WPEngine Coupon 2020: Free 5 Month Deal & Huge Discount Offers

wpengine coupon

We cannot talk about the WP Engine coupon without first talking about the WP Engine hosting service.

Over the years, the web hosting industry has undergone tremendous changes and growth, with web hosts sprucing up the hosting features offered as well as add-ons to snag a top client.

Website builders and hosting for micro-niches are now common features offered by the web hosts, which means that you can finally find web hosting, domain registration, website development, and web marketing tools under one roof.

Today, one of these web hosts is WP Engine. WP Engine is the world’s adding managed WordPress hosting service provider. It boasts a top standing as the managed web hosting solution that gives the best of the digital WordPress platform.

The managed hosting services offered have steadily grown in over 100 countries worldwide, pointing to the rise in the number of WordPress users all over the world.

WP Engine effectively meets the needs of small, medium, and large businesses thanks to its host of hosting features.

So, what should you expect from this web host?

It wasn’t the first web host to hit these streets anyway, so why choose it and not any of the veterans or the newer managed web hosting providers?

Today, 30% of all the websites on the internet run on WordPress, 27%of the leading sites/ high-traffic sites use WordPress, and 60% of all the sites built with a type of CMS make use of WordPress.

Also, there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress developers around you today.

And, WP Engine offers everything you need for the success of your business from actionable intelligence through development and marketing, to enterprise performance via high availability, cloud, high security, and high scalability.

WP Engine also promises the highest level of creative agility through the building, management, personalization, and publishing.

You might also like its ecosystem integration known for its high level of expertise, as well as tech innovation.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that this managed WordPress hosting service boasts over 80,000 active customers spread across over 140 countries.


WordPress is the best thing that the internet’s gifted bloggers and small businesses.

It’s responsible for millions of websites online, and the best news is that it’s making it possible for anyone to create their unique website even without much technical knowledge thanks to the excellent design and the intuitiveness of the platform.

To reinforce the ease of use of WordPress services is WP Engine. WP Engine’s dedicated its hosting to WordPress sites through its managed WordPress hosting services and its whole hosting system now runs on the WordPress platforms.

Now, we know that you cannot wait to check out the featured offered by WP Engine, but before we walk down that road, how about a look at the cost of the hosting service and also a look at why you might want to use the hosting service’s coupon.

WP Engine offers a number of plans to meet the different needs of its clients. So, whether you’re looking for an enterprise solution or you’re only getting started, and you only require the managed WordPress hosting service, this web host has an ideal plan just for you.

There are four plans offered by the web host – Start-up, Growth, Scale, and Custom. All plans start from $35 per month, and you get 60 risk-free days.



The Startup plan is ideal for individuals interested in starting a small business website or a blog. The rates start at a monthly rate of $35, but if you wish to save a little more – say $70, you could opt for the annual prepay option.

What do you get with this basic Startup plan?

Although this is a basic plan, it offers numerous features that will ensure the efficient running of your blog or website.

This plan will give you access to 25.000 visits per month, 10GB local storage, and 50GB of bandwidth for one site.

You will also get a free Genesis Framework, access to over 35 high-quality StudioPress themes, as well as free, transferable sites, LargeFS, Global CDN, and automated SSL Certificates.

You will also enjoy Development, Staging, and Production environments and page performance stats. The hosting service is PHP Latest version.

Some of the available add-ons under this plan include WordPress Multisite, GeoTargetting, content performance, and global edge security, as well as additional site and 24/7 live chat support.

Growth Plan

If you’re looking for the best of managed WordPress Hosting for your growing business, you might like the Growth plan. It starts off at $115 per month, and this plan will also afford you 60 risk-free days.

Under this plan, you could enjoy significant savings of up to $230 (two months of free hosting), if you opt for the annual prepay plan.

This plan offers a number of features that will promote the growth of your business, including:

  • 100,000 monthly site visitors
  • 20GB of local storage
  • 200GB monthly bandwidth
  • 5 websites

It also offers free development, staging, and production environments, the Genesis framework, at least 35 StudioPress themes, transferable sites, a Latest PHP platform, global CDN, and LargeFS.

It also offers great page performance and imported/ automated SSL certificates. They also offer 24/7 phone support, GeoTargeting, WordPress multisite, content performance tracking, extra sites, and global edge security.

Scale Plan

If you wish to scale your website experience with a higher capacity and even higher site limits, the Scale Plan might be the right thing for you.

The rates for this plan start at $290 per month although you could save a lot more money – two months’ hosting valued at $580 if you choose to make an annual prepay.

With this scale plan, you will have access to 400,000 monthly site visits, 30GB of local storage, 400GB monthly bandwidth, as well as access to 15 sites.

Like the Growth plan, the Scale plan comes with free features like genesis framework, at least 35 StudioPress themes, a Latest PHP site, and free environments for development, staging, and production.

