WPengine Vs SiteGround Feb 2024: Pros & Cons, Comparison, Features

Wpengine vs Siteground

If you want to find the right web host, you should start by assessing your hosting needs.

Then looking for a provider that can deliver what you are searching for.

Are you in search of a web host for WordPress or any other CMS?

Though most web hosting companies claim to have adequate services for such CMSs, two names stand out in the industry.

This Wpengine vs. Siteground entails everything you should know regarding each of the companies.

Though both of them tend to focus on WordPress services, one of them gives you more freedom through additional features.

From our comparison, we will introduce you to the web hosting companies before we start comparing them. We will also explore the features that each web host offers and look at their plans and pricing options.

Go through this Wpengine vs. Siteground to find out more on the web hosting provider you should choose.


Introduction to Wpengine


This company has existed since 2010 under the management of Aron Brazel. The company focuses specifically on WordPress users.

Though most website developers prefer using WordPress due to its simplicity and effectiveness in attracting customers, this CMS is highly targeted by hackers.

That is where Wpengine comes in. The company ensures that you can use WordPress securely without such worries.

It offers a managed WordPress hosting solution where a team of experts handles the technical issues as you deal with creating high-quality content. Visit WPEngine Coupon to check all available discounts.

With less than a decade in the industry, Wpengine has managed to build a good reputation for itself by offering high-quality features and reliable uptime. This company has about 17 data centers found in about 7 countries.

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Introduction to Siteground


Before we look at Wpengine vs. Siteground, we have to mention that this specific company has existed longer than its competitor.

Siteground has been offering hosting packages since 2004 through the leadership of its CEO, Tenko Nikolov. It operates from Bulgaria and offers managed WordPress solutions as well as the standard hosting packages.

Most customers like the wide range of solutions that Siteground offers since it provides room for different types of website developers, including both new and experienced.

The popularity of CMSs such as WordPress is what made Siteground consider including WordPress hosting package to its lineup. Visit SiteGround Coupon to check all available discounts.

People consider it as one of the giant web host providers in the market. Siteground contains at least 5 data centers in different locations.

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Complete Overview of Both Companies

1.Starting Price$25 per month$3.95 per month
2.Service OfferedWeb Hosting & Domain RegistrationWeb Hosting & Domain Registration
3.Payment MethodsAll major credit cards.All types of credit cards. Contact SiteGround for Paypal Payment.
4.CouponsWPengine20+ SiteGround Coupons
5.Uptime Guarantee99.95%99.99%
6.Value For MoneyYesYes
7.SupportVery Good.Very Good.
8.Monthly Payment optionYes.Yes. But not in all plans.
9.Money Back Guarantee60 Days.30 Days.
10.Free DomainYes.No. Siteground not offer free domain.
11.Free Migration ServiceYesYes
12.Free SSLYesYes
13.Account PanelNo cPanel. They Provide their own User Portal.SiteGround offer cPanel
14.Free BackupsYesYes
15.SSD StorageYesYes
16.Free CDNYes.Yes. By Cloudflare.
17.One-Click InstallersYes. But only for Wordpress.Yes. For all CMS.
18.PopularityWPengine not very popular.SiteGround is very popular.
19.SecurityVery GoodVery Good
20.Easy to useYesYes
21.Trusted Hosting Provider?YesYes
22.Do we recommendYes. Highly Recommend.Yes. Highly Recommend.
23.ReviewCheck WPengine ReviewCheck SiteGround Review

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A comparison between Wpengine vs. Siteground

Both of these companies are equipped with useful features that boost their performance. Though they have some similar features, the differences are quite easy to identify.

We will compare them as we look at the crucial factors that make up an excellent web hosting provider. Read on!

1. Performance

According to many Wpengine vs. Siteground reviews, it is clear that both companies work hard to boost the performance of their services.


Siteground promises to give its customers the latest technology as it keeps up with changing trends.

