How to Make Money With Your Blog Without Google Adsense: Earn High

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Make Money From Blog Without Google Adsense

The simplest, and probably the easiest way to monetize your blog page is to display ads on it.

However, just because you have a ton of advertisement links scattered all throughout your blog site, that does not necessarily mean it will generate a lot of money.

For one thing, the most common way to get money from your blogs is when your visitors click on your advertisers’ links; and sometimes they even have to buy something from your affiliate link in order for you to gain a commission.

And all of this will depend on the number of people who visit your blog; if there are not that many people browsing through your content then you will not have a chance to make enough money to get by.

This is why you need to diversify your income-generating opportunities. By not depending on a single source of income, When you have more income sources, you will have more chances to successfully monetize your blog.

Here are some non-advertisement options that you can try so you can start monetizing your blog.

Sell merchandise

If you have a respectable amount of followers, like a hudred or so regular readers, then you can try pitching your merchandise to them.

You do not have to worry about inventory space for your merchandise, you can just sign up with the many different merchandising companies out there and they will be the ones who will handle all of the grunt work.

You just need to give them the designs for your merchandise, and they will give you links for them that you can put into your website so your readers will know how to place their orders.

Ask for Donations

Many content creators in YouTube are tired of the convoluted monetization scheme implemented by the company, mostly because it inhibits them from creating the kind of content that they want.

In response, they turned to their fanbase for donations in order to make enough money to maintain their channels and get by. The medium might be different, but the premise is still applicable for blogs.

If you have quite a lot of regular site visitors, you can ask them directly for donations. You can set up an account on Patreon or other sponsoring sites so your fans will know where to send their donations to.

However, you should just casually ask other people to sponsor you without giving anything in return.

Sweeten the pot by giving your supporters special favors, like inviting them to a regular Q and A sessions with other sponsors, giving them some free merchandise, or giving them advance access to your future work.

Ask for Compensation for Guest Posts

If you are a beginner who is trying to break into the blogging scene, not charging for your guest posts is acceptable, since you will be getting publicity in return.

However, if you have been blogging for quite a bit now, and you have an established audience, not getting paid for the work you will be putting into writing a guest blog will seem ludicrous.

If the owner of the blog refuses to compensate you for your guest post, then beg off from the gig; you have more pressing things to do other than writing for free.

Write eBooks

If you have many regular visitors in your blog, then it goes without saying that they like reading your content, and that you are more or less an expert on your niche topic.

If so, then there is a good chance that people would be more than willing to pay for an eBook that you wrote. Leverage your audience by writing your own eBook and putting it up for sale on your website.

If you want, you can even write an actual book. There are plenty of small publishers out there who would be willing to help you get your book out there.

Who knows?

If your book gets enough traction, you might get another book deal with bigger publishers.

Go Pro

There are lots of big time blogs and networks who are constantly looking for talented and passionate bloggers to join their team; and what’s great is that many of them actually pay handsome salaries to their regular contributors.

This is not actually making money using your own blog, but you will still be making money by blogging.

In addition, most of these bigger blog sites do not even care if you still want to keep operating your private blog, just as long as you are not writing anything derogatory against your employers.

Apply for Other Writing Positions

Maintaining a blog lets you hone and polish your writing, which can then help you get other freelance writing gigs. It is not unusual for casual bloggers to transition into freelance writing, and it can also be quite lucrative.

Again, you do not even have to give up your web blog if you do not want to, employers are quite lenient about things like that as long as they do not interfere with your work.

Give Public Speaking a Try

If you have been blogging for quite a while, and you fancy yourself as an expert in your field and blog’s topic, then you could offer your services as a public speaker.

You can book gigs at corporate events, conventions, and the like. Making this transition is a whole lot easier when you have a lot of dedicated readers.

Try Being a Consultant

Once you are already established as an expert in your niche topic, you can offer your services as a consultant to other people and companies who are in your industry.

There are a lot of small start-up companies who could really use advice from someone from the outside looking in. Also, you an also offer your consultation services to beginner bloggers, giving them advice on how to grow their own blogs.

There are many ways you can earn money from your blog aside from advertising, so do not worry if your ads are not making you enough money, your blog can still be profitable.

Make Money From Blog Without Google Adsense
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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