Want Exposure? 8 Simple Steps to Create Own Guest Blogging Campaign

Simple Steps to Create Own Guest Blogging Campaign

If guest blogging is still not part of your content marketing strategy in 2018, then you’re definitely missing out!

While many people have speculated in the past that guest blogging is on its last breath, it remains to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote a website.

But what exactly is a guest blogging campaign, and how do you maximize this tactic to generate traffic and create leads for your website?

Simply put, a guest blogging campaign is when you post articles on other blogs as a guest contributor.

It’s basically sharing your knowledge and expertise on another blog with a new audience. The more you share, the more chances you’ll get to attract potential leads to your website.

The great thing about having a guest blogging campaign is that it doesn’t just build links to your website, it also helps build your reputation as an expert in your niche.

When authoritative websites post content that you wrote, some of that authority rubs off on you. Plus, guest blogging allows you to help out other bloggers meet their content needs.

So, in this scenario, everybody wins!

The secret to a successful guest blogging campaign is to put in the work and do it right.

Since guest blogging takes time before you can see clear results, you need to have a solid strategy in order to maximize your efforts.

Here are 8 steps to creating a guest blogging strategy that works – no matter your industry or niche is.

Set realistic goals

Like all marketing strategies, a successful guest blogging campaign starts with goal setting.

Since you’ll be investing time and effort into writing for someone else’s blog, you might as well make it count.

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website to close more sales?

Do you want to spread the word on a new product or service that you’re offering?

Are you trying to improve your site’s SEO by building more inbound links?

Your goals serve as a reminder of where you want your guest blogging campaign to take you.

Collect partners, not prospects

Once you know and understand your goals, the next step is to collect partners for this endeavor.

Other bloggers refer to their target blogs as prospects, but if you want to build a relationship, you should look at them as partners.

Look for partners who can help you achieve the goals that you have set. Set up an Excel file where you can note down blogs that are in the same or similar niche as you, with a good enough Domain Authority.

You can also check if the blog already has a community that you can potentially tap into.

Try to connect with the site owner. Before you approach the owner of a site you would like to guest post form, you should try to connect with them.

It is said that site owners are tired of bloggers leaving poor quality content on their sites.

To avoid this, do some research so that you can know their site and what they post. Feel free to follow them on platforms such as Twitter before approaching them and read their content over time.

You can also tag them and share their content beforehand so that when you finally suggest guest posting on their site, you have formed a connection with them.

Know what your audience wants

Since the purpose of guest blogging is to reach out to a new audience, make sure that you give them what they want.

Try to think of content that you know your audience would benefit from and find creative ways to share what you know to the world.

Remember, make it about them: what they like, what they want, what they need.

Choose a winning topic

This is the first thing that every reader notices before opening your guest post. Make sure you know what is popular in the owner’s site so that you can find an ideal topic to pitch.

Choose a topic that can add value to the target audience in relation to what is already on the site. You can also include additional details on a certain topic or choose to write something entirely new on a certain topic.

Make sure that the topic you choose can easily resonate with the readers.

Use tools such as Buzzsumo to help you create a winning topic.

Do not try to pitch an idea that the site owner has already published before on their site. You have to impress the site owner with a good topic before they allow you to guest post on their blog.

Write excellent content

After brainstorming for some killer content ideas, the next step is to get writing. Aside from having a stellar headline, make sure that the body delivers accurate and engaging information to your target audience.

Make sure that you research some of the keyword phrases that can drive traffic to their site and rank well in search engines.

Remember to include both external and internal links to provide the content with excellent link profile. Do not hesitate to add a captivating image in the content and use the correct formatting.

Work on the Bio

Site owners give you the chance to generate leads to your site through the bio. Use this section to link back the post to your site.

On the bio, you can include a link to your homepage or also add a social media link.

The best site owners do not restrict you on the links to add in the bio. Take advantage of this and link to your desired URL so that you the audience can have access to your entire site.

When you link to a landing page, you can boost lead generation. Make sure that you finish the guest blog posts by including a call to action for you to direct readers on the next step.

You can request them to check out your site or ask them to follow you on social media platforms.

Promote your content

Even if you end up writing the best guest you have ever written, it will only go to waste if you don’t do your part in promoting the content to your own circle of influence.

So, as soon as your guest post is published, make sure to share it on all your social media accounts. Don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to hit that share button or comment on your post.

Be responsive

In guest blogging, responding to comments goes beyond having good manners. When you react to every comment readers leave, it helps you build a connection with the new audience.

It can help you meet your guest blogging goals. The site owner will also be glad if you respond to comments on the guest posts and they can even ask you to make more contributions in the future.

Simple Steps to Create Own Guest Blogging Campaign

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