True to its word, the company has managed to release latest version of PHP. Making use of advanced WordPress versions gives users improvements when it comes to speed and security.

Latest PHP is known to be more efficient and faster compared to old PHP version. Most people on other web hosts still make use of the old version that lacks some of the features.

Based on statics, about 4% of WordPress sites run on the latest version.

The company offers different servers running on both the latest and old versions. Siteground also has excellent performance since its platform is founded on advanced SSD hardware.

It also makes use of a customer caching tool that boosts the security of customers’ websites.


Wpengine, on the other hand, tries to keep up with the competition by boosting its performance through innovative features like Amazon web services.

Though the company does not run WordPress sites on the latest PHP version, it still performs reasonably well.

2. Uptime

When running a website, you should ensure that it never goes offline. You can only achieve this if you use a good web hosting company.

A web host ensures that its servers remain online so that it can serve websites accordingly. When a server goes down, customer’s websites follow the same suite.

This can affect the ability of your site to generate leads and sales, leading to the loss of revenue.

Both Siteground and Wpengine try to prevent such scenarios by maintaining a good uptime record. Wpengine aims at a perfect uptime record though this is hard. It offers up to 99.95% uptime.

The company has a no overselling policy that ensures that it contains adequate server space for the sake of its clients. Siteground has 99.99% uptime for all its plans, including the cheapest ones.

It implements the use of real-time detection technology, which can detect any downtime and alert the experts responsible for finding quick solutions.

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The web host has also created a customized software which can repair errors that lead to downtimes. Such extra measures give customers peace of mind.

3. Speed

When people started surfing the web, they could tolerate slow loading sites. This has, however, changed due to advanced technology.

People now expect fasting loading sites and tend to avoid those that don’t load within seconds. The speed of your website can determine how high Google ranks your pages.

That is why both of these web hosts focus on providing fast speeds for your sites.


Wpengine contains servers within the US, Japan, and Great Britain. If you are in these countries, you can pick the server you want to use. When your customers are close to servers, they get to enjoy fast loading pages.

The network of servers from Wpengine ensures that your clients can enjoy strong stability. The company has an advanced caching system known as Evercache that boost its speed.


Siteground also maintains fast loading websites since it has servers within and out of the US. It contains Supercacher technology that makes use of custom computations to cache some of the frequently used elements such as themes and images.

Metrics such as TTFB are used to determine the quality of a web host’s servers. It offers accurate analysis when it comes to speed of a company’s servers.

After specific tests were conducted, it was revealed that the TTFB of Siteground was 308 ms while that of Wpengine was 446 ms.

A good web hosting provider should also deliver excellent server response time, and both of these companies do not disappoint in this.

4. Security


When using CMSs like WordPress, you should choose a secure web host. Siteground has a proprietary anti-bot system that protects clients from brute force attacks.

This system manages to block more than a million attacks across the company’s servers. It monitors the servers simultaneously and conducts frequent data analysis to prevent bots from causing harm to your websites.

The use of Artificial intelligence system allows Siteground to detect new patterns better than relying on human expertise.

Though various web hosts boost security in multiple ways, the use of a smart security system makes Siteground unique and superior. Taking security to a new level makes customers feel confident using services from the company.


Wpengine enhances security differently. Its platform continuously monitors traffic to prevent websites from different types of attacks.

It blocks any malicious patterns that could lead to problematic activity automatically. Though Wpengine is also secure, its system is not as impressive as what you get from using Siteground.

Both web hosts are similar in that they include SSL certificates in their plans, which also facilitate data encryption to boost security.

5. Hosting solutions

  • Shared hosting

Wpengine has three different shared hosting plans designed for WordPress. It focuses mainly on WordPress. If you are interested in using other CMSs, this web host may not be for you.

The basic shared hosting plan starts at $ 35 per month. You can also prepay it annually if you want to save some money. This plan contains all the necessary elements that you need to create a blog or a small website.

You can also choose the next shared hosting plan from Wpengine, which goes for $ 115. This contains the required features that can help you take your business to a higher level.

