Some Mistakes Of Bloggers That You Should Avoid

Some Mistakes Of Bloggers That You Should Avoid

Few mistakes you should avoid being a blogger

Blogs can be in the form of information about a particular field. The blogger can also write about his or her area of interest.

Before starting a blog we all focus on a few things that we should do, but no one pays attention to the facts that should be avoided by a blogger.

Here are some of the points one should always avoid being a blogger.

Writing about something you are not interested in:

The first and foremost mistake by almost every blogger is that they write in order to earn money and not for their interest.

In this way, they do not realize the fact that even if they try hard, the topic is not of their interest then eventually they will not be able to continue it. Money is important, undoubtedly.

But, the thing more important than this is doing a work of your interest. If you are not doing so, you won’t be able to do justice to your audience too.

Not providing a proper heading:

When you are blogging, you need to entertain people. No one is going to read the whole content in just one go.

To make the content readable, one needs to provide an eye-catching heading and sub-headings to it.

By doing this, you also make your content look good and we all know that presentation is the thing that matters a lot. Sometimes, the good subheadings do all the work.

People in a hurry, don’t read the whole article and just read the subheadings.

Practically, you have to increase your viewership. So, it really does not matter whether a person is reading the whole article or just the subheading.

Falling in love with your own content:

Love the work you are doing, but do not fall in love with the product you have created. By doing so, you will be stuck to a particular work of yours.

Someone has rightly said that a writer should not fall in love with his writings. If it happens, you might lose your productivity. Move on and write more.

This implies in the case of bad writings too.

Sometimes, an article written by you can be marvelous and sometimes it can be just ok. You may get compliments for the good one and negative comments as well for the bad writings.

This should not affect you in any way and you should keep writing.

Making the content formal and stiff:

The way of writing should be informal. It should look like if you are making people understand things.

Do not suggest them something you have not tried on yourself or you are not sure about. This will build up their trust for you.

Blogging without complete facts:

Blogging is something that cannot be done without proper research. Be it any topic, you have read about it thoroughly.

You cannot fool your readers. Also, your blog is not the only place where one can find details about any particular topic.

So, while writing about any topic you should keep these things in mind. In order to save time and earn more money, you cannot write your blog on the basis of incomplete facts.

Instead of saving your time, these types of content can ruin the viewership of your blog. So, do a proper research before publishing your article on your blog.

Not deciding a proper schedule:

Once you have started blogging, your audience gets used to seeing the contents on your website.

They start visiting your website on a regular basis. Not deciding a proper schedule of publishing things on your website can hamper your viewership.

The audience gets irritated when there is no set routine for the blogs. If you publish your things on time and there are good contents, people will wait for it.

Not setting your audience and not having a good strategy:

You can’t write about everything in your blogs.

You must choose a particular type of content for it. For that particular content, there is a particular reader group because everyone does not read everything.

So to make your blogs successful, you will have to choose your audience.

For example, if your blog is about books and book reviews, there is a particular set of people who will be interested in reading it.

Buy multiple publish you get to know what that set of people wants to see on your blog.

What kind of content they love. Are they happy with simple book reviews or they want some more experiments?

Once you get to know, what is there in the mind of your readers, make a strategy and work according to that. This is a key to make your blogs successful.

Not focusing on plagiarism:

Stealing someone else’s writing or ideas for your own work is a heinous crime.

Plagiarism stands for copying something from some other website and then publishing it on yours. You can be declared as a fraud, but before that this will break the trust of your viewers or readers.

So, when you are starting a blog, keep this thing straight in your mind that at any cost you should not be copy pasting things.

Always remember the thing that if people can read the same thing from an already established website then why they will visit yours.

Publishing the content before editing it:

Writing an article involves a lot of time and we think that we are done with it once we finish writing, but this is not the case.

Once you finish writing you should first edit the content.

In the process of writing one must have done some mistakes. They may be small mistakes but needs to be corrected.  In order to avoid such mistakes, edit the article before publishing.

Not providing options for sharing:

This is the age of social media.

If a person likes something he or she wants to share the same with his kinsmen. If you are not providing an option for sharing your content on various social media handles then it might frustrate your audience.

This will work in your favour also. The number of shares will increase the viewership of your website.

So, these were a few mistakes that almost every blogger does and should be avoided.

Some Mistakes Of Bloggers That You Should Avoid

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