Webnode Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 7 Pros & 3 Cons

Webnode Review

Webnode is a site that challenges its users to create their own website from scratch offering only email or a contact form for support.

It is, however, the best international site with the multilingual feature.

Many hosting and website building sites have integrated a number of functionalities to attract prospective clients first, and retain them later when they are conversant with the operations of the site via the paid plans.

The premium packages come with advanced features that add professionalism to a user’s website.

Webnode also offers some of the paid packages but with very few free options when compared to other Webhosting companies, a fact that makes it a little difficult for both the beginners and experienced users.

For example, the first 15 free trial days might not be enough for people who do not have a lot of free time.

Though creating your own website might be easy with Webnode, the limitations are quite disconcerting.

What is Webnode?

In very clear and simple terms, Webnode is a website maker just like I page and Wix, the only difference is that services and performance vary within the different companies.

While some of the companies give their users free accounts for at least one year or more with some pretty amazing features, they charge later to access the advanced features.

Webnode has a limited period for the free trial account but with a money-back guarantee.

With the stiff competition surrounding the website hosting industry, one would wonder how Webnode is surviving.

Well, it might interest you to know that the company boasts of over 20million users.

And the one most significant attribute that makes Webnode stand out is its multilingual feature that enables clients to incorporate different language versions in their websites.

Even more interesting is that the company offers some good looking varied templates; however, the downside part is that you will not be able to change your template after you have selected it.

You will have to start all over again from scratch; however, you still have the option of restoring your website to the previous version in the standard plan.

The backups option is provided in two different plans, one is the Profi plan, which gives a user unlimited backups and the standard plan that enables a client up to five backups.

For your hosting and site-building, Webnode is quite easy to use as users have been provided with a drag and drop editor that is also customizable.

Webnode Review By Experts & Users


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7 Webnode Pros or Advantages

First of all, Webnode offers a different feature that caters for three different categories of people, “Business people, people engaging in eCommerce and those who want to run personal websites.

They, therefore, do not have to overstretch their services but rather they ensure that the few groups they serve are sufficed.

The first and most attractive feature of Webnode is the free version that comes with a 1GB bandwidth and 100mb storage space.

However, the free account cannot be compared to the paid plans as its features are somehow basic, but you will still have access to the site builder and will be able to use your pre-existing domain name.

1. Multilingual

That your users can switch to their desired language and be able to translate the contents of your website is terrific.

Here, the catch for creating an international website is just a click away and you have about 20 different languages that will cater to 20 different groups of people.

2. Pre-Built Components

Webnode has a feature that allows website account holders to give their customers directly their business addresses.

The service is enabled by the tools to insert available in one’s site, the feature enables a user to Bing maps or Google. Besides the site builder allows a user to integrate different design elements.

For example, you could add text boxes, web forms, social media widgets, or embed YouTube videos to your site.

In addition, you can always integrate third-party tools, which help in making your site’s appearance more professional.

One of the rare third-party tools that are good for your website is the “Survio.” The latter enables one to carry different types of online surveys.

The Survio feature offers quite a variety of ready-made survey templates and a good number of styles and layouts that enables any website account holder to survey their website.

3. Image features

While working with Webnode, account holders have the option of using the lightbox or slideshows to create a photo gallery.

The lightbox feature is special because it enables your visitors to enlarge photos thus a more enhanced clear view of products that helps customers make decisions of whether to buy or disregard.

4. SEO and mobile performance

The current technological era demands that the mobile version of your website be up to par because Google crawlers use the mobile version of websites when indexing and ranking.

Given that Webnode allows its users to create and edit from their smartphones, you can rest assured that clients using Google and other search engines will locate your account with ease.

5. Webnode and hosting

If you build a website elsewhere, Webnode will not host you. However, apart from website building Webnode provides hosting services for sites that were or have been created with its tools.

But it does not upgrade the level of hosting that it offers to its users.

6. No advertisements

Most Webhosting sites run a ton of ads on their user’s websites mainly promoting their company and products.

But for Webnode, even the free package does not run advertisements on a user’s site.

7. Webnode support

Webnode has a knowledge base, whose purpose is to help its users answer some of the most common questions, without necessarily contacting customer support.

However, if some of your queries are not conclusively answered in the FAQ area, Webnode has a provision of a contact form and email.

The downside of the contact form concept is that you will have to create an account before accessing the service.

They also offer a press pack, for anyone who might be interested in contacting their press and media department.

