Top 7 PayPal Alternatives: For Every Bloggers, Freelancers & Others

PayPal Alternatives

The 21st century is famous mainly for internet stuff and online things and there is no doubt that the said things have developed really well so far.

Nowadays the online stuff is taking the shape of business and industries and there is a huge demand there.

It also represents a strong economy where there are many opportunities for doing the job as a profession or a part-time.

Undoubtedly the online stuff opens a new way of economy and market, and definitely, it is beneficial.

The popular payment medium

Many people do online jobs and businesses and they have been successful so far. Many people go for the videographer profession.

Above all of that, there is a big demand for bloggers and freelancers online and the profession is quite famous.

Many people started this as an apprentice or a part-time hobby and nowadays they became an expert, earning a good amount of bucks which is the sign that more and more people are getting interested in this line of profession.

In case of receiving the payment online, most employer and employee prefer mediums and PayPal is the medium famous for receiving online payment or sending money to others.

What is PayPal, a brief idea?

The days of transferring money from the bank to bank are gone and PayPal has started a new way of money transferring that changed the process drastically.

PayPal is basically used for money transferring online.

You have to have a PayPal account and a valid PayPal ID and you can send money to another PayPal account and vice versa.

All you have to know is the PayPal ID of the person or organization.

The transferring process is quick and it is really convenient and that is why it is a popular money transfer medium online.

How PayPal works

PayPal is a software application which is encrypted.

This encryption allows making financial transfers between computers to computers, Smartphone to computers and vice versa, Smartphone to Smartphone.

The PayPal account will be linked to the bank account and money transferring will happen directly via this app.

PayPal is basically an online payment service that allows transferring money electronically between individuals and businesses.

It is now one of the primary methods of online payment and currently has 100 million active accounts in 190 markets worldwide.

This statistics is enough to draw the picture of the demand for PayPal among users.

Is it safe?

The development of technology is growing as well as the number of coders, hackers, and developers too.

We live in an uncertain world where anything can be hacked and PayPal has its issues too.

It has a troubled history of some fraud cases, lawsuits, and government regulators.

But no need to worry much because PayPal use rich coders and developers and they update themselves on a certain time basis and the security gets higher with every update.

That is why nowadays PayPal is a secure option for online money transferring and yes it is safe because no frauds or scams have happened for a long time in PayPal.

Considering other options

You are a blogger or a freelancer and you need to have a safe online payment service but you don’t want to compromise the safety and security, and because of some scattered past incidents, you don’t trust PayPal, then you need to consider the other alternatives of PayPal.

Here is the list of PayPal alternatives for bloggers and freelancers.

1. Payoneer

It is old and considered a global payment service method online and today it is available in most of the countries.

The software is encrypted and allows you to transfer money from the US and the European countries and vice versa.

One of the best parts is that the transaction fee is lower here and that’s why you may be able to save a good amount of bucks after using it.

Signing up here is easy and it is a convenient method for the users.

2. Stripe

It is a USA company and considered as one of the best PayPal alternatives that allow accepting the applications from several countries.

You can accept the payment for your online store or other stuff.

You are a person of a different country and the country is not listed on the service then the atlas program of the stripe is here to help you which will solve your problem.

Stripe is tied up with almost the entire web store and e-commerce sites and that is why integrating it to your account is easy.

3. Transfer Wise

Richard Branson and people of Skype created this app and definitely, it is a good option for the PayPal alternatives.

The main reason people choose it because the transaction fees are very low and there are no currency conversion charges, which refers that it is beneficial for you saving a good amount of bucks with no cost currency conversion.

The service is new and available for various countries and with supporting the currencies.

4. 2Checkout

Signing up here is easy and this service accepts payments all over the world and this is the main reason for choosing it as a PayPal alternative.

It is safe and the transaction is quite fast.

The only drawback of this service is the fees that include the transaction, transfer and currency conversion.

It supports currencies of many countries of the world.

5. Instamojo

It is considered as equivalent as PayPal for the Indian users.

The transaction speed is very fast and convenient in instamojo with the account username.

If you wish you can open your online store and receive payments from it.

6. Skrill

It is user-friendly and famous online payment method and considered the best in the segment of currency conversion because it’s affordable and very low.

The transfers are fast and a MasterCard with the prepaid facility is always available for millions of places and shops worldwide.

7. Remitly

The service is basically meant for the people of India and the Philippines but if you are from another corner of the world then you can join their worldwide payment service.

The transaction takes around 3 days to complete.

Sometimes the payment service offers a good amount of discount. It is convenient, easy to register, and a good alternative to PayPal.


There are many online payment services available and these are some of the best alternatives to PayPal that are used by the customers and have positive feedback most of the time.

If you are really looking for an alternative option to go, then picking from the list would be wise and beneficial.

PayPal Alternatives

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