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WPX Hosting Review

Every website owner works hard to achieve online success.

Whether you established a website to sell certain products or offer a particular service, it can only grow if you have fast loading pages.

You should try your best to boost website speed since this is what determines the level of visibility your site receives.

When a site is fast, the rate of conversion increases, and most visitors can start buying your product.

For you to achieve this, you need to work with a high performing web hosting company. One of the ideal options that you should consider is WPX hosting.

This is a WordPress web host that can take your website to the next level and help you gain more customers within the least amount of time.

In this WPX hosting review, we will focus on what this web host offers and enlighten you on why it stands out among other WordPress web hosting companies. If you are establishing a new WordPress site or want to move from a problematic web host, this WPX hosting review is for you. Read on!

What is WPX hosting?


Terry Kyle, the founder of WPX hosting, established this web host to provide a solution to web developers who were looking for a better and simpler WordPress web hosting company.

Since he also had his share of frustrating experiences from working with poor web hosts, he understood what other web developers were going through.

The CEO was determined to give every web owner a good experience through his company. This inspired him to establish WPX hosting in 2013.

Since he understood the struggles of working with a poor web hosting company, Terry was determined to make things better for every client. He, therefore, came up with a web host that offers fast load times, reliable infrastructure, and excellent customer support.

Choosing WPX hosting can help you enjoy the numerous benefits of a site that loads in seconds. Most customers of WPX hosting also reveal that the plans available here are super affordable compared to what other WordPress web hosts offer. The company is rated highly and has a lot of positive reviews.

Even if you run an image-heavy site, you should not experience slow loading times when working with WPX hosting. It also offers reliable services to heavy plugin sites as well as those that receive numerous visitors simultaneously.

WPX hosting Review By Hosting Experts & Users

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12 WPX Hosting Pros or Advantages

For you to understand why this company is highly rated, you should know the specific features to expect from it. As you compare different WordPress web hosting providers, you need to concentrate on the loading times and site speed.

A good web host should offer its clients numerous features, and WPX does not disappoint. Our WPX hosting review will give you all the details regarding most of the features from this WordPress web hosting provider. Enjoy!

1. Speed

Experienced website owners know that the essential aspect of a web hosting company is its performance. You can evaluate how well a WordPress web hosting provider performs based on its speed.

Most of the web hosting companies claim to offer fast loading times. Not many, however, fulfill this promise. WPX, however, tries to accomplish this regardless of the nature of your site.

According to tests done by lots of reviewers, WPX hosting delivers impressive load times. It is even faster than most of the web hosting companies in the industry.

This means that if you upgrade from a basic shared web host to WPX hosting, you can experience a significant impact on the loading times of your site. An increase in site speed translates to significant improvements in conversion rates.

2. Daily backups

Though site speed is a crucial factor, you should also consider all the other features that a WordPress web host offers. This can help you determine if it can help you fulfill the specific needs of your business.

One impressive feature that WPX offers its clients is daily backups. Though WordPress is an effective CMS, a lot of things can go wrong when using it. You should always have a backup to prevent the loss of crucial data.

WPX hosting offers to back up your site every day automatically. It stores the backup files on a different server for around two weeks. This offers increased protection since you can always access the system if anything goes wrong.

The web host allows you to restore previous versions quickly and save the manual version on the website. You will not pay extra fees for back up retrieval. Some tech-savvy users prefer using their own backup solutions.

They achieve this through the utilization of plugins such as BackWPup or BackupBuddy. These enable them to store their files on their own.

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3. Migration services

Do you already own a WordPress website but would like to move it to WPX hosting? Some people choose to use different tools and plugins when migrating such sites.


The problem is that the process can be quite complicated, especially for inexperienced website owners. You don’t have to experience such issues when you choose this company. Our WPX hosting review gives you a better solution to your problem.

The web host offers free migration services to its clients. What makes this WordPress web host different from the rest is that the migration process is quicker since it takes around 24 hours.

WPX hosting provider has experts that handle the migration of WordPress sites from different web hosts to the new WPX web hosting account. The process also includes the transfer of email that is associated with your site.

For you to benefit from this free transfer, you should first start by creating an account with the company then send them your account details.

Part of the information you should send to WPX hosting is the WordPress logins for the specific sites you would like to move. You can send all these details securely through a support ticket. Once the team acquires all the details they need, they will work on the transfer and inform you once the process is complete.

4. Email service

If you focus on the specific plans that WPX hosting offers, you will notice some similar features. One of them is the inclusion of email services. This feature gives you the chance to send and get emails through the address that is linked with your site’s domain name.

As you set up your email, you should feel free to have it forwarded to a different email address like your Gmail account. Some people also choose to access emails via outlook or webmail.

5. User-friendly dashboard

If you are not new to web hosting, you probably know of the famous control panels that most companies offer. WPX hosting is different in that it has a unique dashboard that is easy to use. Before we tell you how you can set up your website in this WPX hosting review, you should have a few basics regarding how the dashboard works.

