Importance & Benefits of Comments on Blog: 7 Ways to Get Comments

Importance Benefits of Comments on Blog Ways to Get Comments

Blogging nowadays is a habitual writing platform for anyone be it writers sharing their literary ideas or ordinary people sharing their day-to-day experience i.e. a slice of life blogs or their adventures of wanderlust i.e. travel blogs and many more genres of blogging.

Blogging serves as a platform for the blogger to his voice to the viewers i.e. the public through the blogging platform.

Blogging should always be written expressly so that the words relate with the viewers in an interactive way.

Viewer interaction is a must need in blogging or else your blogs will be worthless.

How to grow as a Blogger?

To make blogging viewer interactive it is necessary for the bloggers to find their niche and when they find one, no one can stop them from initiating self-growth as a blogger.

When people grow as a blogger they refine their delivery skills which makes them much more expressive than before.

Blogging skills can either come naturally or through practice if you are not a natural blogger and sometimes find it difficult to find a subject for your post don’t get disheartened it happens to most of us at some point of time.

You just need to relax and practice mindfulness and you’ll get through it.

So go find your niche, practice and make it work to discover your expressive self and grow as a blogger.

The Art of Blogging

Now comes the art of blogging, initially most of the beginners trying their hand at blogging get disappointed because either their viewers aren’t increasing or they do not get the response from the viewer as they’d expected.

Well, it doesn’t just matter of luck here of why your viewers are not increasing or responding to your posts, their other aspects involved here which if go unnoticed a hinder your traffic growth.

Some of them can be counted as lack of relevance in the blogs, repetitive use of interlinked subjects and titles, incorrect headlines, lack of trending material and lack of interactivity with the viewers in the comment section.

To grow as a blogger you need to refine the art of blogging by keeping mind the given aspects.

Imagine blogging as a spectrum without any set values or limits, where you need to set your own rainbow of knowledge which not only entices and pleases the viewers but bounds them to your blog.

Blogging Ethics

As a part of the source of public influence, you have to always consider what is the subject matter of discussion of your blogging?

How does it influence and to what extent?

Consider what impact it leaves on your viewers, on an average is it relatively positive or is it negative?

Conclude all these aspects and evaluate you’re the ethical value of your blog’s content.

Your output should be positive and if it’s falling below the neutral, on the negative scale, work on your content to earn some earnest and consistent viewer, rather than hiking your traffic temporary on negative terms because it won’t last long.

Importance of Commenting

Now coming on a very important part of blogging which goes unnoticed most of the bloggers and that part is a discussion session with the audience and replying to the comment of your occasionally.

Commenting and discussion mostly goes unnoticed by the bloggers even though it might not be intentional.

Commenting to the viewer’s responses is a very necessary part of blogging.

Commenting initiates interaction with viewers which helps them understand your logic and point of view towards things differently.

This also leaves a positive impact on your viewers since viewer interaction is always a good deal.

Commenting also helps you drive traffic to your blog since valuable comments in the discussion section in your own blog or a reply on any other blog/post will draw more people to your page, which is all because of backlink.

Commenting and discussion is a necessity in blogging as it would build a strong connection and relationship with the visitors to your webpage and this ensures that they come back to again to check out your blog.

So just consider your visitor as family and build viewer interactive blogging website.

Use the following to get more comments on your blog

Now that we know how important comments are to a blog, we will share the secrets to getting more comments because it does not come automatically.

The number of comments you get per post depends on how much existing traffic you have.

If you have a lot of skimmers as your followers, it is hard to get any valuable comments since they don’t take the time to go through your entire work.

For you to get readers to comment on your blog post, you have to look for ways to convince them that your content is worth their attention.

Here are a few ways to achieve this.

1. Ask them questions

Including open-ended questions in your blog posts can create engagement through commenting.

When you ask such questions to your readers, you give them room to express their views on different topics.

Most bloggers use close-ended questions which lead to “yes” or “no” answers.

Ensure that you ask the readers a question that encourages them to participate in the discussion.

Ensure that the questions you include are easy to answer so that readers don’t spend a lot of time trying to find answers.

2. Come up with a top list post

For you to encourage people to leave comments on your blog post, you should create top lists posts that can capture their attention.

This will not only drive high traffic to your blog but also help you generate powerful comments.

Top list post is a good marketing strategy that increases viewership and reduces the bounce rate.

Ensure that you add relevant keywords to your headline so that readers can easily tell what your post is about.

For instance, you can come up with a headline such as “Top 5 brilliant ways of tying a scarf” if you are a fashion blogger.

This can draw the attention of the audience to your blog and make people eager to leave useful comments.

3. Comment everywhere

If you want people to comment on your blog, you must also be active in leaving your comments on different platforms.

Visit different marketing platforms and try to reach a bigger audience.

In as much as you schedule some time to update your blog, you should also set aside some few hours to go through other people’s blogs.

Leave thoughtful comments on other blogger’s sites.

They should be within your niche so that you can attract a target audience to your blog.

Make use of Gravatar to help you publicize your name to a broad audience.

4. Encourage visitors to subscribe

It is normal for visitors not to leave comments the first time they visit your site.

Most of them take the time to know website owners beforehand.

This is the perfect time to encourage such visitors to subscribe to your site.

Offer them incentives that come in different forms such as a free video, report or webinar.

This can help you generate more traffic to your blog, and your subscribers may start leaving useful comments below your blog posts.

5. Do not publish every day

Readers get bored with bloggers who publish content daily.

This strategy is wrong since it can even make some of your subscribers to unsubscribe.

Daily publishing can make people tired of leaving any useful comments.

Publishing once or twice a week can you increase engagement which in turn affects the rate at which readers leave comments.

6. Don’t forget about your old posts

Most bloggers focus on creating new posts every week and end up forgetting about previously done work.

Not all your readers get the chance to go through all the posts.

It is therefore advisable to link to old posts so that you give the audience an opportunity to engage more and leave their comments.

This can even help your readers find more information about certain things from previous posts.

7. Drive your readers’ emotions

Every blogger can receive numerous comments from readers if they know how to provoke emotional responses from them.

Make sure that your posts touch your readers on a personal level.

You could inspire them through your writing or even make them cry. We all have emotions which compel us to respond.

Importance Benefits of Comments on Blog Ways to Get Comments

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