7 Ways To Make Money Fast As A Writer: Get More Freelance Writing Jobs

How To Make Money As A Writer

For those who have a passion for writing, earning a stable income online is possible through freelancing. Note that paid online writers are in great demand at present.

While it takes a bit of hard work, commitment, and patience to stabilize your freelance writing career online, you will enjoy the rewards, like earning a huge income, once you begin to work smartly.

If you are still a beginner in this field, then promoting your freelance writing career should be on top of your priority. You have to show how good you are in this field so you can attract clients.

To promote your skills effectively, here are some tips:

1. Start a blog or website

Most freelance writers need a blog or website to introduce themselves to their potential clients. Having a blog, especially if you are still new in the field of freelance writing, is an effective way to stay current.

It can also effectively help you stay in the eyes of your prospects. You can use it as your means of acquiring business. You should regularly post content on your site to show your potential clients that are you knowledgeable in your chosen niche.

Your blog will also showcase your writing skills. Just make sure that you post regular updates on your blog.

It should also have “contact us” and “about me” pages. Both pages are important in providing your potential clients details regarding the kind of job that you can offer as well as how they can contact you.

With a blog, you can gain publicity, making it possible for you to attract a more targeted audience.

2. Create and use an email signature

Remember that as a freelance writer, one of your daily activities is emailing. It is even possible for you to receive a hundred emails in a day, especially if you have already gained a lot of following. While you can’t expect all these emails to be inquiries, most of them can be prospective leads for writing projects.

You can further promote your writing services by creating and adding a signature to your email. There is no need to create a fancy email signature.

A wise tip is to create a signature, which has all the important contact information and links you wish to share. Some important details to include in your signature are your contact number, Skype address, opt-in freebie or lead magnet, and headshot.

3. Have social media accounts

While keeping your social media accounts updated is time-consuming, you still need to do it as social media is one of the secrets towards marketing your freelance writing skills over the web.

Make sure that you are active in social media. Engage with your followers and share useful content.

Also, take note that social media is now a major extension of virtually all business transactions. This means that your potential clients might be searching for you there.

It has also become a norm for digital professionals to be active on social media. Also, take note that your potential clients may be looking at your posts and activities to determine what kind of person you are and your level of authority and professionalism.

With that in mind, you have to show how professional and authoritative you are in your chosen niche through your social media accounts. Do not forget to link your portfolio and websites in your accounts, too.

4. Work on your portfolio

Having a portfolio is important as it showcases your work in the freelance writing industry. This is where you can put the best pieces of your writing, specifically in your niche, so you can show them to your potential clients.

You need to make your portfolio as professional as possible. Build it up to increase your chances of receiving proposals with higher rates.

One way to build your portfolio is to get in touch with well-known publications and submit articles in your niche there. Your goal is to become a guest contributor in such publications.

One platform that lets you showcase your online content is Contently. Your contributions to this site will prove how proficient you are in the field.

With that, you can surely attract high-paying clients. You can also use other platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn to expose your skills to many potential clients.

5. Take advantage of email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to promote your freelance writing skills, especially if you post blogs regularly. One way to market your skills through email is to set up a newsletter, which helps people stay updated with your writing activities.

An email newsletter allows you to market yourself while staying at the forefront of your target audience’s minds. The good news is setting up this newsletter is often free and easy.

6. Network with other freelancers

Keep in mind that in most cases, the key to gaining a stable income in the freelance writing industry is not actually what you know but who you know.

This means that associating yourself with other freelancers in this field is a major help in landing writing gigs.

You can also team up with other freelancers in various fields. For instance, you can swap adverts on your site with a freelance graphic designer.

You can also work with other freelancers so you can bundle your services into a more affordable package, thereby making your offers more attractive to clients. You can find freelancers who are interested in this kind of team-up in social media and forums.

7. Pay for targeted ads

While most of the tips here do not require you to pay something, there is nothing wrong if you decide to spend a bit to market your skills.

Doing such will actually help you earn more sooner or later.

If you want to pay for targeted ads, you can try Facebook ads and Google AdSense campaigns.

These are inexpensive and provide highly targeted techniques of marketing yourself in the freelance writing industry.

There are several things that you can do to promote your freelance writing skills.

Apart from the tips here, make it a point to embrace positivity in your work. Also, be prepared to deal with problems, especially if you are still a beginner in freelance writing.

Be patient and continue writing articles in your chosen niche. Also, make sure that your presence is felt in various social networking sites. Sooner or later, clients who are interested in your writing services will start contacting you.

How To Make Money As A Writer

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