You will also enjoy transferable, sites, 24/7 chat support, automated/ imported SSL certificates, global CDN, page performance, LargeFS, as well as 24/7 phone support.

The add-ons available to you under this plan include:

  • GeoTarget
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Content Performance
  • Additional sites
  • Global edge Security

Note that the Scale plan provides the best value in terms of the features available to its users.

Custom Plan

If yours is a mission-critical site or if you run a large business, the Custom plan could be the right plan for you.

This plan offers clients a dedicated environment that delivers a very high-performance website. It also comes with managed onboarding services, and you will also enjoy the fastest responses from the support teams.

The cost of this plan is not defined because of the customization of the features offered. However, this plan gives you access to millions of monthly site visits, between 100GB and 1TB of local storage, monthly bandwidth of at least 400GB, and it also comes with 25 additional sites.

Like the other plans, it comes with free features. The free features include:

  • The genesis framework
  • 24/7 chat and phone support
  • Access to over 35 StudioPress themes, transferable, and latest PHP sites, as well as a LargeFS, global CDN, and page performance.
  • Free imported and automated SSL certificates
  • WordPress Multisite and GeoTarget
  • Launch readiness assessment
  • Environments for development, staging, and production
  • Content performance tracking
  • Consultative onboarding
  • SSH gateway

Some of the add-ons for the customized plan include Global Edge Security, application performance, high availability, 24/7 ticket support, dedicated development environments, and customer success management.

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WP Engine Coupon

By now, you know that this web hosting service provider for WordPress sites offers coupons for clients interested in their different hosting plans.


Why the WP Engine’s coupons?

Despite being a hassle-free hosting service that delivers robust and fast hosting services through their servers that can handle everything, the hosting services/ plan cost significantly more than what’s offered by other web hosts.

The coupon is not only meant to encourage you to subscribe for their services, but it also gives you access to a web hosting world of automatic security updates, daily backups, automatic caching, one-click restore points, daily backups, and one-click staging, among other features.

And with the growing number of the users of this managed hosting plan, you very much deserve the discount.

Note that the coupon/ discount depends on who you get it from. For example, some sites offer 20% discounts off the first payment for the shared plan and even up to free months of free hosting for individuals who make a year-long prepayment.

How to Use your WP Engine Coupon?

The WP Engine coupon helps you get great discounts off the Startup, Growth, and Scale plans.

To enjoy the discount, you need to click on the link that will redirect you to the WP Engine page exclusive for the discounts. Once on the page, you will see the message for the discount code.

You’ll be required to scroll down to the pricing section of the page and then choose your preferred hosting plan – Startup, Growth, or Scale.

Click the Get Started button under the WP Engine’s hosting plan you are interested in. Doing this will take you to another page where you’ll be required to set up your account.

On the right-side column, first, check the page details to verify if your WP Engine discount code has been applied. If the discount has been applied, go to the left side of the page and select the extra options.

There, you need to name your account then select your preferred data center location. You’re also required to provide the details of your name and your email address here.

Next, enter your billing details.

When done, click on the Create My Site button located at the bottom of the page. This action will complete your purchase.

Hosting Service & Features

While WP Engine offers a host of other feature, it’s mainly known for its hosting services.

And now that you know about the WP Engine coupon that could give you up to four months of free hosting, let’s take a look at the top features of this hosting service and why you might want to consider WP Engine’s managed WordPress Hosting services.

It’s the leading WordPress hosting service, which means that its hosting is well-optimized for WordPress. For example, the upgrade of WordPress to WordPress 4, an upgrade that introduced a host of developer features saw WP Engine’s fast response to the upgrade with their instant integration of the WordPress 4 features into its systems.

By doing this, the web host made it possible for its users to stick to the service, and it also pushed many new clients in their direction.

For the security of your website and your files, this web host also offers on-demand and automated backups and the files backed up will be retained for all of 30 days subsequently.

But, this doesn’t mean that you lose your data because you can restore your data with a few clicks.

  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Environment

Your research and analysis of web host will reveal that this web host offers shared hosting.

But, the sharing shouldn’t put you off because unlike other shared web hosting plans you’ve been trying to avoid, WP Engine’s shared hosting assures customers of access to adequate resources.

Also, hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress.

  • Development and Staging Environments

This web host gives you a free website production environment. You also get development and staging environments, which will help you attain a high workflow efficiency.

The staging environment is a function that allows you to run tests and also to assess the site changes critically before your site goes live.

For staging, this host gives you a staging area which has a testing domain that allows you to mirror your website for experiments.

Along with the development environment, you will get to move your website between different environments, thanks to the WP Engine visual interface.

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Genesis/ StudioPress WordPress Themes

In a move to give access to the best hosting services, WP Engine acquired the theme development company StudioPress in July 2018.

This theme production company is known for its production of the popular Genesis Framework, as well as their huge portfolio of the premium WordPress themes.