Furthermore, you can use Webnode to do personal projects, a service that will require the creation of an account before full access is granted.

While other Webhosting companies offer live chat and phone support, Webnode’s support staffs are available to their users for five days in one week.

However, the chances of users needing support are slim since all the features on the platform have been well explained; nonetheless, they ought to have integrated a more interactive and quick response support system for their users, like maybe a chatbot.

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    Who can use Webnode?

    Webnode accommodates three types of users; those wanting to run eCommerce websites, the business website account holders and those who wish to run their own personal websites.

    To this end, let us see what they have to offer in terms of service and performance.

    1. E-Commerce Websites

    Since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1990 and the consistency of revolutionizing inventions from the ’90s, buying stuff from online stores has become the in-thing.

    This has in turn given people the option to purchase goods directly from the manufacturer with some paying extra to have their goods customized.

    Many eCommerce websites offer a myriad of unique services and products from different parts of the Globe and netizens can’t keep calm.

    For example, cloth companies easily promote their product online, which in turn attracts clients from around the globe.

    The internet also provides a secure payment platform for goods that are to be shipped to different countries

    The credible payment systems set up ensures that the process and experience for buyers and sellers run smoothly.

    So, why not create your online store with Webnode?

    The company has a very friendly website builder that will enable you to save money, and allow you to integrate your own domain name for free.

    Their tutorials are conclusive that you will not need to hire a website builder.

    So, as you venture into the journey of creating your eCommerce website on Webnode, there are some do it yourself features that will get you through in a couple of minutes.

    First, there is the drag and drop option that will make the process easy, when it comes to adding your preferred images, a price list, and videos.

    The above will enhance your website’s outlook.

    The host company also gives you the advantage of marketing your products on various social media platforms, and to achieve this you can simply use the addthis.com widget.

    However, you will be required to create an account first with addthis.com, and add the code that you will be provided with to your Webnode account in the SEO settings of the pages that you want the social media sharing buttons to appear.

    Most importantly is that you are free to add as many sharing buttons as you want, on whichever side that best suits you, right, center or left and then you align them.

    Although, experts recommend that the buttons be placed on the left-hand side for ease of use.

    You could also customize them by setting the button width and adjusting their visibility.

    See! You don’t need to be a programming expert or use any codes.

    Furthermore, for your eCommerce website, you will have access to a range of attractive and highly responsive templates.

    Important to note is that the templates come with texts and some prepared products, but the good thing is, they can be customized to resonate with your brand of goods.

    Managing your orders on your eCommerce web account is also easy because the Webhosting site provides its users with a clear order management system.

    The system enables you to evaluate your account and know which goods have been paid for, the ones that have not been bought, and goods that are to be dispatched.

    Google Analytics is also adaptable to Webnode. While running an online store you will be curious to know how much traffic your product is attracting, and which products sell the most.

    Therefore, to get a deeper insight into the above just connect Google analytics.

    2. Personal Website

    Publishing personal content and operating a blog has never been easy, with Webnode you will have the advantage of first choosing a design that best suits your interests.

    You can also integrate your contacts; add different contents such as pictures and videos. Publish and share on any social media platform, a service that generates a lot of traffic to blogging sites.

    Don’t forget that all this is free but for a limited period.

    So, what features make you a blogging Guru with Webnode?

    The Webhost has integrated into its website an SEO tool that helps your content go viral, thus your visitors will easily locate you on Google search engines.

    You can also find out what interests your visitors the most via Google analytics.

    Running a personal website means generating personal content for your site. The process, therefore, of adding content to your site is as simple as click and start typing because Webnode has an intuitive online editor.

    The later assists a user to edit their website directly any time they need to and does not require one to be an expert in the coding language as it is an easy to use content management system.

    Webnode also helps you to keep your visitors entertained and allows you to keep track of the dates with the provision of an integration widget.

    The widget enables you to add a discussion forum where you can receive opinions and exchange ideas with your visitors.

    It also allows you to embed an Html code or add a calendar.

    After creating your content and improving its readability with pictures, quotes, a captivating headline, and videos, Webnode does not require you to publish immediately; you could store your information and publish later.

    The WebHost entity also allows its users to arrange information into different categories after which they can easily share with their visitors.

    3. Business People

    Webnode offers its users various business templates that can be customized to suit a person’s business. Business people using Webnode as their host can really make a killing, why?

