How Much Money You Can Earn Per Month With Google AdSense

How Much Money You Can Earn Per Month With Google AdSense

There are many bloggers out there that earn a lot just from doing what they actually like. So what’s their secret? We’ve always somehow believed that CPA is the main reason behind huge earnings.

However, even though CPA can pay more, the actual secret is in the Google AdSense’s steady and recurring income.

With AdSense, you will be, in a way, paid on a fixed rate. Meanwhile, if you use CPA or affiliate marketing, you won’t have a steady income. Still, when you do have an income, it will be somewhat higher.

To put it simply, there is no actual limit as to how much money one can earn. For example, our income will always depend on the number of visitors to our website.

Also, the more clicks we get on our ads, the more we will earn too. Though, earnings also depend on the countries from which the clicks are coming.

Tier 1 countries like the USA will get you a much larger income than Tier 2, like India.

So what are we trying to say? Well, first of all, AdSense doesn’t have a traffic requirement for creating an account, which is a great thing.

Basically, they will accept any blog or website that abides by their terms of service. However, you will need high-quality traffic in order to earn.

In the following lines, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about income made through AdSense. We’ll try to explain how AdSense works, and afterward try to see how much money you are able to make with it, in some realistic terms.

How Do AdSense Earnings Work?

Usually, all ads on AdSense are based on the Cost-Per-Click principle. To put it simply, we get paid every time a visitor clicks on our ads. However, we are not allowed to do it ourselves, simply because it can lead to a permanent ban.

We also have an option to choose ads that will get us money even if a visitor doesn’t click on them, but we most often decide to avoid them.


Well, there aren’t many CPM ads out there, and their content usually doesn’t go well with our website.

Can We Calculate Our AdSense Income?

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to do so. The main reason behind that is that we can’t possibly predict how much money one click will get us. A variety of factors defines the income earned through AdSense.

We will mention a few that can actually help you increase it.

The Demography of Our Traffic

We’ve already mentioned that the location of our visitors directly affects our income. So, if our traffic comes mostly from countries like the USA, we will definitely earn more money per click on our AdSense ads.

If our traffic is mainly based on developing countries, let’s say, Pakistan, we will get much less. And we’re talking about pennies here. So, the main reason behind all of this has to do with the average purchasing power of these countries.

The Topics that We Incorporate in Our Blog

For those who don’t know, Google AdSense is based on AdWords. Simply put, advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their content to be displayed on third-party websites like ours through AdSense.

These days, advertisers bid more on long-tail keywords, as these usually convert better. You must also understand that there are topics that will get you more money. They are also more sought-after than the others.

For example, if our blog or website deals with health, law, and other similarly serious topics, we will have a higher cost per click.

You will usually earn much less from topics like movies or literature. Technology comes somewhere in between, and the income will usually depend on other factors too.

The Consistency in the Quality of Our Blog

There are many people who enter the world of blogging just for the sake of the AdSense revenue. That can be a bad thing. Why? Well, simply because those who do that are usually only driven by pure profit.

Sometimes they lack writing skills, and sometimes they’re not into writing at all. Those people usually spend money on outsourcing platforms that offer writing services, but that is not wrong.

The real problem is that usually, after some time, owners of such blogs simply get bored with it.

The aforementioned directly affects the quality of the blog. In the beginning, because of the growing enthusiasm, the content is captivating and top-notch professional. It appears in regular intervals.

The owner usually replies to visitors in the comment sections and tries to engage them more.

Once the income starts coming, the owner usually tends to lean on the other aspects of the blog itself in order to earn even more.

They usually fall into traps like keyword stuffing, including nonsensical long-tail keywords and other things, believing that it will make them more money.

The result is low-quality content and loss of regular visitors.

Final Thoughts:

We’ve already stated that there is no sure way to calculate how much you will be able to earn through AdSense. In theory, we are able to earn an indefinite amount of money.

However, we must understand that in order to even try to predict the outcome, we should know how well our ads are performing.

That’s why we must mention the RPM abbreviation. RPM basically represents the performance of ads. It depends on our earned money per click and the total number of clicks.

So, if our RPM is $3, then we’re basically earning $3 per 1000 page views. That means that if we receive 100,000 page views, we will be able to earn $300 every time we top that amount.

Finally, even though you can’t easily predict how well you’ll perform this month, you can surely do other things that can help you to earn more.

Concentrate on the quality of your content, topics that will get you more money, and getting visitors from Tier 1 countries. These three things will surely help you to earn even more than you thought you could.

Above all, know that AdSense provides a steady income and is a fantastic way to use your blog in order to increase your revenue.

How Much Money You Can Earn Per Month With Google AdSense

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