Annual payments can help you save up to $ 230 for choosing this plan. Wpengine also offers another plan that has a higher capacity, which goes for $ 290.

Siteground, on the other hand, also has some shared hosting plans which are straightforward and useful. If you have never used a hosting solution before, we recommend you try the startup shared hosting plan from Siteground.

This goes for $ 3.95 and is ideal for 1 website. You get around 10GB space, and it can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors. Siteground also allows you to grow your sites through the GrowBig plan, which costs $ 5.95 per month.

This does not limit you on the number of websites you can create. It also has more web space and allows up 25,000 visitors.

The most advanced plan from Siteground under this category is designed for tech-savvy web developers. Though this is not as cheap as the rest of the plans, it comes with 30GB web space and allows up to 100,000 visits monthly.

  • Other hosting plans

Apart from the shared hosting plans, Wpengine has a personal plan and enterprise plans which provide room for large organizations and corporations.

Siteground, on the other hand, contains Linux based hosting packages that include VPS, dedicated, and cloud servers.

The dedicated hosting solution for this company is designed for large website owners looking to have their own servers. This hosting solution is suitable for websites with high traffic volumes.

You can please your customers by choosing dedicated hosting from Siteground, which can boost the loading speed of pages and provide mega-scale bandwidth.

The company features datacenters in different areas, including the US, Asian, and Europe. The dedicated servers from this web host are not only accessible but also offer security and scalability. Siteground’s cloud hosting service starts from $ 70 per month.

From the Wpengine vs. Siteground comparison in regards to prices, you can tell that Siteground has cheaper plans compared to what Wpengine offers.

While Wpengine has only 1 WordPress install, Siteground lets you work with unlimited websites. The number of support visitors in Siteground is more compared to that of Wpengine.

You also get more web space from choosing a plan from Siteground compared to what Wpengine can offer.

If you go past the limit that Wpengine recommends you should expect to pay overage charges. The company may not restrict your website use, but you have to pay more for the plan.

A good web host provider should have a nice refund policy for customers that like testing services first.  Both Wpengine and Siteground have refund policies for their plans.

Wpengine is more generous in its refund policy than Siteground since it gives you 60 days to test the services of the company. Siteground has a 30-day money back guarantee.

6. Dashboard

If you have never used a web host before, you can control everything from the available panel. Both Wpengine and Siteground have this dashboard, which has some differences.

The dashboard from Wpengine is plain and straightforward. This lets website owners manage their sites without having to deal with complicated technical details.

The company is unique because it creates a staging environment which lets you test website changes before implementing them live.

The simplicity of this control panel makes it ideal for regular users. Through this dashboard, you can quickly check the amount of storage you are using as well as the number of visitors logging to your site.

From the dashboard, you can also estimate the bandwidth your website uses. The control panel also comes with an additional set of controls which you can use to locate cache settings or access logs.

It covers all the essentials while eliminating anything that can confuse new web developers.

While Wpengine has a custom control panel, Siteground makes use of the popular cPanel software. This is designed for tech-savvy users since it puts you in control of your web hosting account.

It can feel overwhelming to people who are not used to technical issues. The user interface of this software may not be as simple as what Wpengine offers.

From this dashboard, it is possible to adjust the PHP version in use and also enable caching. You can also manage extra domains from this software and even test different services through the staging feature available.

The control panel from Siteground allows you to gain much more than using the custom based dashboard from Wpengine.

7. Features

Another essential aspect that we cannot fail to include in this Wpengine vs. Siteground comparison is the features that each web host has.

Though some of the features are similar, others are unique. For instance, one of the similar features is the easy installation of SSL certificates with a single click.

SSL certificates enhance the safety of your audience and prevent your sites from Google penalties.

Most of the plans from both companies also have daily backups to prevent the loss of data. Restoring backups also prevents your site from hacking cases.

Even though you can get useful WordPress backup plugins from other sources, letting a web host take care of this can give you some peace of mind.

