Top 7 In-text Advertising Networks for Bloggers: Adsense Alternatives

In text Advertising Networks

In-text advertising is a kind of advertising technique, which uses hyperlinks to match the phrases and keywords in web pages with ad units.

This type of advertising permits advertisers to incorporate links within a content or blog. Upon approval, you can expect these ad units to be visible each time a user hovers his cursor over the copy with a hyperlink.

If you are a blogger then you may want to incorporate in-text ads into your content as this can help you earn more money.

In most cases, you can earn money from the ads on a pay-per-click basis (PPC). Some advertisers also pay per impression. In-text advertising provides several benefits for bloggers. Aside from allowing you to monetize your site, it is also beneficial because there is no need for you to allot space for the ads.

You can just place the ads within your website content. With that, you can make use of your site’s layout to show and place other important elements, like sliders, video files, related posts, banner ads, and opt-ins. In-text ads are not also distracting to your website visitors. It is because they only appear when a visitor clicks on the hyperlinked text.

Each time your visitors click on the hyperlink, you will receive a payment. It is, therefore, safe to assume, that this form of advertising is a viable source of income for bloggers like you.

To start incorporating these ads into your blog, here are 7 in-text advertising programs that you can use:

1. Infolinks

This is the most popular in-text ad program available for bloggers. It works based on a pay-per-click scheme. This means that the more clicks you receive, the higher the income you can generate.

One advantage of Infolinks is that it promotes ease in starting up. It is also easy to implement on your blog.

Another advantage is that it pays at least $50, which is easy to earn, especially if your blog receives good traffic. It is helpful in maximizing your earnings.

The only thing that you need to do is to incorporate Infolinks into your web pages. Make sure to use all the available customization options so you can optimize the experience of your visitors while maximizing your income.

2. Viglink

This program makes use of a different model, making it unique from other in-text ad networks and programs. What Viglink does is it converts a typical link to an affiliate link.

This allows you to earn an affiliate commission from the link, instead of a few cents per click. In the absence of outbound links, it conveniently converts some words in your content to affiliate links.

One advantage of using this program is that it does not have a negative impact on the overall experience of your visitors.

The fact that this program uses JavaScript in adding links prevents Google bots from detecting these activities. The result is zero effect on your search engine optimization efforts.

Viglink also partners with many affiliate networks, thereby increasing your chances of earning money from different sources.

3. Clicksor

Another popular in-text ad program available for bloggers is Clicksor. Aside from offering in-text ads, this program also provides banner advertising.

In fact, both in-text and banner ads can be combined. It can provide you with an additional income by simply underlining a keyword in your website or blog.

One advantage of Clicksor is that it guarantees quick payment.

It also supports great brands and a higher return on investment. In addition, there is a guarantee that the ads incorporated into your blog are safe.

Clicksor also offers a referral program, allowing its members to enjoy up to 10% of what your referred publishers earn for a max of one year. Furthermore, this program boasts of a minimum payout of $50.

4. LinkWorth

One great thing about LinkWorth is that it is a large and innovative marketing portal designed for both partners and advertisers. It has plenty of products and services designed to meet your internet marketing needs.

Among the products that you can access in this program are text link ads, in-text links, paid blog reviews, rotating text ads, article submissions, and in-content pay-per-click ads.

5. Vibrant Media

You may also check out Vibrant Media, which features 100 percent user-controlled in-text ads. This means that users can only see the ad when they hover on the word that catches their attention.

Vibrant Media claims to have over 6,000 partners, thereby ensuring that you can have the best ads in your blog.

Another positive thing about this program is that its ads can blend easily with your blog, thereby improving the chances of getting clicks. Just like some in-text ad programs, Vibrant Media offers a payout of at least $50.

6. Skimlinks

This is the ideal in-text ad program for bloggers who wish to automate their affiliate marketing campaigns in their entire network. The links integrated into your content with the intent of attracting purchase can also be expected to monetize automatically on your social media accounts.

They can also measure the performance of your content and access product feeds. What is good about Skimlinks is that it has already earned a good reputation in the industry.

In fact, more than a million top publishers worldwide trust this program as it continues to create innovative advertising methods for them.

7. BeContext

This specific in-text advertising program can provide some keywords in your content with targeted ads. With that, attracting visitors will be much easier.

You can also expect the program to help target visitors geographically. This means that you can target them based on the city, time zone, or country. BeContext also offers text and banner ad options designed to increase your revenue.

In-text advertising is a cost-effective and innovative online marketing technique. It provides tremendous benefits not only to bloggers and publishers but also to advertisers.

Just make sure that you pick the right program to partner with so you can use this form of advertising as a powerful and unique solution for spreading the news about your products and services.

In text Advertising Networks

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