How to Increase (Double) Your AdSense Earning With Same Traffic

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How to Increase Double Your AdSense Earning With Same Traffic

Both beginner and seasoned bloggers out there praise Google AdSense. Obviously, the reason behind this is the earning potential that blogs have.

It is no surprise that many bloggers flock to Google AdSense, having in mind that it is currently the most profitable ad network.

However, most beginner bloggers believe turning a profit from AdSense is fairly simple. They usually believe that money will immediately start pouring after they apply for Google AdSense.

Still, even though there is some truth to this, there are still additional tips to follow if one wants to fully experience AdSense’s earning potential.

A blog with relatively minimal traffic still has a chance of increasing its AdSense income. So let us dive into how one can increase their AdSense income from existing traffic.

Ad Visibility

To put it simply, barely visible ads won’t get any clicks. To avoid this, we recommend that bloggers place the ads at positions that are highly visible. These can either be above or below the title, at the top — sidebar or header, or below the content in question.

Thus, a surefire way to make more money is to focus on where the ads are placed. Also, we recommend services such as This website can create a heat map that shows bloggers where their readers usually read and click the most.

Unfortunately, such services are not free of charge. However, could serve as a viable alternative because the first 100 page views are free, and this may be enough to give bloggers a general sense of where their ads should be placed.

Noticeable ads

We stumbled upon a report on user engagement and found that adding an image to updates increases user engagement by 39%. The article that we read had more to do with Facebook, but its findings are also relevant to advertising as well.

The past few months have brought two ad units — the 300*600 and 970*90 ad units. Google AdSense understands that larger ads easily grab the reader’s attention, therefore increasing the chance of clicking.

In a nutshell, bloggers should make their ads larger because easily noticeable ads get more clicks from visitors.

Using Units

According to some users, one page can contain only three ad units. However, this is merely a rumor because web pages can contain an unlimited number of ad units.

Despite this fact, we still recommend our readers to place no more than 8 units. Additionally, one should take time to carefully place them because it is all about making the visitor feel comfortable.

A free tool based on AI, called, can help one achieve this.

Moreover, placing more ad units results in increased ad variety. In turn, increased ad variety will more likely get the visitor to click on one of the AdSense units displayed.

It should be noted, however, that placing the ad units in places that stand out is of utmost importance. Placing them around the content area and above the fold works well. One should avoid placing AdSense ads at the footer of their blog.

Combining Colors

As we already clarified, the aim is to grab the attention of the visitors. Therefore, we highly suggest paying attention to the color combinations. Also, one might want to add a thin boundary that differentiates the ads from the rest of the content.

However, if one wants to avoid merging their content with the ads, they should still make the ads stand out so that visitors can notice them.

For example, a white background goes perfectly with black or other prominent colors.

To check which color works well against a white background, we suggest that our readers try out different colors and do a head-to-head comparison.

Using DFP

The DoubleClick for Publishers program makes it possible for bloggers to use their blogs to sell ads. Signing up for DFP can bring some money on the side, and it is easy to do as well.

To sign up, one should create their own ad space that they would like to sell. The next step is, of course, selling this ad space to advertisers.

Additionally, one can manage and create their own campaigns. Delivering ads and getting paid is the final step.

In combination with AdSense, DFP works in the following way. The user creates an ad space on their DFP account and puts it up for sale.

Obviously, some time has to pass before advertisers offer to buy it. Reasonably, the ad space shouldn’t remain empty because this brings no earnings.

However, there is a way to avoid this. Linking one’s DFP account with their AdSense account will result in the unused spaces displaying AdSense ads until an advertiser decides to buy them.

Avoiding Ad Blindness

Since ad blindness is often the reason why ads perform low, we recommend our readers to rotate their ads. What we mean by this is using both image and text ads and switching between AdSense ads and affiliate ads.

Regular tweaking of one’s ad placement is crucial because it prevents the ads from becoming “stale” and getting fewer clicks.

The AdSense CTR theme will surely help WordPress blogs achieve this variety. On the other hand, one can also easily rotate their ads by using the WordPress Advanced Ads plugin.

Finally, we always insist on delivering quality content to the readers. In our opinion, increasing traffic is much more important than focusing only on revenue. Ultimately, it is the traffic that brings the desired income.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to increase AdSense income. However, several factors contribute to doing this successfully. So far, we’ve covered ad visibility, choosing the right color combinations and making the blog stand out in quality.

Whether someone is a newbie blogger or has some experience already, the rules are clear. A well-organized, user-friendly blog that contains noticeable ads will certainly help gain more money from existing traffic.

That being said, we hope that our tips will help increase your AdSense income without having to increase your current traffic.

How to Increase Double Your AdSense Earning With Same Traffic
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