9 Ways To Drive Free Traffic Instantly and Make More Money

Best Ways To Drive Free Traffic Instantly

Whether you are blogging to promote your business, for community, for fun or for your employer, it is necessary for your blog to have trustworthy followers and readers.

Your blog must have readers that find your blog reliable so that they hooked up for longer time and ultimately get converted into sales or prospect.

Online businesses today do blogging and follow the system of driving in blog traffic and convert the traffic into subscribers or sales.

This helps their business and blog to grow rapidly.

There are several effective methods available to drive more traffic to the blog and convert them into your prospect or sales.

Below you will come across some effective ways to drive in traffic toy our blogs and convert them as sales.

1. SEO of your Blogs

Here SEO means selection of right keywords for your blog and create backlinks to the blogs which is the effective ways to drive in more traffic to your blogs.

Readers usually love to gain more information and they read wisely on subject of their interest.

So, you will easily find plenty of reliable readers visiting on relevant blogs, websites, social media page and more.

You are required to stay in touch with them and for this you need to choose right keyword and create plenty of back links to your blog to increase the influx of blog traffic.

But, you are required to ensure that you follow the standard and proven on-page optimization methods.

You need to use the powerful combination of blogging and search engines to drive in more traffic and convert them later.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the long term strategy to write articles and blogs for syndicates and relevant posts as a guest blogger for some of the blogging platforms.

This is again the effective method to get back links to your blog and get your blog easily recognized as expert blogger in the field.

If you want to build unique brand as a blogger, you must start doing guest blogging.

There are many relevant and reliable blog sites that accept blog posts by many guest bloggers.

The interesting point here is that it could sometime lead to paid work as a blogger in future.

3. Usages of Interactive Media

Another popular and effective way is to use the highly ranked sites to get links back to your blog and this is done through video posting on YouTube and Pictures on Flickr and similar.

There are in fact a variety of ways available to make use of interactive media so as to promote your blog online.

You can also create some instructional videos for posting on channels like YouTube or interviewing someone about any interesting topic for a webinar or simply recording the blog posts as an audio blogs.

With the help of audio blogs you can really offer great services to the people that are blind.

4. Commenting

It is the most common and effective way to increase the influx of blog traffic to your site.

Blog Commenting is free and effective tools. Commenting on other blogs not only helps you with traffic and branding, but also helps you in creating back links to your blog.

However, it demands for some time and with the proper strategies you will be able to use it for improving the personal connections and networking with the bloggers and community.

You will find many online blog commenting guides that you may use to learn the process of commenting on blogs.

5. Press Release

Another effective way to increase the traffic to your blog is by posting press release.

Ensure to post the press release in popular magazines and newspaper for ultimate success.

Most of the editors only look for interesting stories and topics to cover, especially for online versions of papers.

But you must avoid writing a press release for a particular publication.

Instead you must focus on the style and write pieces which fit well with their general theme.

The stories which are written generically for older media, it is likely to get rejected easily unless it’s a ground-breaking news.

You may also seek assistance of media agencies to find the best place for your press release.

6. Be strategic when it comes to content creation

For you to drive traffic to your site and gain from it, you must ensure that you come up with great content that the audience needs.

Apart from the quality of your content, you need to be strategic about how you market it to the audience since such efforts can determine how much you can earn from your content.

Aim at meeting the specific needs of your audience as you create content. It can either be entertaining, informative or useful.

Add shocking statistics in your content or beautiful infographics to grab people’s attention.

Storytelling can also help you drive traffic to your site.

Make sure you use evergreen content that will resonate with the audience even in the future.

Come up with compelling headlines that can quickly capture the interest of a skimmer.

Great content and a shabby headline can only translate to a high bounce rate.

Feel free to experiment with various headline styles.

Include promotion in your content strategy to help you drive free traffic instantly.

Do not hesitate to collect emails for your blog newsletter.

Once you have your readers’ contacts, you can always send them emails regularly featuring your recent posts, new products or even new offers.

7. Mobile optimization

There is a high chance that your visitors may become impatient if your site does not load fast.

The truth is, speed is crucial since no reader will wait for your site to start loading.

If your page fails to come up fast, they may easily go back and look for fast loading pages.

Your site’s speed is, therefore, a crucial aspect that can help you drive traffic fast and even make more from your blog.

Make use of online tools to determine the speed score of your website.

Online tools can also share some useful tips regarding how to drive traffic fast.

Today, everybody depends on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to do almost everything.

As a blogger, you have no option than to go mobile. Try to create a blog version that is optimized for mobile users.

8. Consistency

You need to make sure that you publish good quality content regularly.

Define your publishing schedule and try to stick to it.

For instance, you can decide to publish every Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Once you stick to the plan, your readers will always have something to look forward to and revisit your page as they search for new content.

Use the rest of the days to research and brainstorm ideas so that by the time the due date for publishing arrives, you have every material ready.

Ensure that your schedule is realistic so that you don’t strain following it.

Avoid posting content every day because it can create monotony in some readers and increase the bounce rate.

The point is to keep them curious and excited every time.

Consistency can help you not only drive traffic fast but also earn from your site eventually.

9. Work on improving your site

Apart from making your site mobile-friendly, there are many other ways you can improve your site.

Make sure that you use a design that is crisp and clear so that people have a reason to keep visiting your site.

You don’t have to know much about design to boost your site.

If you are using WordPress, make use of the impressive themes it provides to improve the site.

Get rid of any unnecessary distractions on your blog so that you can focus on achieving the needs of your audience.

You can also add some internal links to help the reader find the best content.

Include social share buttons to your blog so that readers can share your posts with their friends easily.

Do not go overboard since it can harm your blog.

Try to identify the most crucial social networks of the audience.

At Last:

You should also try to make it easy for the readers to share some of your visual content.

Make use of a plugin like Social snap which allows you to display some of the Pinterest share buttons on the posts.

You can also make use of “click to tweet” widgets in your site.

This can help you drive more traffic to your blog within no time.

Best Ways To Drive Free Traffic Instantly

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