Comments are Marking As Spam Instantly? Here How To Solve

Comments are Marking As Spam Instantly Here How To Solve

It is quite evident that whenever we try to attach a link to a comment in a blog or a forum, the comment goes into the spam comment which ultimately leads to an unproductive comment.

However, there are various reasons as to why a comment goes into the spam comment folder. It is all based on the protocols that a blog or a forum moderator can apply to filter the comments.

The comments are filtered based on the usefulness of a comment on the blog or a website.

Obviously, you would never want your blog or websites to be filled with unnecessary comments asking your audience to redirect to a link that would not be beneficial.

Therefore, there is a need for filtering the messages and comments that are beneficial for the audience.

The most common problem that a person may encounter is the trashing of comments into the spam comments.

But, what actually is a Spam comment?

What is a spam comment?

In particular digital world, a spam comment can be treated as a blacklisted server.

These blacklisted servers basically are a category of spam postings that are used to redirect the readers from a particular forum or website to an advertisement.

There are various categories of spam comments that include:

  • Forum spam:

It is one of the most common forms of spam comment which avoids any unsolicited postings related to advertisements, links to malicious websites, or any other articles or posts providing unwanted information.

The moderators of the forums and blogs keep into account the comments which come out of nowhere and ask the readers or participants to click and follow the link which will lead to unwanted advertisements.

This hurts the reputation of the website or the forum.

  • Social spam:

These are the unwanted social media spams that come across various users through a network or with any user-generated website.

  • Troll:

Troll has increased rapidly through the internet where the comment section is flushed with various memes, images, and pictures that are mentally disturbing to the active participants and the administrators of the website as well.

These are some of the common ways through which spam comments revolve around the internet. However, there is so relative significance that the spam comment views are limited to the above-mentioned practices only.

With the advancement of technology, there are many ways that your blog is filled with spam comments.

Moreover, the advanced tools may also detect your comments as spam, if the protocol is set that way even when your comment is precious and valuable to the conversation.

The reasons comments are going into a spam comment

Well, there are numerous reasons your comments are filtered out even when you are authentic.

In most of the cases, the spam detecting algorithm is set in a way that any comment from a new participant reaches the moderator first.

The moderator then decides whether the person commenting is genuine or the only reason to comment is to advertise.

However, the moderators do not have enough time to look into the matters and do not allow you to post your comments irrespective of whether you have anything valuable to add to the conversation.

Sometimes, it may also happen that the link or the comment that you have entered into a thread is derogatory.

If the detection algorithm finds the comment offensive, it will directly send the comment to the spam comment folder.

There is another reason as to why your comments may find trashed into the spam comments.

The reason is that the moderator or the site administrator has blocked you or your website to remark on theirs.

Spam Comment on Other’s Blog

If you are blogger or affiliate marketer you face spam comment problem at many times. Many time you try to post a comment on other’s blog but your comment go into spam instantly and not showing on that blog.

Want to know why this happens?

Well, this is happening because you are posting a comment with your website link or affiliate link. Because you want to create backlink and generate free traffic for your blog or affiliate link.

At this point, you are correct from your side. But Owner of that blog where you posted your comment not want to give any backlink or traffic to other’s blog.

This is the reason why your comment going into spam comments instantly after posting it.

Just think yourself if your blog ranking good in search engines then you allow other persons to get backlink or traffic from your blog to low-quality sites?

The big answer is no. Hope you understand.

Akismet The Reason

Many blogs or website owner using Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin on their WordPress Sites to protect from spam comment.

Akismet Anti-Spam is the best WordPress plugin to protect WordPress blogs from spam comments.

How Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin Works?

If you or someone post comment that looks like spam with unwanted links in it then Akismet Anti-Spam plugin automatically move that comment into spam comment folder.

After your comment moved into spam folder the website owner has given some time to Approve comments from spam folder by Akismet Plugin.

Then if the website owner will not approve a comment from spam folder within some days.

Then the comment gets removed from spam folder permanently also.

This is how this plugin works to protect WordPress sites.

Are you are also run your blog or website with WordPress CMS (Content Management System)?

Then you can also use this plugin to get rid of spam comments.

How can you stop your comments from going into the spam comments?

As we have already mentioned, you need to build a rapport with the other site’s administrator.

Obviously, you would not allow anyone to enter your website and upset your readers with their presence.

Similarly, if you want to post the link to your blog or comment on other’s website or forum, try to actively participate with intelligent comments at initial stages.

As you build the reputation, you can then comment which will get a green signal from the moderators.

Do not use any derogatory remarks against the fellow participants and try to be polite. Play with words that will help you to receive the attention you will require.

So, these are some of the reasons that you must look for if you do not want your comments to go to the spam comments folder.

Comments are Marking As Spam Instantly Here How To Solve

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