A2 Hosting Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals Feb 2024: Huge Discounts

A2 hosting black friday deal

Are you considering making your own website or build your blog, and are looking for a good web hosting service that does not break the bank while still providing you with quality service?

Well, worry no more – you can get that and more when you check out the A2 Hosting weekend deals.

A2 Hosting is among the fastest growing companies when it comes to the world of offering high powered website hosting, along with some standout features that will attract you if you have unique requirements.

Their black Friday deals will give you plenty of great features that allow you to start your own blog or website, hassle-free.

The offer also continues until Cyber Monday – so that means that in case you miss out on the Black Friday deals, you can check the site on Cyber Monday and get the same deals.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals Feb 2024

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The discounts are up to 67%, which is not bad considering that numerous other website hosting companies offer lesser discounts.

In addition, this will not only include the website or blog hosting – but also extend to Reseller hosting, Shared hosting, as well as VPS hosting.

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Benefits of choosing A2 Hosting services

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Below we will learn some awesome benefits of choosing A2 Hosting for our hosting needs. Let’s start below & check why you can go with A2 Hosting services.

1. Very good Speeds

Thanks to their use of shared hosting, you will get a chance to use the turbo SSD servers, which will double the speeds of your site and reduce the loading time.

The good news is that all the hosting plans available have free SSD as part of the package. This is a better option compared to the traditional hard disk, this will give you traffic handling in real time, making I a faster option.

This will make your site load quickly even if you are using a shared hosting environment, and make the surfing experience enjoyable for your visitors.

2. Timely and Useful Backups

Whether you have one website or several, you will not need to take extra precaution about maintaining copies – part of the A2 hosting black Friday deal is the time machine system of backing up your materials, regardless of the specific plan you go for.

This will back up your whole database and cPanel, even when changes occur in the database – for instance, when you publish a new blog post.

Note: In case you are planning to migrate to another host, you will find it convenient that you can access the previous 7 backups – which is great news, since you probably want to keep track of your older content.

In addition, you will not need to worry about whether you can utilize plugins from WordPress to make backups to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

3. cPanel

It also gives you plenty of opportunities to run a hassle-free WordPress website. There are some features that make it widely popular, and they include:

  • It gives you shopping carts, form-mail, portals, blog access, counters, and forums
  • The cPanel is current and will fit well with a variety of websites
  • All directories are password protected and also have custom error pages
  • It gives you constant website statistics – including error logs, AWStats, Raw Log Manager, Webalizer and Referrer
  • Includes IP deny manager, a web-based file manager, redirect URL, and Hotmail protection

4. Free Migration

Yes, they have an advantage over many other sites because they offer free migration services. Simply purchase any of the plans during the A2 Hosting black Friday deals, then call them or open a ticket.

This will prompt them to migrate all your sites on any old server you were using to the new A2 Hosting servers.

Part of the package also includes free SSL certificates on an unlimited number of websites, and you will not need to pay an extra fee to activate your SSL on your domain names – so this will work well for you if you are on a budget.

An interesting thing to note here is that you have a 100% money-back guarantee at any time if you want to cancel your membership.

Almost all other sites will give you a limit to the number of days when you can get your refunds, but for A2 Hosting black Friday deals, this is not the case.

5. Plenty of Support

With this platform, their customer service is one of their major strengths – and you will not need to worry about solving any issues you might come across with your account, even in migrating from another host to them.

You can reach them through a toll-free number that you can use to reach them through Skype, and they also give plenty of support that comes with all the plans.

Their hosting branches are also spread out globally, and you can reach them through other ways as well aside from the number and emails.

6. Other General Features (12+ Features & Freebies)

The good thing about the deals you are getting in the A2 Hosting black Friday deal is that you are assured of quality service, as well as products.

Their customer service is top notch – in fact, they even have a name: the Guru Crew. With a name like that, you can be assured that they will provide you with the best web hosting services you can find.

Other than the impressive features that each plan has, there are some other features that can interest you. These are:

  • The best developer tools
  • One-click installs and A2-optimized plugins for WordPress
  • Turbo servers and SSDs to load your pages up to 20 times faster
  • Free HackScan option with restoring capabilities
  • A2-optimized caching that includes Memcached and OPcache
  • It has its own backup system, which is referred to as the Server Rewind, and this is where they store up your backups every few hours.

In addition, there are some nice welcoming gifs that you will get when you subscribe to the service. These freebies include:

  • Free credits on Bidvertiser worth $20
  • Free credits on your text link ads worth $100
  • Free credits for Yahoo, Google Adwords, PPC and MIVA, worth $25
  • Free 60-day use of the Constant Contact Email Marketing service
  • Free 30-day software access for Submit Net SEO
  • Free images from the Pixmac stock images

What are the plans available?

In the A2 Hosting Black Friday deals, you will get a number of hosting options – so your decision will depend on your own needs and what you want to achieve from your website.

There are four hosting plans here: VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting.

For the shared hosting plans, the discount is at 67% (you can click this link to check them out), while the VPS plans have a discount of 50%. The Reseller plans have discounts of up to 63% (check them out here).

The A2 black Friday hosting deals start on 29th of November, 2019, and end on 2nd of December, 2019.

