Serpstat Review Dec 2023| Pros & Cons, Features

Serpstat Review

Serpstat is a platform offering SEO features meant to make marketer’s work easier. It aims at increasing their productivity that enhances the company’s bottom line and gets ahead of the competition.

Though founded in 2013, this Serpstat review explores this keyword research tool. It started as an in-house solution before being rolled out as a product that is ahead of other platforms in the industry.

Serpstat is under the Netpeak Group that includes Netpeak’s digital marketing agency. Serpstat started as a program they used in-house.

It worked so well that in 2015 is when they decided to turn it into a product that can be shared with others outside the company.

However, Serpstat is an independent SaaS as well as being a subsidiary of Netpeak Group. The first inventor of the Serpstat product was Digital Future Venture Fund, owning 15 percent of the shares.

Serpstat Features

The transition to making it an all-in-one SEO platform took place in 2016 that has the top five tools that professionals in digital marketing use worldwide.

According to the website, there are nearly 100,000 professionals globally that actively use Serpstat. In their keyword database has 100 million words stored in disk space of 10 TB+. Every minute, there are 15,000 keywords updated. Overall, Serpstat is active in 12,000 cities.

Keyword research

With Serpstat, you can get a list of the best performing keywords in your industry. With this useful data, you’re able to get ahead of your competitors and even become a key industry player.

That’s possible because the keywords you use for your content will rank you at the top of search results. That means Serpstat can help you select top performing keywords on your website and advertisements.

Doing so increases your online presence and is ideal when running SEO and PPC campaigns.

Serpstat is not just about determining the top ranking keywords that you can use. They break it down further to see which ones generate more interest with regards to search volume, the number of search results, competition level, or cost-per-click.

It’s therefore not merely about keyword stuffing on your end; it is about finding what works for your website based on what actions you wish users to take.

Google and other search engines have logarithms that can detect SEO stuffing, and that gets your website to rank lower.

Here is where keyword variations come in. By using these alternatives and general search suggestions, you’re able to expand your overall semantic core.

With the tools you have, you’re ready to create high-quality content that gets you in top positions on search results.

The fantastic thing about Serpstat is that marketers don’t have to learn the hard way what keywords and their variations work; the data is already available.

Another type of keywords Serpstat helps you find is long-tail keywords. They tend to bring low volume traffic, but there is no reason to ignore them; you ultimately still get traffic to your website.

In the world of marketing, every single click to your website matters. There are also tools available on the platform that help you figure out what specific search queries are relevant to what pages on your website.

That enables you to figure out what keywords are missing, leading competitors to get ahead of you.

Keywords tend to have trends. For example, there was a time the word ‘woke’ was not quite part of the global consciousness. That has changed now.

You can use Serpstat to find out what other words are popular in your industry so that you can adopt them. The good thing about the platform is you don’t have to dig through tones of data to find out.

Graphs are the tool of choice to let you know the keywords are interested in and the gradual popularity or otherwise of the word. It mostly helps you pick appropriate trending keywords that will boost both your page and campaign.

If you’re a multinational company, there’s the option of adapting keywords targeted toward various countries. It gets more specific; you can adopt the keywords based on the language spoken in that country.

The feature is available at no additional cost. To back up the legitimacy of what they do, Serpstat gives users other data about the keyword they are searching for.

It shows the number of Facebook shares, organic keywords, and how much traffic you stand to get for all your pages.

Tracking competitor

The significant picture intention of Serpstat is to ensure that you have the information about your competitors and ultimately give you tools to provide you with a competitive edge.

It is related via graphs that are easy to understand and displayed on your Serpstat account for easy comparison. You can track drops or spikes in traffics to your domain to know if you’re using the current keywords or if your campaign is headed in the right direction.

You can expect a massive improvement in your company’s bottom line as the keyword draws potential leads your way.

Other information you’ll get includes knowing the difference in visibility between your and your competitor’s domains.

If theirs is performing better, you can investigate the cause and decide if there is a need for improvement on your end.

For the times you’re doing better, you can establish if it is something you are doing right on your end of if it something that your competitor has done and you should avoid.

Additionally, you’re able to see what keywords your competitors are searching in the Search Queries section of the platform.

It helps you see where they fall in the 100 Google search results. You can also see where you fall so that you can improve your search rankings.

