How To Use Flickr To Get Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Blog

How To Use Flickr To Get Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Blog

Flickr started in 2004 as a photo and video sharing community. It was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. Currently, it has a staggering 90 million monthly users in 63 countries.

From amateur to professional collections, there are various content that you can freely use on Flickr. You can use them for personal or commercial reasons but make sure to give due credit.

Flickr is a great platform to help you get your brand recognized as you interact with your customers.

Branding should be incorporated in everything your company is involved in. It’s how you’ll be able to communicate with your customers.

Experts say that 60 percent of buyers will more likely contact a company that has an image that shows up in search engine results.

When the photos you upload on Flickr make an impact to your viewers, you’re able to add value to your customers. Eventually, they’ll become loyal to your brand.

Here are ways on how to use Flickr to drive traffic to your website:

You can use Flickr to share your story.

Use high quality photos that tell stories about your brand and what your company is all about. Through pictures, you can also share how your business started.

You can post pictures from your events or any activities that your company is involved in.

Get your viewers engaged by using high-definition photos. This will encourage them to switch from being your regular buyer to one of your valued customers.

If you’re just using your phone to take pictures, change the camera settings to a higher setting. This will ensure high resolution. Otherwise, you can edit your photos through Flickr.

Get your customers engaged, too. Encourage them to post photos of them using your brand. Invite them to interact with other customers.

More importantly, get them to communicate with you.

The more you make things personal, the more people will talk about your brand.

Add a human interest story in your photos and capture the hearts of your customers.

Use Flickr as an opportunity to know your customers better.

This means avoid hard-selling your products. If you have an upcoming launch, use Flickr to invite your customers to share their experiences about your event.

Avoid focusing on making a sale or you’ll risk losing your Flickr account.

Incorporate Flickr in whatever you’re doing online.

Link your Flickr account to your website, blog, and Facebook page.

Also, link it to your Twitter, Youtube or any social media accounts. Embed the link to your blog in the photos that you upload on Flickr.

You can also grab the photo for your blog from your Flickr account.

Connect your other photo-sharing social media accounts with Flickr.

Let your customers know that they can reach you through your other accounts. This will allow them to decide where they’re most comfortable in interacting with you.

Use a social media platform for what they’re known for.

This means using YouTube for your videos and focusing on Flickr for your photos.

This will get your customers to go to your Flickr account if they only want to see photos.

Encourage your customers to share your content.

This will give you more exposure and inspire your customers to interact with you.

Since Flickr is a photo-sharing platform, photos are expected to be openly shared in the community.

Take part in other groups.

Search for relevant groups that your company can participate in. Give your comments on others’ photos and share your ideas.

The people you’ve commented on will most likely comment on your content. You can do this even for topics that your business is not directly concerned with.

Joining group pools will allow you to build relationships. This will add positive value to your company. Be positive. Offer constructive criticism, if necessary.

Add other users’ photos to your “favorites.” Showing others that you’re interested in their content will get them attracted to view your photos, too.

Make proper tagging and organizing a habit.

Make sure to use the appropriate tags in every photo before uploading them. It would be helpful to include genre, description keywords, and mood when tagging.

You can add up to 75 of your preferred tags. Flickr also has auto tags through image recognition. This will increase your search engine presence.

Find a strategic way to organize your photos that will have a positive impact on your brand.

You can also create collections of your work based on common themes or formats.

Upgrade to a professional account.

To be considered more credible in the Flickr community, go for the professional account.

This will enable you to enjoy better features such as advanced stats for your content and ad-free browsing.

The professional account also has photo backup, etc.

Being able to see your advance statistics will allow you to know your traffic or how many views you get.

Support the use of Creative Commons.

Have one out of 10 of your photos under Flickr’s creative commons licenses. This will allow your content to be viewed by more people.

There are two important takeaway on how to use Flickr to drive traffic to your website:

  1. You need to use high quality photos, properly tag them, and embed them with links to your website.
  2. Interact with your viewers and customers and add value to their lives.

They say people are able to form their first impression of you in less than a second. So, make sure your brand creates a good and lasting impression. Because once customers engage with you on Flickr, it will open a vast opportunity for you and your company.

How To Use Flickr To Get Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Blog

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