How to Get Free Traffic on Your Blog Without Google & Bing

How to Get Free Traffic on Your Blog Without Google and Bing

Blogs and the various other forms of marketing which are now utilized by businesses and individuals all have different effects on the consumers. There are some who are selling their ideas and influencing the overall perspectives and there are other businesses that sell products to people who do not even need them in reality.

Rigorous marketing can be used in so many ways. But only when you manage to add value to the viewers who read your blogs or the consumers who buy your ideas, products or services do you manage to create a long-term relationship with the crowd.

When we talk about blogging or any other content on the internet, for example, content marketing is the key. In one of his books, Joe Pulizzi says, “Content marketing is about delivering the content your audience is seeking in all the places they are searching for it.”

Giving your audience such a targeted and relevant content is what niche blogging is all about. People prefer to choose niche blogging mainly because it gives them a wider audience pool and also makes it more profitable for them.

Seth Godin, one of the famous authors once said,

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories & magic” So if you really wish to create a blog that generates income, one that gains traffic and one whose traffic keeps increasing then you should be telling stories to your audience.

You should be telling stories that they understand and feel connected with. You should be giving them information about questions that they have always had on their mind and never asked. It is these blogs that see audience returning for more.

Traffic, both in the form of returning audience and in the form of new viewers matters to the blog and to the popularity of the blog.

More traffic means the blog gets more popular and a popular blog further earns more traffic. Summing up the effects of these advertisers would come enthusiastically to advertise in your blog and collaborate with you.

And you would also find other bloggers interested in affiliating with your blog to expand their audience group. For all this, there is one thing to do and that is to increase the traffic in your blog.

There are plenty of expensive ways to do it and many bloggers find them to be valuable investments for long-term effects.

Traffic is not the only thing you need – you need relevant traffic

If you take a look at the many online jobs there is a whole bunch of them that pay people to simply click some links.

These are the projected traffic that might not be a true indication of the reach that your blog gets. You might indeed see the statistics favoring you but not all of them would be targeted clicks or relevant clicks.

If you wish to simply see bigger numbers then this fact should not bother you. But if you wish to interpret sensible information from the traffic figures then you would need a more focused approach.

Use media files

The first and foremost way to increase the visibility of your page is to ensure that you have more than just pages of text on your blog.

Include great quality images. Stock images are in fact sufficient for simply creating a blog. But if you want your blog to draw traffic include unique images and videos as well.

So, your blogs might also get viewers landing on the blog site from image search and video search pages. Besides the visibility, the readability of the blog itself gets so much better when you include mixed media files on it. While talking about media infographics deserves a special mention.

Both in the professional or the more formal context or in casual blogs like lifestyle blogs, infographics can have a huge impact.

These catch the attention instantly and also manage to present the information in brief. With the information overload, the attention span of the most audience is just a matter of few seconds.

Infographics manage to convey all the information within those few seconds. And if the viewer gets interested then he is very likely to proceed to read the whole blog post.

Social media’s assistance

In fetching traffic social media platforms have a huge role to play. It is easy to get noticed by grabbing the attention of people who check their social media pages on a daily basis for updates.

Infographics and images again come into the picture as these can be the faces that draw people to the post itself.

And social media makes it easy for viewers to share the post to their circle. If they find the post to be informative they would share it on the relevant groups which in turn helps improve traffic.

Internal links

Using internal links on your own blog posts can be of great help in traffic boosting. These links help bump old posts on your blog as well as to increase the traffic on your new blogs.

Make sure that you keep the links contextual. Promotional links placed at the end, ones that take users to the home page might not always have the same effect as relevant internal links.

Use the free information sharing platforms

There are plenty of information sharing platforms that work very much like social media channels in helping the blog gather momentum. There are user forums, consumer review sites, and question and answer websites.

Answering questions on these websites and including a link to your blog with the answer or the review you post would also make it easy to get free advertising for your blog.

But some of these sites have strict policies when it comes to advertising or using the platform for the promotion of personal or commercial blogs. So make sure you understand the terms before using these channels.

Improving the quality of the backlinks on your blogs, use of Google Adwords and use of automated emails are the other ways in which traffic could be increased without having to spend money.

How to Get Free Traffic on Your Blog Without Google and Bing

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