The company’s dashboard allows you to view all your services and account details from one place. You can manage your websites and email from the dashboard.

If you want to keep tabs on the amount of disk space you have or the bandwidth used, you can check all this from the panel. This platform also lets you check support tickets you may have opened.

Even though WordPress gets installed through the dashboard, you also get the option of accessing your server space through SFTP and FTP. Using this gives you the chance to upload some plugin files and themes via FileZilla.

6. Free CDN

When you are running a website, you should focus on ensuring that your clients can access it conveniently regardless of where they are located.

A good web host company can help you achieve this through availing features such as free CDN. This gives you the feeling of having a mini-server close.

Rather than loading your site’s content from the primary server, the web host offers a nearby server in the form of CDN, which allows you to load websites faster.

The CDN takes your site’s content and then delivers it to close servers across the globe. It ensures that your site visitors can access the content with ease, even when they are on different continents. WPX hosting is different from other WordPress web hosts since it has its own unique CDN known as the WPX cloud.

Unlike companies that make use of the conventional CDN, WPX keeps on testing the custom-built CDN to ensure that it offers quality high WordPress performance.

The WPX cloud CDN is quite efficient since it can deal with high traffic and also boost the security of your website. Since this feature is activated automatically, you don’t have to go through complicated steps for you to start using it.

7. Staging area

A good WordPress web host should offer you a platform where you can implement some of the significant features to your site before going live.

That is what you get from choosing WPX hosting. It offers a staging area that gives you the chance to test any changes to your site beforehand.

Though different web hosting providers have this feature, WPX is unique since it allows you to merge your staging area with the live site. When you complete working on modifications on the staging site, you should merge it with your live version.

Most customers find this feature quite impressive since it can save you a lot of time and prevent you from losing some crucial information.

8. Multiple Data Centers

The company has at least three data centers located in Sydney, London, and Chicago. This means that even global customers should be able to access your site without any limitations.


9. Easy Refund Policy

At WPX Hosting you are eligible to get full refund of your money if you cancel your hosting withing 30 days after purchase. WPX Hosting provides 30 days easy money back guarantee.

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10. Security

The security of your sites should be your utmost priority. WPX hosting ensures that you and your site visitors don’t have to worry about any security threats. That is why it offers a crucial feature known as SSL certificates.

Though this cannot prevent your site from bot attacks, it can secure data interception between your client’s computer and the rest of the websites.


Some people, however, choose to install SSL certificates on their own. This is possible through an SSL initiative known as Lets Encrypt. If you don’t have the technical skills to install SSL certificates, the process can be complicated and time-consuming.

Working with WPX hosting, however, simplifies the entire process since it offers automated SSL installation in seconds.

Most of the WordPress web hosting providers send their clients to a famous security plugin known as Sucuri through a precise affiliate link. Apart from the overall hosting charges, you have to pay more for security plugins.

If you don’t want to incur such extra charges, we recommend that you choose to work with WPX hosting. According to most WPX hosting reviews, the company cleans malware daily without charging you anything. It, therefore, implies that you would end up saving more while at the same time enjoying high-security levels.


Free scanning of malware is included in most of the company’s plans. WPX hosting addresses most vulnerabilities to keep your site protected at all times.

You can also enjoy DDOS protection by working with this web host. It offers this form of protection at no additional cost. If your site experiences any malicious redirects, WPX hosting will clean it up for free. It monitors your site round the clock to ensure that no hack attempts can affect its normal functioning.

11. Performance

On the official website of Wpx Hosting they told 99.95% Uptime Guarantee.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 2020100%314 msExcellent
January 2020100%346 msExcellent
December 2019100%200 msExcellent
November 201999.99%275 msExcellent
October 201999.98%312 msExcellent
September 2019100%465 msExcellent
August 2019100%375 msExcellent
July 201999.97%298 msExcellent
June 2019100%364 msExcellent
May 2019100%380 msExcellent
April 201999.99%413 msExcellent
March 2019100%346 msExcellent

You can also reduce the bounce rates and gain more visitors to your site. Working with WPX can also help your website rank highly in search engines.

12. Support System of WPX Hosting

Whether you are new to WordPress web hosting or not, you will likely need some guidance from the company’s representatives. WPX hosting is keen on offering excellent customer service.


This makes the web host quite competitive in the industry. It provides its customers 24/7 support all through the year through chat support. Though WPX hosting fails to provide phone support, the agents provide a quick response to customers.

Through the live chat facility, you may get a response within 30 seconds. If you want in-depth details regarding a hosting-related issue, you should make use of the available online knowledge base for you to find solutions to a particular problem.

WPX hosting supports a social cause

Apart from having amazing services and products, one more thing that makes WPX hosting unique is its efforts to support a noble cause. The founder is passionate about helping homeless domestic animals such as cats and dogs, find shelter. WPX hosting, therefore, takes on different initiatives such as rebuilding shelter homes for puppies.

It also buys lands and constructs new shelters for homeless dogs. Reports reveal that this WordPress web hosting provider gives food to more than 500 homeless cats and dogs each day.