A summary table of the four and the features you will get is as follows:

Hosting plan Types of hosting plans available Coupon code Discount Starting payment
Shared hosting Lite Shared hosting plan SAVEBIG 63% $2.96 per month
Swift Shred hosting plan
Turbo Shared hosting plan
Reseller hosting plan Bronze Reseller hosting BLKSELL 51% $9.80 per month
Silver Reseller hosting
Gold Reseller hosting
Platinum Reseller hosting
VPS Hosting plan Unmanaged VPS BLKVPS 50% $5.00 per month
Managed VPS
Core VPS
Dedicated Hosting plan Unmanaged Flex Server 50DEDI 50% $99.59 per month
Discount SSD server
Managed Flex server
Core Flex server

All the plans will have an ‘Anytime money-back guarantee’ policy. A basic breakdown of each plan is as follows:

Shared hosting plans

There are three types of shared hosting plans, and the bigger the plan is – the more you will have greater access to server facilities and resources. It is generally ideal for you if you want to host your own personal sit or blog.

If you are an intermediate or beginner webmaster, then it is probably best to select the Turbo shared hosting plan – this is because it can also support other websites that have greater traffic.

The plans available are:

The Lite Shared Hosting plan

This is a great option if you have a single site.

  • Allows one website
  • Unlimited storage
  • A maximum of five databases
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Free SSD and SSL
  • cPanel control panel for easier management of your site

Swift Shared Hosting

Has two times as much resources, and you can use it with more sites

  • Unlimited databases and websites
  • Unmetered storage capacity
  • cPanel control panel
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Free SSD and SSL

Turbo Shared plan

  • cPanel control panel
  • Unlimited databases and websites
  • Unmetered transfer and storage
  • Free SSD and SSL
  • A2 site accelerator
  • Turbo (that goes up to 20 times faster)

Reseller hosting plans

Best if you want to host your own customers on a business website. Use our A2 Hosting Coupon to get huge discounts on this Black Friday Sale. There are four reseller plans you can get here, and they are:

Bronze reseller hosting

  • Storage capacity of 30 GB
  • Transfer capacity of 400 GB
  • WHM control panel
  • 40 accounts
  • Free eNom reseller account
  • Free SSD and SSL

Silver reseller hosting

  • 600 GB transfer limit
  • 75 GB storage capacity
  • WHM control panel
  • Free SSD and SSL
  • 60 accounts
  • Free eNom Reseller account
  • Free WHMCS

Gold reseller hosting

  • Storage capacity of 150 GB
  • Transfer limit of 1000 GB (1 TB)
  • 80 accounts
  • Free SSD and SSL
  • WHM control panel
  • Free eNom Reseller account
  • Free WHMCS

Platinum Reseller Hosting

  • Storage capacity of 200 GB
  • Transfer limit of 2000 GB (2 TB)
  • Free eNom Reseller account
  • 100 accounts
  • WHM control panel
  • Free SSL and SSD
  • Free WHMCS

VPS hosting plans

These will give you greater efficiency and power than a Shared Hosting package. There are three types of hosting plans, and they are:

Unmanaged VPS

  • Optional add-on of the cPanel
  • Root access
  • Minimum Transfer limit of 2 TB
  • Minimum Storage capacity of 20 GB
  • Ability to allow you to select your Linux OS
  • Minimum RAM of 512 MB
  • From one core
  • Option to use SSD

Managed VPS

  • Free cPanel control panel that comes with the package
  • Root access
  • Full management of HostGuard
  • Minimum transfer of 10 TB
  • Storage capacity starting from 1 TB (2 x 500 GB)
  • From two cores
  • Free SSL
  • RAM of 8 GB

Core Flex server

  • Root access, and you can manage it
  • Storage capacity from 2 x 500 GB (1 TB)
  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Full management of HostGuard
  • Free SSL
  • RAM starting from 8 GB
  • Transfer limit from 10 TB
  • From two cores

Dedicated Hosting plan

Best for the bigger businesses, as they can handle an intensive range of needs. There are 4 types of hosting plans under it:

Unmanaged Flex server

Very good for developers, as it is completely customizable

  • Optional cPanel licensing
  • Root license
  • Transfer from 10 TB
  • Storage from 2 x 500 GB
  • Allows you to choose your Linux OS
  • Optional SSL
  • From two cores
  • Minimum RAM of 8 GB

Discount SSD server

Completely managed with SSD and root access

  • Gives you root access
  • Full management from HostGuard
  • Free cPanel
  • Free SSD of 2 x 128 GB
  • From two cores
  • Minimum RAM of 8 GB
  • Transfer from 10 TB onwards
  • Free SSL

Managed Flex server

  • Gives you root access
  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Storage from 2 x 500 GB
  • Full management from HostGuard
  • Minimum RAM of 8 GB
  • Transfer minimum from 10 TB
  • Free SSL
  • From two cores

Core Flex server – has complete root access along with full management. Shares similar features to Managed Flex server option.

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Final thoughts

If you are wondering whether you should go for A2 Hosting black Friday deals, do not hesitate.

They are quite underrated when it comes to web hosting options, but they are some of the best providers you can find and their prices are among the most affordable in the business.

A2 hosting black friday deal

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