Apart from the daily backups that both Siteground and Wpengine offer, you also get the liberty to create manual backups on your own. You may also get free CDN service from both web hosts, thus boosting speed and security.

They also offer website migrations and a staging environment. You can quickly transfer your site to either of these web hosts without complications.

Siteground gives you free site transfer without your customers experiencing downtime. You should expect the transfer to take a few hours.

Wpengine, on the other hand, contains a free plugin which facilitates smooth migration of your site from another host to this company.

The support system can also help you out if you have any difficulties regarding site transfer.  The plans from both Siteground and Wpengine also contain WP-CLI options and GIT push.

The two companies are different in that Wpengine handles WordPress sites while Siteground offers room for more CMSs such as Joomla and Drupal.

Working with this company lets you install software using Softaculous. If you are in e-commerce, you can benefit from platforms such as Woocommerce, Prestashop, and Magento.

Since Siteground supports different software packages, it has server optimization tutorials for the different CMSs. This feature is not available in Wpengine.

Siteground also creates custom-made programs that work toward speed optimization, account isolation, and server monitoring.

The plans from Siteground also feature unlimited emails while Wpengine lacks this. While Siteground allows you to host multiple domains, Wpengine does not have such capabilities.

The standard hosting packages that are available in Siteground come with built-in tools which facilitate easy management of your website.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology, Siteground makes it easy for WordPress users to run high-quality themes on their sites.

Wpengine has a plugin for easy site transfer while Siteground contains a WordPress plugin which lets you make configuration changes to the Supercacher technology.

This plugin is referred to as SG optimization. Wpengine makes use of Evercache technology, which is designed specifically for WordPress sites.

This ensures that your site operates smoothly and loads fast. Most of the features that both companies provider can help you increase conversions, reduce bounce rate, and boost your site SEO ranking.

8. Customer support

From comparing Wpengine vs. Siteground, it is important that we look at what customers think about the support they get from each web host.

One of the reasons why Wpengine has a good reputation is because it is known to offer excellent customer service.

Since it focuses on the leading content management system, WordPress users get all the help they need to manage their sites on this CMS.

Since the company does not pay attention to other products, they employ WordPress experts who can offer useful information regarding different aspects of the CMS.

You can, therefore, get accurate and quick answers to any WordPress issues.

Wpengine has support options such as email, telephone, and a live chat facility. Siteground also has quality support staff which you can contact via ticket system, email, chat, and telephone.

They not only handle issues on open source software programs. Customers from both companies report that they receive quick and efficient feedback.

Who is Winner?

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Speed For Larger WebsitesWPengine
Customer SupportWPengine
🏆 Final WinnerSiteGround

Reviews By Users & Experts Of Both Companies

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Due to the growth of the hosting market, the number of web hosts keeps on increasing, making it hard for new users to keep up with the developments.

We try to simplify your work by comparing different companies against one another and discussing most of the basic features that you should watch out for.

After comparing Wpengine vs. Siteground, we understood why these two web hosts are quite popular. They not only offer exceptional performance and fast loading speeds but also excel in customer support and numerous features.

Wpengine may have costly plans, but it gives WordPress users all the help they need to run their websites successfully.

If you can afford the pricing option from this company and are focusing mainly on WordPress, then Wpengine is for you. It has a simple control panel which is easy to navigate and plans that feature SSL certificates, daily backups, and CDN. Most of the professional bloggers that use WordPress choose this web host.

Siteground, on the other hand, goes beyond WordPress since it allows you to use more content management systems such as Drupal.

This web host stands out due to the use of advanced technology, more customer support options, smart security system, and Cpanel software.

Choosing this web hosting provider lets you enjoy sound performance and plans that come with attractive prices.

Though the refund policy of Siteground is not as impressive as what you get from Wpengine, this company has more options and better services.

From our detailed comparison, we choose Siteground as the winner.

Wpengine vs Siteground

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