What Are The Main Benefits of Using Facebook Comments on Your Blog?

Benefits of Using Facebook Comments on Your Blog

If you use the internet regularly, you ought to have read a few articles here and there, either from your news feeds or through links on your social media account.

If you have read them you would have noticed the comments section at the bottom that allows the readers to express their opinion on that particular piece of writing and the topic it is about.

When you are a blogger yourself who loves writing about things that interest you and have a way with words, you are aware of the needs of such comments on your post to make it more visible to the general crowd on the internet.

The more the comments and discussions, the better will be your visibility and ranking on Google.

Commenting Options

Now if you have noticed, you would have seen people can log in through various means and post a comment. One can post their comment only if they log in through some account of theirs.

However, there are many sites that allow “anonymous” comments as well.

Today social media is one of the best places to reach out to people with similar or even contrasting ideas. People can log in through their social media accounts and also post a comment on an article or a blog post.

Facebook Comments Can Benefit You

Facebook is one such social media platform that is very famous and has millions of users. When you have enabled comments through Facebook on your blog, you stand to gain more than actually lose anything.

Wondering how this can be beneficial to your blog? This is how:

1. Real Identity

When a person comments through their Facebook ID, they have to use the real identity that they have used for creating that particular account. They cannot enter some random name in the “name” column like it was and is with some sites.

One can always create a fake account and post the reviews but very rarely do people actually take out the time and effort to do it this way.

When someone posts something abusive or offensive that can ruin the reputation of your blog or even create an issue among the readers, you know who it is and can also complain to Facebook directly and their reviews will be deleted.

If needed, action will also be taken against their account.

2. More Reach

When your friend likes, shares or comments on something on Facebook, it reflects on your feed and you are tempted to read it too (if not always, at least at times). This way, the reach is good and your post can be read by a number of people in no time.

People pull in their friends and other contacts on their list, from Facebook it can be looped into other social media sites as well.

3. Easy Sign-In

Today majority of the Facebook users are using it on their smartphones, where they are always signed in. when they read articles and want to comment on it via Facebook account, they get automatically signed in.

They just have to choose that particular mode of the sign in when asked. This saves a lot of time and actually encourages many to post.

Many readers, even if they want to comment, would not bother to create a separate account to sign in and comment or go through the elaborate sign-in the process every time.

When you are signed in automatically, it saves you a lot of time and effort.

4. “Liked” Comments On Top

When comments are posted through Facebook accounts, one has the option to like it from their Facebook account. If a person posts a comment, other readers and their friends can like it, thus pushing that comment up above the rest.

When a new reader reads your post and sees a comment that is liked by a number of people, it automatically improves the way your point is received.

The human race is such that they are ready to agree to and appreciate when rest of the crows does it. Very few people tend to go against the crowd and post some contradictory comment.

Also, when you have a good number of comments and likes for the comments, Google pushes up your article and makes it more visible on the search results.

5. More Conversation

When a person posts their comment on your post via Facebook, more such users tend to express their opinion as well. if not on the post itself, at least on the comment.

This increases the number of conversations on your page and in turn the visibility of your blog on social media and to the general public.

6. Less Spam

Facebook puts in a lot of effort and takes pride in the fact that it does a lot to avoid fake accounts. Though many people get away with it, the count comes down considerably when compared to other accounts.

This will prevent those people who comment just for the sake of links. The comments will be from genuine users and this goes a long way in promoting and keeping your blog alive.

The Flip Side

Though Facebook commenting can be very beneficial to your blog, there is always a flip side like with everything else. Integrating Facebook comments with your blog is not an easy task.

If you are using WordPress, it comes with a default mode of commenting. Many would not risk by removing this option and going with only Social media commenting.

When both are enabled, you have chances of increasing the comments for your blog but at the same time, all the positives or benefits of Facebook commenting can also be negated when one has to or opts to use another account to comment through.

However, as a blogger, you have to try both options and take your call. Either way, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort, to curate those comments and filter them regularly, so that you are not spammed. When your blog gets spammed, it is definitely bad news!

Benefits of Using Facebook Comments on Your Blog

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