If you’re running projects, you can add domain names and get regular emails to let you know how it is ranking. You don’t have to keep checking the dashboard to see who you’re doing.

You can go about your other marketing efforts and let Serpstat send you reports when there are significant changes in your keywords efforts.

There are those who would want to see the traffic going to their competitors so that they can learn from them and make the necessary changes.

With Serpstat, you can use their advanced filter function to see what images, videos, articles, etc. did the best. If you’re looking to be a new sight, there are those sites in your industry that you look up to and what to equally be an industry leader.

You can check what their popular pages were to know what people in your niche industry are interested in. On your part, you can also track to see how whatever form of content you put out there is doing.

AdWords helps you know what those in your industry spend in paid search. This SEO tool allows you to know what your competition is paying for in AdWords, how much they are paying for it, cost per click, and how they are performing.

It is a fantastic way to know what you may have missed out on. Essentially Serpstat acts like your spy in keywords to help you get ahead of the game.

Market research

Keywords are vital in that they match with what your audience is looking for. Using an example of an online jewelry store, someone getting into the market would be intimidated as there are a ton of other such stores online.

Here is where keywords come in; you have to know what your customers are looking for. If they type ‘online jewelry store,’ that is not enough to drive traffic to your site if you don’t have matching keywords.

While the example is simplistic, it is to help understand how you can better know your niche market and thus attract them to you.

Serpstat will help you understand what your target audience is searching online so that you’re able to create relevant content. If you’re selling products from a specific country, you want to ensure that the country is part of your keywords.

Serpstat takes it a step further. People don’t always know how to ask questions on search engines. It is therefore likely that they would miss out the country entirely because they don’t know that that’s where the best silver comes from.

Serpstat finds out for you what they would search for instead. For example, the search would be ‘silver jewelry from the best country for selling silver.’ With keywords made visible for you, you can use them to get yourself under your audience radar.

Serpstat has a feature that allows marketers to know the content audience shares on Facebook. Those with the most shares get you to see what content they are interested in and capitalize on it when coming up with your marketing strategy.

You can also know generally the content on Facebook with the most shares in your niche market or from a particular domain.

Market research is also essential when you want to achieve a higher ROI. Once you know what works based on Serpstat data, you can create a rock-solid marketing strategy that can help in achieving the company or campaign objectives.

You can know what pages on your site to promote so that you get the most returns instead of working based on what you think your target market would be interested in.

For those pages with lower traffic, you’re able to optimize them so that you can improve your ROI. Also, in the case where there is a product or service that is getting little to no attention, managers can make the executive decision to know if the product or service is worth pumping more cash into or letting go of it altogether and concentrate on what works.

Apart from what you learn about your interaction with your target audience, you also have to know how competitors in the same field are faring on.

Serpstat provides you intelligence on the completion to help in executive decision making. Positioning your business to be above the competition becomes something based on hard data and not guesswork.

You won’t have to be in the dark about what other companies in the industry are doing; you have Serpstat to help you with that.

Based on what you get from viewing your competition, you’re also able to know what your weaknesses are and the strengths as well.

Serpstat, therefore, helps you know more about your competition and yourself too as you’re doing market research.

Another added advantage of using such a platform is that you can know what other companies you could be overlooking.

They don’t have to be ranked higher than you on search engines for them to qualify as competition. You’re mostly unaware of what efforts they are making in their marketing department to beat you too.

Domain rankings

Thus far in this Serpstat review, we have looked at how the platform helps you identify what keywords are relevant in your industry and how to leverage them against the competition.

We have explored how it helps the digital marketing professional know what strategies to apply based on evidence of what works in the industry and where the company can improve.

The final goal is ranking top in search engines to improve the company’s profits ultimately.

That brings us exclusively to looking at the domain comparison tool. Their Domain vs. Domain Comparison Tool gives you a side-by-side comparison of your website and that of a competitor.

Based on the keywords you have in common, you can see what organic and paid search results you both have. You don’t have to do this for just one domain.

You can do a batch analysis of up to 200 domains. It’s excellent as it gives you a view of what efforts others in the industry are making and what to pay attention to.

Another feature that Serpstat has is visibility scores. You’re able to see how pages in a domain have the highest visibility down to the lowest.

In these pages, one can also see the number of keywords used. The data is in chart form, so you don’t have to crunch numbers; you can get a clear picture from the visual.

One can make these and other searches daily, especially when rolling out a campaign.

