How To Increase Google Adsense Earning & CPC [Method Inside]

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How To Increase Google Adsense Earning And CPC

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to monetize your website. But, despite being having it for your website, you might not be earning as much as you would want. Here are some ways that can help you boost your Google AdSense revenue.

Improve Your Website Traffic

This is the simplest way you can increase your website’s AdSense revenue. The more traffic for your website means more people will see the ads placed in it. This translates to more people clicking on these advertisements that would result to more income for you on a per-click basis.

There are various ways you can improve traffic to your website.

You can improve your search engine ranking with better keywords so you reach more of your target audience. You can create unique content so people will see the website more as an authority in its niche. You can use social media networks to provide more exposure for your website’s content.

On the technical side, you can clean up duplicate content from your site to avoid penalties from search engines. You can fix broken links to make it easier for search engine bots to index your site.

You can also streamline your themes to improve loading speed, which will reduce user bounce rates.

Regular content creation would also give previous visitors a reason to go back to the website. Make your posting schedule consistent so your audience knows when to visit your site again for fresh content.

You should also encourage new visitors to subscribe to your website via social media, RSS feeds, or e-mail. With these mediums, they can get updates and easy access to your new content. You can give free e-books and other valuable giveaways as incentives for signing up.

Use Ad Placements and Units That Work Best

In general, top performing ad sizes for AdSense are 300×600, 300×250, 336×280, and 728×90. These are best placed on the lower fold of the screen as this area gets better attention from users. You can use the templates applicable to your niche below:

Google provided these templates so you can have some assurance that there is a balance between optimal click-through rate and good user experience.

However, having these templates does not mean that you should not optimize for better placements. Your content’s tone and style will still attract a unique set of audience compared to other websites within your niche.

This unique audience will have a unique behavior in clicking ads. This is why you always have to look for opportunities for growth and test your adjustments if they will work.

Other than that, you should also consider using in-content ads. These types of ads get the most click-through rates out of all the other ads.

Just keep the use of these ads in moderation since too much of it can negatively affect user experience in viewing your content.

Use AdSense for Search

You can enable AdSense for Search on your site to monetize your website’s search feature. This is similar to how some ads appear on Google’s search engine results page.

You can do this by adding a few lines of code to your website. You can adjust how it looks so you can blend the ads with your website’s theme.

If you are interested on implementing it, you can check the instructions on Google’s support page for AdSense for Search.

Block Advertisers That Pay Little

There are advertisers that pay little for every click that their ads get on your website. Blocking these ads would allow the more lucrative ads to show up more frequently on your website.

You can find out which advertisements provide you the lowest per click income on your Google AdSense account. Just go to the “Allow & Block ads” page on your dashboard.

You can check which advertisers and categories are giving you the lowest earnings percentage on the fifth column “% Earnings”. You can block these advertisers and categories on the same page by clicking the button on the first column.

This block feature is also a great way to prevent ads that may damage your website’s image from showing up. Any controversial or offensive advertisement can influence how people see your website’s branding. Look out for these ads and act quickly if you see any of them.

Prioritize Relevant Ads

The relevance of your content and links is crucial to get better conversions for your site. This applies for subscriptions, affiliate links, related website links, and, especially, ads.

In Google AdSense, you can do this by blocking the categories that are irrelevant to your website’s content and niche. This is done in the same way you block low-paying ads and categories. This will help the relevant ads to be more frequently viewed by your visitors.

Use High Paying Keywords

Some keywords are worth more than the other keywords. If you use these, you are not only earning more per click. You also get a better chance for traffic as these keywords are usually those more frequently used by users of the Google search engine.

You can get more information on these keywords through the Google AdSense dashboard. From there, you can see how much advertisers are paying for these keywords. You can also see the difficulty for getting a top search result rank.

It is best to strike a balance between the difficulty and the price when choosing keywords. It would be no use using a high paying keyword if it would only result in your content getting a low search ranking. Sometimes, it is best to go for keywords that don’t pay as much but would let you get a top search ranking.

You can improve your Google AdSense revenue with the provided methods. However, things always change so it is best to keep track of any changes on the ad impressions and clicks, and performance of ads and categories.

This is why you have to regularly test and check the analytics. Doing so will help you see opportunities to improve revenue. And, once you see these opportunities, always test and adjust for further optimization.

How To Increase Google Adsense Earning And CPC
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