How to Make Your Blog Looks More Attractive and Professional

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How to Make Your Blog Looks More Attractive and Professional

In the world of blogging, appearance attracts readers. How long a reader spends on a blog is determined by content, but what makes them stay long enough to discover it relies on appeal.

If it’s not attractive, it won’t sell, and that’s the harsh reality.

Luckily, there are simple ways to make your blog more attractive that don’t require the skills and expertise (and fee!) of a web designer.

Typography Style

One common blogging mistake is paying no attention to typography style. It’s not just font style but text size and color, too.

Readers dislike small, cramped texts; it’s simply difficult to feel interested when the screen requires a lot of squinting.

The article font should be simple, non-decorative, and easy to read. Don’t use decorative fonts for the content because it can be distracting; save it for the blog title or name.

Keep in mind that you’ll be using the same font style for every post so it needs to harmonize and not overwhelm viewers.

Make the font large and easy to read. Verdana is an example of a basic but effective font style.

Mind the spacing and paragraphing so that the entire text doesn’t appear cramped or overwhelming. You wouldn’t want to scare off readers completely.

Another easy mistake is choosing text color that doesn’t go well with the page. Avoid using neon-colored letters on dark or black pages.

White text on black or black text on white may seem very basic but they’re also visually comforting as opposed to the former.

Consistency of Photos and Images

Adding photos and images to a blog draws attention to its content. Most of the time, it’s the header title with an attractive image that baits viewers to click and read an article.

Images strewn across the post doesn’t just keep the reader entertained; it also helps portion the article. It makes it appear short and comprehensible.

Surprisingly, one of the simple ways to make your blog more attractive is to post photos that are taken with the same style or lighting effect.

First-time bloggers often make the mistake of posting inconsistent photos and non-related images, thus making the blog unimpressive.

To avoid inconsistent photos, decide what image style looks best in a post and then repeat it for all other posts.

Some blogs post only black and white images; others use artistic photos and some, comedic sketches. As long as they are the same in every post, the blog will appear less confusing and more professional.

Limited and Related Advertisements

Advertisements are annoying when they are large, flashy, and crowding. As mentioned, the idea is to make a simple, readable blog so that viewers are encouraged to stay and revisit.

Sloppy placement of advertisements is downright unattractive and will just ward off visitors.

It’s not the kind of content most bloggers are proud of but advertisements are necessary for networking and, yes, earning.

Adjust ad placements so they don’t cramp and crowd. Move them to the side of the blog and, if there’s a lot, at the bottom of posts, too.

Anywhere up top or in the middle of the blog will divert viewers from the blog’s main content.

Fortunately, blogging platforms offer basic layout customization so you can adjust most things yourself.

If there’s something in mind that’s too complicated or requires coding, then it’s best to hire a web designer.

There’s also a clever way of placing an advertisement without having it shown on the main page.

Creating articles that are related to the advertisement makes it so that, when it is placed within the post, it’s relevant. You can also substitute the advertisement with an image to avoid cluttering.

Speaking of relevance, advertisements may be a great source of income for bloggers but these can also harm their reputation.

Don’t make the mistake of putting up too many unrelated ads; be in control of all the content in your blog

It’s important to understand that what the blog advertises mirrors what the blog supports and represents.

Imagine a blog about wildlife preservation sporting an ad about hunting equipment.

Avoid similar cases that create contradiction and decreases credibility.


A blog’s popularity isn’t just built by ritually creating posts and sharing them alone. It’s determined by how it finds attention in society and there’s nothing more attractive in social media than a visible, instant share button.

Improving site navigation might require professional help but it doesn’t take a genius to include a share button in every blog post.

Normally, share buttons are found at the top and bottom of the post where they can easily be found.

Some blog platforms will provide an option where the navigation bar with the share button will stay afloat and on top, even as you scroll down the page.

Blog platforms allow creators to add share gadgets/widgets of most social media sites so there’s no need to worry about the technicalities.

In any case, equipping your blog with these share buttons is not an option but a must.


All these simple ways to make your blog more attractive isn’t really about beautification but simplification.

It’s actually de-cluttering and allowing the blog to be visible and discovered for its content.

Viewers revisit a blog mainly because it’s informative, easy to use, and entertaining. In entirety, that means a high quality blog.

Different kinds of improvements require different kinds of effort, even financial support, but it doesn’t take money to make a blog attractive enough. There’s no reason not to improve blog appearance.

Just remember that simplicity trumps flamboyance because it shows a blog’s genuine quality, which lies in its content.

How to Make Your Blog Looks More Attractive and Professional
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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