How to Earn Passive Income From Blog: Make Money on Auto-Pilot

How to Earn Passive Income From Blog

Yes, you can earn passive income from blogging. Which is why blogging is one of the most appealing side hustles that people are venturing into.

Unfortunately, most of the success stories you read always fail to mention one thing – the fact that earning from a blog is in no way smooth or easy.

Running and earning from a blog on autopilot is also referred to as autoblogging. It has become one of the best online earning opportunities.

Often, autoblogging or running an automated blog involves the use of a website to create content from other websites using an RSS feed.

While most of the autoblogs out there are spam blogs, top autoblogs will create a website which gathers data that is relevant to a specific topic, the presents the information in one roof.

So, where does the money come in, especially when you are doing little to create content for your blog? What do you need on your blog to earn passively?

Well, the simple answer is to employ the best monetization strategies. These are the solutions which ensure that you earn from your blog whenever a visitor clicks on an ad or buys a product after clicking a link on your blog.

The monetization strategies that allow you to earn from a blog on autopilot include:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable form of advertising where one earns from the sales facilitated by your actions. If often involves working with an outside partner, often a retail e-commerce partner like eBay or Amazon.

But first, you have to select the product you intend on promoting. If the product matches the needs of your audience, you can promote it on your blog.

You earn a commission every time a visitor purchases a product by clicking your link.

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is one of the biggest and the simplest platforms for you to work with.

While promoting products or even companies to earn a commission sounds easy, you can only increase your earnings both in the short-term and in the long run if you learn ways to outrank your competition, research extensively, and if you choose profitable and evergreen affiliate programs/ products.

You also need to believe in the products you are marketing and invest in affordable tools for running your marketing campaigns.

There also are mistakes you should avoid to earn from a blog on auto-pilot. These include failing to research or failing to verify the availability of information on the product.

Also, don’t ignore your social presence – you need a strong social presence for your products to sell themselves.

Lastly, you must create excellent content.

With your blog on autopilot, you need to ensure that the people visiting your site, not only read the content, click the link and buy the product, but that they also share your content.

As one of the tenets of SEO, content is essential for the success of your affiliate marketing gig.

So, create premium quality content relevant to your niche, and content that is useful to your readers. You might also want to create evergreen content, but every little while, update the content.

Affiliate marketing is as much selling as it is adding value to your audience.

2. Using Google AdSense

AdSense is, without doubt, the best advertisers and a great source of income for bloggers. Earning from Google AdSense is as easy as allowing Google to run ads on your blog. You have to indicate where you wish the ad placed within your blog post.

Choosing the right ads for your audience is essential as is the selection of ads that are relevant to your content.

To increase your AdSense earnings, follow these tips:

  • Employ the best placement practices – the general rule of the thumb is the placement of the ads in the most visible areas on your site. But while doing that, you don’t want to annoy your readers. The homepage or the sides of your blog page are some of the best placements for the ads.
  • Check ad styling to ensure that it blends with your blog’s theme.
  • Use a plugin to manage the ads.

3. Getting sponsors

This is the other way for you to earn from your blog. It involves giving specific brands or advertisers space to advertise on your blog.

But, there’s a catch, your blog must be established, authoritative, and with a great deal of traffic for you to attract high-paying advertisers.

Creating sponsored blog posts could be a great way of driving traffic and increasing your earnings.

As you diversify ways of earning from your blog, you might want to write paid reviews.

While you might have to start with the smaller brands to gain the trust of bigger and better-paying brands, writing paid reviews is an effective way of earning passive income.

4. Offer a course/ service

People are always learning. Unfortunately, going back to school is not one of the best solutions for most people, so, eBooks come in.

Online courses are not only cheap but also take less time because wide subjects are compressed significantly, while still delivering the best value.

If you are knowledgeable in a specific area and you have been asked too many times questions about the subject, why not earn from that knowledge.

The best bit about online course or eBooks is that they last a long time and might only need minor adjustments in the future.

Besides the satisfied need, earning from offering a service is simplified by automated email messages which are sent out whenever a visitor signs up for your services.


As mentioned above, earning income from a blog on autopilot requires hard work.

All the strategies mentioned above work. But, you have to do some things first – map out your blog’s growth strategy, identify your audience (and its unique needs), and keep your blog alive.

Revamp old blog posts, maintain a high quality for your contents and leverage the power of email marketing.

Don’t forget to schedule your content and integrate your blog with your social media pages for automatic social sharing.

How to Earn Passive Income From Blog

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