Top 6 Best HostGator Alternatives Feb 2024: Comparison, Pros & Cons

hostgator alternatives

HostGator is a reliable, highly reputable, and it offers some of the best WordPress hosting plans. For beginners and small businesses, HostGator is one of the best web hosting providers.

But, you are looking at HostGator alternatives which could mean one thing – in as much as HostGator is one of the top-rated and reputable web hosting providers, it has its drawbacks.

So before we look at the HostGator alternatives, let’s look at Hostgator, Cloudways & Greengeeks Deals & the things driving you away from HostGator.

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Some Cons of Hostgator:

  • Unreliable/ slow customer support:

customer support is the soul, spirit and spine of any business.

And when this element is missing or when it is unreliable, you are forced to re-evaluate your decisions. When starting, HostGator’s customer support was stellar.

However, things have changed, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the HostGator customer support team on time.

  • Backup Problem:

Next, no automated backup or restoration points. The changing web hosting environment requires that every web host provides its clients with data backup services.

Unfortunately, this is missing from HostGator who only offer free weekly backups rather than daily backup. Their backup system is also unreliable in that the backup created this week will replace the old one.

In the event of a problem after a backup, you will not get more help restoring any missing data, and you’ll have to seek help from a third party.

There is also the fact that HostGator is now giving its clients annoying upselling techniques instead of old clean and easy to use script installer.

  • Other Cons:

The control panel and the script installers are now full of annoying ads.

Also, HostGator’s services are slow compared to similar services offered elsewhere because this web host is not using Speed Zones or SSD drives, two of the features common with the companies named as HostGator alternatives below.

Lastly, it would appear that the performance is worsening by the day and the installation of caching plugins is not very helpful.

What these details tell you is that even with over 400,000 active customers, HostGator is not perfect and you might have to find the next best alternative.

HostGator Alternatives

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1. SiteGround


SiteGround is our best HostGator alternative. The top reason for this is that it is one of the more secure web hosting providers and you don’t have to worry about security loopholes as you would with HostGator.

SiteGround employs very strict security protocols which add layers of protection ensuring that users are safe from any form of force attack.

At the same time, SiteGround gets in touch with its customers regularly to inform them of ways of improving security to websites.

SiteGround also has an IDS/ IPS system which offers protection against malicious bots and other vulnerabilities.

Besides security, SiteGround also offers reliable customer support services all year long, 24/7.

The customer support team is reachable via phone, email, live chat, and you could also use their video guides to resolve problems on your end.

While HostGator’s hosting performance is on the decline, SiteGround is upping its game by making your web content easily accessible.

The fast delivery of content comes from SiteGround’s data selection options, their SuperCacher, PHP7 and the use of SSDs among other functions which increase site loading speeds.

To further enhance the performance of your website, the web host offers hosting plans that come with a cap on the maximum number of visitors your site can take in a month.

In terms of optimal service delivery and preparedness, the cap is better than HostGator’s unlimited access to bandwidth and storage.

As we all know, the promise of unlimited storage space and bandwidth is never true because once your resources reach a certain level, your account could be suspended or the website might crash.

SiteGround offers specific programs that help in protecting your resources quota.

You might also like that SiteGround offers free automatic backups, as well as account isolation and free SSL integration.

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2. BlueHost


With an A+ accreditation from all over the world and at least 2 milion+ domains hosted, Bluehost looks like it’s doing something right when it comes to web hosting. It’s been on the market from very long time.

Bluehost offers web hosting & domain registration services. Any one can create website on Bluehost with or without technical web hosting/ development skills.

Customer support is reliable as is access to resources.

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3. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is a feature-packed web hosting solution that promises the best hosting experience while saving you money.

Their development and use of exclusive technologies and techniques have resulted in the company’s delivery of the best customer experience.

One of their technological features is SuperCacher and Turbo. Turbo is an invaluable function that boosts page and website loading speeds for its clients.

The company also boasts A2 Optimized, a feature that will enhance your website’s performance automatically.

These caching accelerators are missing from HostGator.

A2 Hosting is also a recommended alternative for HostGator because of its Anytime Moneyback Guarantee.

This refund policy feature allows A2 Hosting customers access to every buck spent on the platform if they request for the refund within 30 days.

And after 30 days, the refund is prorated. What this means is that you will still get your money back if you are dissatisfied by the services offered 45 or 60 days later.

The other impressive features of A2 Hosting include their Server Rewind backup which allows you to save all your data and in the event of an issue that affects data, you could easily rewind to a safe point.

Other security features present include KernelCare, Firewalls, virus scans, and Brute Force Defenses.

And to top it all A2 hosting gives you great storage, data transfer options, enough bandwidth and access to the cPanel.

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4. InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting is an independent hosting company that kicked off its activities back in 2001.

Over time, InMotion Hosting has climbed up the ranks to be the leading WordPress web hosting provider and also the best provider of VPS, Business and Dedicated hosting.

One of InMotion’s attractive features is the 90-days money-back guarantee on their web hosting plans.

90 days is a long refund period during which you can really get a feel of the services they offer and determine if the company is a right fit for you or not.

Most web hosting companies will only give 30-day money-back or refund periods.

The other reason why InMotion is a great alternative to HostGator has to do with the efficiency of content delivery.

Websites hosted by InMotion boast high website loading speeds on its pages.

This comes from the company’s global positioning of its data centers both in the East Coast and the West.

InMotion Hosting has a reliable customer support team that is easily reachable on phone, email and live chat. The customer support services are accessible in less than 5 minutes.

You could also call the customer support team on Skype. Besides responding fast, the support team is friendly, and they know what they are doing/ need to do.

InMotion allows its users to hold two domains on one account and they also provide you with unlimited traffic and storage, as well as $250 worth of advertising credit.

So, while the InMotion Hosting plans cost more than the hosting offered by HostGator, InMotion gives you value for your money.

Did we mention how InMotion Hosting will allow installation of at least 400 applications using the one-click installer?

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5. DreamHost


DreamHost has been in the web hosting industry since 1996, and it’s therefore regarded as a web hosting giant.

It provides web hosting services to e-commerce sites, web developers, and blogger and is today hosting at least 1.5 million sites.

One of the reasons why DreamHost made it to our list of the best HostGator alternatives has to do with the high uptime of 100 percent.

If you are looking for a web host for your e-commerce site, you know that you need to be online all the time – DreamHost promises to keep your site live all the time.

DreamHost promises something else to keep you happy – a credit from the company in the event of service interruptions in a day.

You might also like DreamHost’s integration with Cloudflare in the cPanel. Cloudflare enhances the security of your website while also serving as a CDN to boost the efficiency of your website – it boosts page loading speeds significantly.

The cPanel lets you change your DNS records, and if you are running an e-commerce site, you will like the SSL certification addon.

Regarding their customer support services, you can expect feedback in under 5 minutes.

The customer support team is available 24/7, all year long via live chat and the best bit is that you will be dealing with professionals who know what you need and how to resolve problems.

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6. Hostinger


Hostinger was founded in 2004 and is well known for its elegant web hosting services.

The company offers excellent customer support services, fast and reliable hosting servers, and a high/ reliable uptime.

With 8 data centers in different parts of the world, you can look forward to fast-loading pages and high conversion rates.

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Here we listed best alternatives to Hostgator. So use any hosting listed here without worrying about anything.

If you ask me what to choose then Siteground, Bluehost & A2 hosting is best hosting provider. Go with any one as per your choice.

hostgator alternatives

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