Demotivated With Your Blog? How to Motivate Yourself For Blogging

Demotivated With Your Blog How to Motivate Yourself For Blogging

How To Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Are Feeling Demotivated?

Demotivation while blogging is extremely common. This is a bug which bites every blogger out there.

Not even a single blogger can say that there has not been a single time when they were so disheartened that they even thought about closing the blog.

There can be varied reasons for being demotivated. Usually when you are a newbie in the blogging industry and have given like 2 to 3 months to blogging, you are more likely to be hit by this tsunami of discouragement.

Mostly it happens as we are not able to get desired results from the audience and are disheartened.

Don’t you worry, here we will share some tips which will help you by keeping you motivated to blog whatever you want and when you are done reading this article you will be out of that abyss of defeat and demotivation.

Tips that will help you in overcoming the loss of motivation

Here let’s have a look at some pointers which will help you in being motivated or inspired enough to keep going and make you strive to reach goals.

Don’t forget why you started this blog:

For every blogger out there the motivation to start the blog was different.

All of us are unique so the reasons for which we do anything are always unique as well.

Try to recall the reason which made you start the blog.

It could be anything like your side income source, promoting your business, helping others and spread the knowledge, be what it may be.

Just keep that reason the driving force. That is the goal you have to achieve and you can’t just give up in between.

Blog Comments:

One of the reasons that may make you feel demoralised to go on is that, you may think your content is not driving its point to the audience.

There are times when we feel that we are not able to penetrate the mind of the audience and our voice has lost its value.

At this moment just go and visit your old blogs, see how people connected to you there.

How on some blogs there are comments that made it worth to write the article.

These comments can revive you out of the hole in which you have fallen. Read them and inspire yourself.

Make Patience:

Since you have stopped take a breather and see how much improvement you have done.

From the day you started blogging your blogging must have become better.

You may even have followers and subscribers. Blogging experience is not just about growing financially you develop mentally as well.

You learn new things, it is a never ending process where you will learning constantly, will be making mistakes but will also learn how to overcome them.

So if you compare and you have become a little better than before, just keep on going.

Have patience and don’t lose hope. You never know in a year or two it may equal to a full-fledged business for you.

Get Inspired by Others:

When you start doing anything there are always people who motivate you or become your inspiration.

Same goes for blogging, the bloggers that inspired you to start this journey are the ones you should look up to.

They didn’t make big in a day or two. They have been sweating out a lot to reach their goal.

See their journey and follow it, keep getting inspired by them.

If possible contact them and share your problems. You may end up finding solutions for those problems this way.

Blogger Friends:

Friends tend to have the solution for everything and if not the solution they can really wake you up from any situation you are.

Making friends who can understand what troubles and obstacles you are facing is good.

Friends in blogging community will be greatest advantage as they understand your problems and when you see them trying hard you yourself get motivated as well.

You can make friends by joining blogging groups or groups of your niche. You can do so on Facebook or twitter.

Change the Environment or Place:

Change in the environment can also help. Blogging requires just a laptop and a good network connection.

There may be times it becomes claustrophobic to the bloggers to be sitting in a room and with the laptop.

Move around and get inspired by your neighbourhood.

When you go out and work from different locations you may get more motivation to write and get inspired to carry on.

Who else can enjoy this liberty at 9-5 job?

You have that liberty, enjoy it and remain motivated.

Make a schedule:

This point you will read everywhere when it comes to any work or business which is done at your own leisure.

Make a schedule. Without a schedule you will feel as if you have been busy whole day and have no time for other activities.

It could strain you pout.

To avoid that follow a schedule that suits you and now manage other activities around it, so that you can enjoy the work or blogging experience.

This will keep you motivated and you will look forward to the work you have to do.

Marketing Your Blog:

If the reason to your loss of interest is due to the less audience, then focus on marketing your blog.

You can use various techniques on social media platforms to promote yourself.

You can also hire marketing agencies which will help you in promoting your blog through advertisements and also provide search engine optimisation techniques.


After reading these pointers just know that what blogging requires is a lot of patience if you are stuck or discouraged just revive yourself and get back on your feet to face the world head on.

Things will gradually improve. No one has found success in a day or two.

What is required from you is your time so that you can succeed and who knows in a year or two you may come out as a blogger or entrepreneur who other newbies look up to as the motivation.

Demotivated With Your Blog How to Motivate Yourself For Blogging

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