Choosing to work with WPS hosting, therefore, helps you become part of a bigger cause since it is keen on corporate social responsibility.

3 WPX Hosting Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

WPX prides itself on its speed and even goes so far as to market itself as being twice as fast as the competitors on the market.

It is ranked as the number one hosting service on several public review sites, including Crowd and Trustpilot.

It claims several other impressive numbers, too, including a 37 second response time on quires.

All of this may sound too good to be true, so we’re here to look into it and see what it is that this hosting site doesn’t do so well.

1. Expensive Hosting Plan

There are a number of reasons for the price of WPX Hosting to be as high as it is.

We’ve already mentioned the quality of the service that it provides, which is one reason for the price, but there is another that drives it up, and also happens to be another massive disadvantage to the service.

2. No Single Site Hosting

Unlike nearly every other website hosting service out there, WPX doesn’t give you the option to host just one site on the servers that it runs.

This means that it isn’t suitable for the small scale blogger or someone working on a passion project, and instead lends itself to bigger projects.

On top of that, this is the primary reason that the cost of the hosting plans are so high.

3. No cPanel

The cPanel issue comes back yet again. Like some other sites we’ve talked about before, WPX doesn’t feature cPanel for managing your sites, and instead makes use of its own internal dashboard.

This is once again a disadvantage to the service and makes it harder than it needs to be to migrate your sites to another hosting company.

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    Pricing and Plan Options

    Apart from focusing on the features of a web hosting company, you should also find out if you can afford at least one of the available plans. When it comes to WPX hosting, this provider tries to give room to every type of website developer, including those on a budget. Since WPX hosting focuses solely on WordPress hosting, it only offers three plans, namely:

    • Business
    • Professional
    • Elite

    Even though the plans have some similar features, they differ when it comes to the storage you have access to, as well as the amount of bandwidth you are allowed to use. The specific number of websites you can host on the account is also based on the plan that you choose to subscribe to.

    If you have a small website, you should choose the most basic WPX hosting plan known as business. This comes with disk space of up to 10 GB, SSD server, dedicated RAM, 50 GB bandwidth, and application firewall.

    Since this plan can accommodate up to 5 websites, most people find the price quite reasonable. It goes for $ 25.00 per month. You should consider paying for the plan on an annual basis rather than monthly for you to enjoy the discounts available.

    Website developers looking for better services should consider the professional or elite plan from WPX hosting. Both give your site more capabilities since they come with additional features.


    Most of the newbies to web hosting have a lot of doubts regarding the right plan to choose. If you can relate, then the risk-free trial that WPX hosting offers should be able to clear such doubts.

    The company gives you an entire month to test its services for free before you invest in a plan. If you go through most WPX hosting reviews, you will find new customers praising this web host for the free trial period.

    Choosing either of the plans from this company enables you to get good value for your cash. The price of all of the plans is also quite reasonable.

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    How to sign up with WPX hosting?

    For you to enjoy using any of the features we have mentioned above, you have to know how you can sign up with WPX hosting. Most users find the sign-up process quite straightforward compared to what other web hosts have. For you to start, you need to pick a suitable plan then make the necessary monthly payments.

    The company allows you to register the domain name you may have been using before or a new one with ease. Once you have paid for one of the plans, you can now log into the company’s dashboard. This platform allows you to configure your account smoothly and choose the services you intend to use. You can also view all of your billing details from the dashboard.

    If you were using a different web host and are ready to transfer your site’s files to the company’s server, you should submit a migration request for the support team to help you with the migration.

    Not everyone that wants to work with WPX hosting has an already established WordPress site. If you are starting a new site, you should start by installing WordPress on the server space.

    WPX hosting accommodates everyone, including WordPress beginners. It makes the process of installing WordPress a breeze since you only need to use the ‘install WP’ button then add your email address for you to complete the process.


    For you to start the site, you should enter some specific details about your site. For instance, you can give the website a title as well as add a username and password for you to log in.

    What makes WPX hosting different from its competitors is that you don’t need to install any additional themes and plugins for you to start using WordPress. Most website developers also like the fact that even the basic WPX plan can host numerous WordPress sites on a single account.

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details


    Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wpx-hosting

    WordPress web hosting can help your site become bigger and better. This can only happen, however, if you choose a high performing web host. Though there are so many WordPress web-hosting providers, WPX hosting stands out.

    From our WPX hosting review above, we have seen how this company focuses on boosting the speed of your site and protecting it from security threats. It also offers a great on-demand support system and numerous features which come at no additional costs.

    The plans not only provide enough disk space and bandwidth but also let you host a minimum of 5 WordPress sites. You can enjoy so much from paying so little for a plan from WPX hosting.

    If all these appeal to you, then head to the official website of the company for you to learn more. Working with WPX hosting guarantees that you never have to lose traffic or money anymore due to hosting issues such as downtime.

    It is a highly performing WordPress web hosting company that is worth considering.

    WPX Hosting Expert Rating:
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    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
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    WPX Hosting Review
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