As a result of this move, WP Engine will now give you access to over 37 of StudioPress’ WordPress themes at no cost. Remember that these themes would otherwise set you back $129. Therefore, WP Engine gives you great value for your money.

What makes these themes special?

These themes made available at no extra cost by WP Engine are some of the best in the web design industry, and they can be used in different industries and categories.

You could use the themes to create your online portfolio, a café site, an e-commerce store, or any other type of blog.


This is the most important concern when it comes to web hosting, and WP Engine doesn’t disappoint.

This web host understands that a minute of downtime will cost you thousands, and an hour-long downtime could cost you more than a few hundred thousand dollars while causing a drop in faith by your customers.

Therefore, WP Engine works hard to ensure a high rate of service availability. Currently, the uptime rate stands at 99.95%.

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Automated backups

Today, data is the most important currency in the world, and you wouldn’t want to lose your data at all. WP Engine understands this fact too; hence, their automated data backups that take place every night.

The backups contain all the WordPress core files, plugins, themes, as well as databases. So, should anything go wrong with your website or blog, you’ll only have to restore data from the previous data point.

The restoration process is easy, and you could also create a full data backup manually, at any time through the WP Engine user portal.

When you create a backup point manually, and before you enforce new changes to your website (for example before you install a new theme or plugin), you get to roll back your site if anything goes wrong.

The backup files are easily accessible using the WP Engine portal, but you could also download the files as a ZIP file, for safekeeping.

Automated software updates

One of the functions performed by WP Engine’s WordPress hosting service is to keep your core WordPress software working at its best.

So, signing up for this web hosting service means that you never have to worry about software or your website being outdated.

The website always uses the latest version of WordPress. The company goes above and beyond the expected by testing all new updates for the WordPress software to make sure that the software is stable. This means that you do not have to worry about your site having problems after an update.

Also on software updates is the fact that the web host gives you the option to defer the installation of a new software release. For example, with the impending release of WordPress 5, as well as the new Gutenberg WordPress editor’s activation, you could ask the web host to defer your software update.

You’ll also be happy to know that the deferral setting gives you 60 extra days during which you get to test the new WordPress before it’s applied to your site.

The only catch with this managed WordPress hosting service is that you have to update the plugins on your own. Plugins are not updated automatically.

Transferable Sites

The WP Engine web host also gives you the ability to make use of its transferable environment to create a working WordPress site. You will use the production, development, and staging environments to create your transferable website.

Note, however, that the transferable websites you create will not count against your hosting plan’s allowance for your sit.

Also, the transferable site is password-protected blocking access. And until the transfer to your client is complete, you cannot make the website public.

If creating a new transferable website, you should consider starting with a fresh WordPress installation although you could also use an existing site (on your account) as the new project’s foundation.

And if you’re a WordPress developer who creates client websites frequently, you might like how easy WP Engine makes you work.

All WordPress installations will be based on the existing configurations for themes, settings, and plugins – saving you time.

So, once your client has access to the site using the demo link provided and if they’re happy with your work, you can finally transfer the site to them. Once transferred, your client will have to create/ set up their WP Engine account and subscribe to a hosting plan for their site to go live.

Note that this transferable site feature is one of the new features offered by WP Engine, and it’s helpful if you’re interested in creating creative websites for your clients.

The GeoTarget Tool

Would you like to display different versions of your blog or website and even the published content to visitors depending on their geographical location? How about the GeoTarget function.

WP Engine offers the GeoTarget tool to help you in content targeting. It detects the location of your visitors, and then it displays to them only the pre-defined content for that location.

This feature comes as a plugin. So, after the installation of the GeoTarget plugin, you have to make use of short codes for the definition of the content in your web pages, posts, or widgets to be displayed to visitors in different locations.

You could also write codes that perform specific/ custom actions, depending on the visitor’s location.  You might also like the fact that you can define the content that’s seen by a specific visitor, based on their postal code.

Why use GeoTarget when you can use the multilingual and the translation plugins?

While WP Engine offers translation and multilingual plugins for the WordPress users, the plugins do not work as well as the GeoTarget tool. GeoTarget’s designed to work with WP Engine’s caching technology, ensuring that your website doesn’t suffer from performance issues when handling different versions of content from your website?

The only catch is that this is not a free feature – it’s a paid add-on in all the hosting plans.

Finally, you might like this web host for its high-level security features through SSL certificates, as well as the site optimization for high performance and top speeds.



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WP Engine Review

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WP Engine delivers stable and high-performance website hosting environments and its extra features like security scanning, automatic backups, and the regular software updates, making the WP Engine coupon the best nudge towards WP Engine managed WordPress Hosting.

Also, the sites and its features are super-easy to use.

WPEngine Summary:
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Ease Of Use
  • Uptime
  • Price/Value
  • Reliability & Support
User Reviews 4.25 (16 reviews)
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