How To Get Free Traffic By Commenting on Other Blogs: Backlink+SEO

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How To Get Free Traffic By Commenting on Other Blogs

For every new blogger, the biggest headache is to get more readers for his blog. More traffic and more subscribers are what every blogger dreams of.

It may sound a very easy job, however, it is not an easy task if you have just been introduced to the world of blogging.

In this article, you will get to know about how to get a larger number of targeted traffic that might turn into subscribers.

Now, why I prefer subscribers? It’s because they are return visitors that increase the overall stake value of your blog.

How do you ensure to get more traffic at your blog and ensure that this traffic will be recurring?

The easiest and the most trustworthy source of it is blog commenting.

Blog commenting is commenting on other famous and related blogs that help you get into the mainstream flow of traffic.

Why is commenting important?

It creates backlinks

You might often find yourself in a situation where you find that your blogs are not getting enough traffic.

It’s mainly because your domain does not have enough authority with the provided search engines.

When you comment on certain blogs, it creates a backlink which helps in creating traffic.

Commenting helps drive traffic to your blog

As mentioned earlier, commenting helps create traffic and hence more readers.

But, to ensure maximum traffic and take full advantage of commenting, there are certain rules that you need to follow.

Always try to be the first person to comment on a blog.

This will help you get maximum readers to turn their attention to your comment and eventually they’ll land up to your blog.

Writing detailed and informative comments is also very important as it enhances the quality of the comment. Always try to add to the value of the post.

This will enhance the overall value of your blog.

It helps you build a build a better relationship with your fellow bloggers

Once, you regularly comment on someone’s post. He or she may recognize you and might try to connect with you personally.

These relationships may prove to be beneficial in the long term.

It creates influence

Commenting leads to a dialogue. You may add your thoughts to a particular subject, agreeing on a certain point or disagreeing.

Through the conversation, you can change someone’s perception or get more insights about something.

As different readers participate in the discussion, you acquire more informed views that can help you be a better writer in your blog.

You can also learn from others or influence their opinions.

When you participate in the conversation, you raise the chances of the readers finding your blog due to adding value to the blogger’s content.

Helps you appreciate fellow bloggers

Blogging and getting traffic to your site may not be the easiest job in the world.

Writing informative comments on another person’s blog can show appreciation for fellow bloggers.

It also shows great support for other people’s work.

You can also use this chance to give feedback to another blogger.

If you find their blog post helpful, the courteous thing to do is to appreciate the author.

Which blogs to comment on?

It is very important to comment on the right blogs to get more traffic for your blog.

Now, how do you choose which blog is right to comment and which is not?

A simple way to recognize this is to recognize the blogs that have the following characteristics:

  • The blog should be active and running.
  • It should be a reputed one with already a good amount of traffic.
  • Should have serious bloggers already commenting on it.
  • The content should be intriguing.

Things to take care of

It may sound very time consuming but actually, it’s not.

You just have to spend a little more than 30 minutes everyday commenting on blog updates.

You need to make sure that you are adding to the value of the article.

Avoid simple comments like “Nice article” or “Great post”.

Rather, try to give the writer something to ponder upon.

This will help you build better relations along with more readers for your blog as they read your amazing comment.

The next step is to show the best of your content to your readers.

You may leave a link about a similar article that you wrote and people might directly read it after reading your comment.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is what will make your comment reach a larger target and help you get more readers.

Adding SEO to quality content will increase your chances of building high-quality backlinks.

To use it for the further benefit, you can use a keyword as a name for your comment.

This will give the audience a sense of what exactly the comment is about?

Consider relevance

One of the aspects of commenting is doing it on blogs that are related to your niche. If you comment on a blog that is not related to your niche, you may never gain any readers interested in your blog.

The visitors may not help you make revenue since they don’t have any interest in what you offer.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger, you should comment on other fashion bloggers’ posts and not on bloggers who talk about politics.

Try to identify the top bloggers in your niche and leave relevant comments on their blog post.

Do not to ignore the small bloggers in your field too since they can still help you gain more viewership on your blog.

Use Gravatar

Every blogger looking to get more traffic from commenting on other people’s blogs should sign up for Gravatar. This is a tool that can help you display your image on any blog you comment on.

When you leave a comment on another person’s blog, every reader who views your comment will be able to see your face and identify your logo.

Gravatar can, therefore, help you brand yourself as well as increase traffic to your blog. You can also build a relationship with bloggers due to the personal connection.

Remember to include your name in comments so that other readers can recognize and find you easily.

Respond to a question

We mentioned that commenting on someone else’s blog should add value to the readers.

One way of achieving this is by answering someone’s question. This can put you on the same level of expertise as the owner of the blog.

For instance, if a reader asks a question surrounding the subject matter and you respond by giving them in-depth details to answer their question, it tells everyone that you are knowledgeable about the niche.

This can make the readers click on your site as they try to find more information; thus you end up getting free traffic.

The owner of the blog will recognize and appreciate your efforts.

Include some HTML in your comment

Formatting is also essential when commenting on someone else’s blog.

Things like the use of bold, underlining a particular section or using italics as you explain your point can quickly capture the attention of other readers.

The formatted text stands out even on the comment section, and it can help you generate traffic to your own blog.

Consider the length of your comment

Blog commenting is crucial, but you should think about the length of your comment when doing it on another blogger’s site.

As a rule, you should not just say anything for the sake of leaving a comment.

Make sure that your comment can help someone else so that you end up leveraging high traffic to your personal blog.

Stick to the point and avoid leaving irrelevant and lengthy comments.

Maintain professionalism

Respect is vital when commenting on someone else’s blog.

You should always remain professional and respect the rest of the commenters.

Even if someone shows rudeness in the comment section, try not to reply with the same tone.

No blogger enjoys readers hijacking their blogs with rude comments.

If you are rude, no reader will show interest in your site. Be careful not to offend or criticize anyone through your comment.

So, you have learned a lot about the importance of commenting and how to gain maximum profit from commenting. Do use it for the next article that you write for your blog.

Happy Exploring! Happy Writing!

How To Get Free Traffic By Commenting on Other Blogs
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