incredible extras available at WP engine

Genesis Framework powers WP Engine with premium themes included in the different plans. Some of the development tools that you get from choosing WP engine include SFTP and Git connections.


These tools come in handy in boosting collaboration and productivity. Each site has three environments that facilitate efficient workflow and quick set up.

You can also test the performance through isolated environments such as dedicated dev environments. Make use of the User portal to turn off or set up the Multisite conversion feature.

If you are working with your marketing team, you can use the WP engine interface to add or delete users as you please.

It features user permissions that allow you to control your team members as you assign them proper roles. There is also the inclusion of an activity log which gives you visibility of your account’s activities.

You can check for updates and view published content when you want to govern your account correctly.

Since some of the plans allow you to work with more than one WordPress site, managing them becomes smooth with features such as SSH gateway.

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The merits and demerits of WP Engine

Before you decide to choose this company to host your site, you should weigh their strengths against weaknesses.

We went through WP engine reviews and came up with a list of their flaws and strongholds as follows.


  • Offer numerous security features to prevent hacking
  • Good customer support
  • They offer additional information in the form of guides
  • It works on improving the speed of your site
  • They keep your sites updated
  • Ideal for new and experienced WordPress users.


  • They do not provide email hosting for customers
  • The company does not offer an unmanaged hosting option
  • Some people consider their plans more expensive compared to other hosting companies.


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  • Company Details


Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wp-engine

Though WP engine faces a lot of competition from other hosting companies, they have managed to remain a top leader in the industry due to the provision of cutting edge features.

They offer you excellent performance and incredible customer support. If you use your site to generate revenue, you will not struggle to purchase a plan from the company.

It can help you create a WordPress site which can benefit your business in a lot of ways.

You should also choose this company if you are operating a WordPress site that has a lot of activity or launching a new website for your startup.

WordPress upkeep tasks can be monotonous and getting help from WP Engine can help you focus on other exciting tasks such as boosting your content.

Finding a good web host is not easy. For this reason, we came up with this WP engine review to simplify your work.

We have covered all the relevant details you need to know regarding it with the hope of helping a WordPress user.

Check out the different features and plans it provides so that you can choose the right solution for your business today.

WP engine promises to make the process easy and protect your brand.

WPEngine Expert Rating:
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Ease Of Use
  • Uptime
  • Price/Value
  • Reliability & Support
Comments Rating 4.68 (60 reviews)
wpengine review
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
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