Can You Add Google AdSense Ads on Your New Created Blog?

Can You Add Google AdSense Ads on Your New Blog

Every blogger starts blogging with the hope of making big money from the venture or even hobby.

After publishing tens of blog posts, you could be tempted to add Google AdSense, because of the allure of huge returns from ads. But is it a great idea to slap your fans with ads in every blog posts.

Google AdSense makes it extremely easy for you to advertise on your blog, but, is that the way you want to lead your blogging days? What are the implications of running AdSense ads on your blog if you end up selling your blog?

On the Bright side of things, AdSense is a great advertising solution in comparison to many other advertising and monetizing solutions. And with the little effort required to set up the AdSense advertising system, it could be an incredible source of income from your blog.

With the different ad formats and the fact that advertisers get to target your blog, even with obscure titles, it could be a great direction to your blog.

But, that isn’t the case always.

The Ugly Truth About Adding Google AdSense to Your New Blog

The first few months after you incorporate ads into your blog, you will be smiling from the dollars trickling in. Unfortunately, those dollars will only trickle, and a short while later, that tap could dry out. The worst bit is that you will be losing money while earning comparably less money. This is because every AdSense click is worth anything between 10cents – $5, a huge financial loss to your blog.

Below is a breakdown of the reasons why you shouldn’t incorporate Google AdSense Ads in your blog.

1. A clicked Ad Equals a lost fan/ reader

Big and successful bloggers know that the reason why anyone would venture this line of business is to attract and retain readers. So, you will take the time to create crafty and interesting headlines, your introductions ever captivating, and the body of your article highly relevant and beautifully crafted. Unfortunately, adding ads to those beautiful blog posts is a terrible idea. The moment your readers come across too many ads on a page, their first instinct is to run away. And losing those readers is the biggest blow to your blog.

With all the effort you put into creating great posts for your blog, you wouldn’t want to split that attention to ads, huh?

Besides the distracted readers, you will also have to dedicate a lot of time monitoring, testing, and managing the ads to your website.

2. The pay is not worth it

While ads present an invaluable way for you to monetize your blog, running ads might not be the smartest move you make. And if you incorporate ads in your new blog, the results are even more dismal.

There’s also the fact that your expected revenue from Google AdSense depends on the topic you are blogging about, the type of ad displayed, total traffic to your site, as well as the percentage of traffic clicks.  So, unless your traffic drives insane traffic for a high click-through-rate, adding ads might be counterintuitive.

So, unless you are willing to give your blog a few more months for traffic to build up, expecting huge earnings from the site in the short term is not reasonable.

Still unconvinced?

Here is how AdSense works. Google AdSense will pay you for every click that ads generate on your blog. while the average clickthrough rate varies with the industry, display of the ad, and the topic you’ve written about, your average click-through rate is about 0.1 percent of the traffic. So, if you have the chance of earning about $0.75 from the ads, it means that you need at least 1,000 unique site visitors, daily, for you to earn that $.75.

3. It negatively influences your brand equity by diluting it

You might not want to hear this, but running ads on your blog will negatively affect your brand by diluting your brand equity. This happens because placing an ad on your blog passes equity to that brand. Often, running an ad for a specific brand means that you are endorsing the brand.

The worst bit is that you could be a victim of spamming because AdSense has no control over the parties that advertise on your site. Even though you get the option to blacklist some URLs, you have to be ready for all the time needed to vet the integrity of the brands that advertise on your brand.

4. The ads could lower your conversion rates

Google reports, in its latest statistic, that about 53 percent of mobile internet users will opt out of a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

In simple terms, you don’t need ads on your blog. While there are numerous technicalities that you could result in a slow-loading website or blog, ads are on top of that list. Ads require a lot of power to load, and mobile users are an impatient lot. So, if you don’t want your readers to bounce from your site and if you want them to eventually convert by signing up for your email newsletter or for them to comment, then you should eliminate ads.

The other bit of lowered conversion comes from poor design and the attractiveness of the site which result from ads. Your readers will be turned off if ads welcome them to your blog post (even with that catchy headline).

5. Loss of Value

If you wish to make it to the top of the league (in this case the best blogger), you might want to focus on that – the creation of content that adds value to your readers. Being a blogger and a content creator are the two things that should drive you. Running ads will easily steer you off course.

6. Loss of Control

You might think that monetizing your blog with ads is a great thing, but whether you consider yourself a control freak or not, you do not want to lose control over your content. Unfortunately, that is what happens if you choose to run Google AdSense ads.

There’s also the fact that you might start creating content that could create more of the profitable ads.

7. It Slows Down the Growth of Your Audience,

Instead of Google AdSense Ads, you might want to try monetizing through the use of paid reviews, pop-ups, launching new websites, the sale of affiliate products, or you could promote new products.

Can You Add Google AdSense Ads on Your New Blog

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