There is the option of tracking an unlimited number of keywords daily, so you have a fresh flow of data to help you keep an eye on competitor’s performance.

You can also get a list of the top 100 domains for every keyword you search. If you’re starting, you’re likely not on this list, but Serpstat gives you an advantage that even having the best marketing strategist on the market cannot provide you.

It is this kind of data that digital marketing companies need so that they can be assured that they are moving in the right direction. You can also get more specific.

A news site or an e-commerce site shipping globally can know how the keywords rank in Google and Yandex in a particular country, city, or language. Features for Yahoo! And Bing will be available soon.

Refined searchers

Another feature of Serpstat is that you can do specific searches for what you’re looking for. So far, we have talked about keywords that your target audience searches for and also what your competition is using to attract this same audience.

Additionally, we have mentioned that you can also check where domains and keywords rank globally, in a given country or city and a specific language.

In this Serpstat review, we’ll also look at the ability to look up for other aspects relevant to SEO optimization. It includes tracking competition dynamics and not based on keywords.

For example, under category when looking up the competition, you can type ‘silver jewelry’ or whatever your product or service offering is.

Another part that we’ll look at in this Serpstat review is how digital marketing professionals can get backlink analysis or reports in only one click.

One can see a list of anchors performing well and their corresponding domains and pages. That makes it easy to keep an eye on how your backlink marketing strategy is working and how the competitors are equally faring on.

Demo requests

There are a lot of things that this SEO platform does, and the company does not expect you to take their word for it.

That is Serpstat offers demos so that those interested can take their application for a test drive.

It is a fair way to assess if they are the right brand to partner with.

Serpstat allows you to get a demonstration of the feature you’re most interested in.

Unlimited users

Serpstat is ideal for companies of any size. Whether it is a startup with a handful of people in the marketing team or a global corporation with offices all over the world, there are unlimited users you can invite to a project at no additional costs.

A marketing firm can also invite their clients to the platform to view reports and progress. That reduces and in some cases, eliminates the needs for emails or printing pages and pages of reports for every meeting.

Serpstat On-site audit is also a tool that team members and bosses alike would find handy. Anyone can get an in-depth analysis of web pages based on multiple ranking factors.

From these, you’ll be able to optimize where you’re falling short and stay ahead of other industry players. The feature puts everyone on the same page, allowing for defined meeting agendas on how to strategize.

All these and other data are available on a simple dashboard where you can see everything on a single page. The reports are also in the form of infographics, which make understanding and digesting information much more manageable.

If you’re not always on the platform, you can also get email alerts when there are any changes in the rankings of your keywords or domain.

This function is especially important when you’re running multiple campaigns; you’re able to know which ones to give special attention to.

Serpstat will save data on all changes on a domain’s link profile after 120 days. That includes pages, keywords, backlinks, and other data

General the platform is easy to use given that Serpstat uses visualization to relay complex data and concepts. You, therefore, don’t have to be a digital marketing analyst to understand how to use and understand Serpstat.

Head of organizations could consider providing this handy tool for their team after reading this Serpstat review.

Disadvantages of Serpstat

Now that we’ve looked at the primary features in this Serpstat review let’s explore the drawbacks that you’re likely to experience given that no one platform is perfect.

  • It requires some level of orientation of new users. If you’re new to the platform, some of the terminologies can take a while to understand and get used to.
  • The basic plans have limitations in what you can do such as having a limit on daily searches that you can do which can be frustrating
  • When doing a site audit, it takes quite a bit of time if the domain has a large number of pages.
  • You cannot use Serpstat on Yahoo! or Bing, both of which have a significant number of users
  • For some countries, Serpstat has small databases, but it is something they are continually working on
  • Depending on your server, you can experience delays when conducting actions that will lead to bulk data
  • There are some inaccuracies when it comes to backlinks, but they are minor and still leave you with accurate results


Overall, there is much to like. In this Serpstat review, we have explored the significant aspects that most digital marketing gurus and other team members look for in an SEO-tool.

It is an all-in-one platform meaning you don’t need to turn to other platforms to aid you in doing the full scope of your work.

Their keyword research is expansive and useful to persons in a wide variety of industries. It also does a fantastic job in helping you track what the competitors are up to and what areas you can improve on to beat them.

If you’re ready to take the Serpstat for a test drive, you can reach out to their team to get a demo.

Serpstat Review

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