Why You Need to Response to All Approved Comments on Your Blog

Why You Need to Response to All Approved Comments on Your Blog

Most of the bloggers enable the comment section on their blog; then you are obviously expecting the readers to interact with you by leaving their opinions, views and comments about the post. But it always ends up being a one-sided conversation.

It is just like giving out a presentation to one group of people and later on not responding to the questions or comments from the audience.  It seems just rude and somehow it has become a standard norm for most of the bloggers to ignore the comments and not to reply to them.

It’s true that it is tough for the big-time bloggers to reply to each and every comment on their post as there would be quite a lot of them. But isn’t it nice if these popular and famous bloggers take time out to respond to the comments.

Truth is that most of the bloggers are not in the same category as big time bloggers and do have enough time to respond to their blog post.

Just try out replying to the readers’ comments and you could experience the response, it would surely be an amazing experience.

Now you would be wondering what the real benefit in replying to the comments is or why you need to invest extra few minutes in responding or replying to the comments. Listed below are the main reasons why one should reply to comments.

Reasons to reply

Adds quality to the posts- Reply would lead to side conversations taking place within the commenting section and it adds to the overall quality and content to the post.

New points would be brought up, the points you mentioned in the post will be further explained and the queries people have after reading the blog will get answered. Also, new people will join the side conversations by adding their comments that they might not have done otherwise.

Encourages people to comment- By replying to the comments, you are letting the readers know that you are actively involved and this encourages them to comment later on too. In addition to this, people who don’t comment usually will be happy to give their comment as they know it would be read.

It helps in Search Engine Optimization- Comments given on the blog posts helps with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

More comments by your readers and by you mean more usage of the keywords getting used which means that you would be found in search engine easily.

Also the new terms which you have not used in the blog post might get brought up in comments sections and it would potentially help you with Search Engine optimization.

Helps in building credibility and authority- By responding to the comments section, you are actually establishing your name as a expert in your area of nice.

You would become more seen and ‘real’ as someone who would actually take their time out to care for the readers which will add value to the blog.

As many people don’t respond to the comments, you would stand out in crowd and people would start noticing your blog. When you leave meaningful and thoughtful comments it will create a great impact on the readers.

It adds on more social proof- Social proof is the psychological phenomenon which occurs when the decision of the people are very much influenced by the assumption that the people around you know better about a specific situation when compared to you.

You would be much more inclined to follow particular blogger just because he/she got more followers or subscribers than others. Also you comments given also will be added to the overall count of the comments for a post.

For instance if you have responded to around 12 comments, then the total count of the comments will shown as 24 which would be far more interesting and impressive to the new visitors and readers of the blog.

Etiquette to maintain while posting the reply to comments

Make Valuable Comments:

The reply to the comments given in your post should add value to the reader. It would be received well if you are able to do that and the reader will appreciate your knowledge and value the content written.


You should be very much polite while replying to the comments. You don’t want to drive away people by giving out rude replies. Do keep in mind that everyone has their own perspective and have the right to raise their views or opinions. You should be able to tackle the negative feedback respectfully and find the reason why the reader has raised such a point. You should accept that if you have been wrong and don’t act like you know it all. People do find that rude. Try to maintain a healthy debate.

Make it Succinct:

While you reply to the comments, ensure that you are brief and to-the-point. The reply should not be too long and look like another article. Make a short and sweet reply to the point. Also while you reply, do write it in a personal tone as people could easily relate to you.  Using a personal tone will help in connecting to the readers better.

Be Appreciative:

You need to appreciate the fact that the reader has taken time out to comment on your blog. Do thank him for their comments and then proceed for replying if they have got any queries.

Good Relationship:

It is very much important to cultivate good relationships through the comments section as said by the famous blogger and social media speaker Marcus Sheridan.  Hence to cultivate the relationship with your reader you need to overcome the resource and time constraint to reply.

People who receive the reply to their comments will appreciate the fact that you have replied to them and they will tell their family, colleagues and friends about it. Through word of mouth, your blogging site would become famous. People will get curious to check out the site and visit your blog there by increasing the traffic.

Why You Need to Response to All Approved Comments on Your Blog

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