    To begin with, Webnode enables one to create a multilingual website, a service that most website hosts do not offer and one which attracts many visitors.

    Language constraints tend to gag many online businesses but with Webnode, you could integrate over 15 different languages.

    The feature will thus attract massive online traffic, this, in short, is to say that Webnode gives people the opportunity to create an international website, and who benefits more other than the business people.

    To further facilitate your marketing needs, Webnode helps in promoting your brand by allowing one to use a domain that they already had or come up with a new one under their paid plans.

    And if you wish to become a little more creative, the WebHost Company allows the business people to customize their sites with few, easy do it yourself options.

    The in-built SEO tools allow for the visibility of the business people and are thus easily located by their customers. The crawlers on search engines will easily locate you thus promoting your business.

    Building a business website does not have to be expensive, though you will need to do a little consultation.

    Webnode does offer consultation in case you get stuck with anything and they can guide you at any time of the day, you just have to reach out.

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    How easy is it to use Webnode?

    For the Webnode website host and builder, it’s a must say that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Creating a website with Webnode does not require one to be tech-savvy or a website builder.

    People with zero experience have been able to build their own websites under Webnode from scratch, no wonder it has over 20million users.

    The process of coming up with a website under Webnode is fun and encourages creativity with the easy to use templates.

    Besides the company has an amazing support system that guides you throughout the process in case you need help.

    The site can also be used by young people who want to venture into blogging or business, as it is never too complicated for any category of people.

    Did you know that for as long you are connected to the internet you could create and edit your Webnode account from the comfort of your smartphone, Well, how is that for user-friendly?

    The company also offers some little disk space and bandwidth on the free hosting package.

    But for those who want to upgrade to the premium plans, you will have the advantage of being assigned more bandwidth and disk space with regards to the type of paid plan that you will choose.

    Webnode offers three types of paid plans and as usual, the most expensive package comes with the most mouth-watering features; such as back-ups and email addresses.

    Lastly on ease of use, you can always preview your website as it enables you to see what it would look like at the end and customize it even more.

    The walkthrough wizard is also handy and enables you to integrate all the necessary steps while you are setting up.

    For the experienced people, who want to start from scratch Webnode lets you apply your coding experience in modifying the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code.

    The purpose of the CSS code is to let a user know how the HTML elements will appear on different types of media.

    The powerful tool has the capability of controlling the layout of a number of web pages at once (this includes the fonts, colors, and layout).

    It also stores the external style sheets in its files and can be used with different XML- based markup language.

    Webnode Pricing plans and Options

    The WebHost Company offers four types of pricing plans, first, there is the Profi, which is the most expensive at $19.95 and also fully equipped, most professional account holders are attracted to this package.

    Then there is the Standard package that has well-balanced features for different types of websites, and it goes for $ 11.95 with a 2GB storage space and 10GB worth of bandwidth.

    While running a Profi account from Webnode will guarantee one unlimited bandwidth, a simple website under the Mini package will also give you 3GB worth of bandwidth and 500mb storage space.

    The latter package is perfect for beginners with the scope of upgrading to Profi, once they become conversant with the operations of a website.

    Users are also at an advantage of using at least one email address.

    Lastly, there is the Limited package that is the least priced at only $3.95/m. This particular package will have you purchasing a domain name as compared to the other paid plans that offer a free domain for one year.

    The good thing, however, is that you will be able to access your website’s statistics for the past 30days.

    Free storage space of up to 100mb will also be provided and you will be at liberty of attaching your own domain.

    Pros & Cons


    • Zero adverts on the free Webnode packages
    • Allows the creation of different versions of one’s sites utilizing the multilingual feature
    • Supports Google Analytics and SEO tools
    • Offers a 15-day trial site with a money-back guarantee
    • The website is mobile-friendly


    • Unlimited bandwidth is only available in the most expensive package
    • Lack of phone or live chat support for users
    • While other Webhost’s give free hosting for one year, Webnode only gives 15days


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    Final word

    All Webnode’s products are easy to use, especially the eCommerce as it is integrated with some of the necessary builder’s tools.

    For people with no skills in building a website, Webnode is certainly their go-to option.

    The system is also a great fit because it is adaptable to the various search engines such as Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome among others.

    Webnode has super ceded other Webhosting sites with the multilingual service and offers its users different templates for account customization to choose from.

    The company has also ensured that its users rank on the most popular search engine “Google” by enabling “creation and editing” using one’s smartphone.

    Webnode Review

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