Bored With Your Blog While Blogging: What to Do Now?

Bored With Your Blog While Blogging What to Do Now

We’ve all been there: everything is working out great and you cannot imagine life without your blog and the blogging experience.

But, as you move forward, years later, it becomes boring.

You feel like something is missing. Blaming burnout and working a little less doesn’t help, and you cannot help but feel like you are no longer in love/ in sync with your blog as you were.

The fire that fueled you smothers, and you cannot figure out what you need to rekindle that fire.

If this sounds familiar, you are in luck. This article, though unable to unravel the scientific reason for your predicament, will get you moving.

Hopefully, the pointers below will get you to put together those awesome graphics, take pictures, write more, research further, and breathe new life into your blog.

Even with changes in seasons and life events, these tips will help you lift that fog slowing you down.

Do you remember your WHY?

Think back to the time you started working on your blog. What is the thing that fueled you? Is that reason still a reason that makes sense to you today? Is the passion for the things you used to write still there?

There are two ways to go about this: if your passion is still there, if the reason why you started still matters to you, then you shouldn’t give up yet.

A break could be all you need to get back on the groove. Taking a break helps you dig deep, recharge and come back stronger and active.

On the other hand, if the passion is not there, and the reasons for blogging have changed, you might have to jump ship. Alternatively, take a break, rediscover your new passions, and take your blog in a different direction.

Read and research outside your main topic

Perhaps the reason for your blog being lukewarm and boring is your focus on one thing.

Have you considered researching and reading about other aspects of your topics that though seem unrelated bring the points you are trying to address closer to home?

When you obsess over one topic for too long, it becomes boring naturally.

Broad research also lets you write unique and comprehensive articles about your primary subject.

Keep your mind active with a journal

Journaling has long been known as a means of keeping it all in, appreciating and taking note of things you would easily forget, and a means of writing down your ideas, especially the ones that strike and leave as soon as they come.

As a blogger/ content creator, a journal captures all those ideas flying away, the dialogues that give you a blog idea, or URLs you wish to check out later.

When your creative tank runs low, the ideas in your journal give you something fresh to write about or create.

Spruce things up and dress up

Not in the literal sense of these words, although it helps.

What happens when you change your computer’s or email’s theme, even your phone’s? You feel a shift, an invigorating one.

If blogging gets boring, you might want to dress it up, tweak some or most of the design features.

This might not be in your budget, especially if you are revamping the whole design, but after it’s done, you will feel a shift.

Change is as good as rest. Practice it on your blog and see how your motivation bars grow.

Note, you might also want to change your office’s decor, let in more light, change the blinds, or paint the walls.


While sprucing up the appearance of your blog, here’s something else you might want to do. Get rid of the old blog posts and revamp old but great content.

Remove the obsolete sections and add new and relevant content. Fix broken links and remove the widgets you no longer use.

Get a Schedule

Is your blogging scheduled? Do your readers expect your new blog next week on Monday or do your flow with the wind?

If your mechanism of operation is erratic, then you will get bored, especially when things keep falling off the cracks.

You need a schedule, and you should stick to it for consistency.

With a schedule and a calendar that tells you your blog is due on a certain date or you are to share something on social media on specific days, you open more space in mind for creative thinking and creation.

Write Down Those Topics

If you are getting bored because you have nothing to write about or because you don’t have time to figure out what to write about, you should consider writing down all topics you’d like to write about.

It doesn’t matter how many the articles are. Give yourself a few minutes to write down what comes to your mind about that topic. Those topics will come in handy later.

Engage Others

Wondering how you can get the most out of social media? Well, find that one online community and learn from it.

The connection with your online community is also helpful for your soul, body, and mind. You can collaborate too.

Wondering what else you can do?

Set specific and SMART goals, keep things simple, play to your strengths – always, and hold Q&A sessions.

Bored With Your Blog While Blogging What to Do Now

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