How To Make Your Blog Guaranteed Better Than Your Competitor

How To Make Your Blog Guaranteed Better Than Your Competitor

Blogging is among the healthiest career options one can choose from. It involves patience, passion, dedication, creativity, and great communication/writing skills.

These are the keys to becoming a successful blogger. A great blog seemingly comes from an amalgamation of these qualities.

Nowadays, there are tons of people who have chosen blogging as a career option. In fact, there are professional bloggers who have been excellent in creating good content.

Upon which, now they have a genuine fan base who follow their work and take inspiration from them. However, reaching that place is not as easy as you think. Like we have mentioned, the keys are very important to have a good blog where people visit and enjoy your efforts.

However, it gets very slow and cliched. When it comes to blogging, if you fail to deliver unique content to your viewers, they do not feel the need to follow your work.

For, readers look for something new and something catchy that obviously should catch their attention. For, in the online world, there are millions of people claiming to be bloggers and giving the same, old, cliched materials.

Whatever you read seems to be a copy of somebody else’s work. Hence, one should know what their audience wants and how to deliver it without having to lose out on any.

If you are a blogger and looking for a push or a way to make your blog better, then we are here to help. Well, of course, we would not be pushing you off the cliff, rather, we will give you subtle hints on how to keep your audience around.

Also, it will surely help you make better content, for blogging, it feeds off god content and creativity. If these things go kissing, so does your audiences.

Listed below are the ways to make your blog better:

Proof driven projects:

Bloggers often go on a rampant talking about baseless, random topics which have zero value. This is done to increase one’s traffic. They do not care if their work is genuine or is worth posting, the only care about the traffic. However, it does not work in the long run. For, readers and viewers prefer proof driven articles than random scribbling which have no solid proof to go with. Which simply implies your attitude towards the work you are doing.

Catchy headlines:

Remember those times in school when your friends were in splits for what you said? Well, do not go overboard, however, you could surely use that talent on generating catchy headlines for your articles in your blog. Catchy headlines grab major attention and hits on the web. People tend to look for something off-beat, with a unique niche to it, hence the catchy headlines.

Chunky fonts:

Did you know that writing in bigger and bolder fonts (not gigantic) are scannable? Well, it is, hence if you are thinking to have a better reach to your readers, change your font and write in bite-sized chunks with bold fonts as it is scannable. You can test this by heat mapping. Heat mapping shoes where you focus on main and where it is placed. The basic formatting you could opt for is to emphasize the key points in your subheadings, write easy to read sentences and use plenty of bullet points and other segmentation to give a reader a fresher aspect while reading.

Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is a pretty nice way of increasing your viewer base and to give your work more credibility for being genuine. Hence, if you happen to know people around you who are expert bloggers, tag them in and hope they guest blog for you. This gives viewers a new window to look at and also increases your viewership. Therefore, it is a win-win situation on both sides. So, instead of waiting around, chalk expert bloggers and ask them to do you this favour.

Clutter-free zone:

Before you take another step, look at your look. Examine it like you are a reader. Tell us if you feel it is worth the read. No offense, but if you have been posting random, baseless articles and have no link whatsoever, then please clean your workplace. Your blog should be a clutter-free zone where a viewer can find exactly what they want to find. They should not get lost in the debris of baselessness. For, you might lose your audiences that way.

Post a schedule:

It is a good habit of letting your readers know about the schedule of your posts. That way, they will not only read they will also know when to read. For, the most engagement in the first hour of posting boosts traffic and gives you a better hold on your blog and the readers who read your work.

Be an audience:

When you feel your blog is lacking the magic or the touch of Midas, please do not hesitate to sit back and check your own work. For, at times we do get carried away and end up posting unnecessary things that readers do no connect to. Hence, step in their shoe, think like them. Ask yourself, what would you want to read about today. That way you get a fresher perspective on your content and it saves you a lot of loss.

Create a niche:

Do not follow the herd, believe me, you will be trampled. Instead, try focusing on good content, proof drove, genuine content that readers can relate to. Create a niche for yourself. Make contents that people want to read and know about. For, if you know what your focus is on, your readers too will know and go ahead with your work.

Take a break:

Notify your readers and take a break. Unwind, collect ideas, create memories, live your life for yourself and look for the next topics in the cracks of life. Honestly, we feel we all deserve a little break, this way we come out with a better mindset and fresh ideas.

Well, these few things if followed can keep you out of trouble and make your blog better. Blogging is about expressing yourself. If you can hit the right notes, then your readers will stay as long as you are there.

How To Make Your Blog Guaranteed Better Than Your Competitor

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