A2 hosting Vs Siteground 2022: Pros & Cons, Comparison, Features

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A2hosting vs Siteground

Do you have a new website or an old one that has slow loading pages?

You need the services of a web hosting provider to improve its condition.

Hosting providers can make your site immune to malware and burst attacks.

As burst attacks continue to be a threat to website owners, choosing a secure web hosting provider should be a priority.

Though there are different web hosting providers in the market, most of them are known to have poor customer service.

Some are too complicated for beginners, while others may not offer the security features that you and your customers may need.

You can, however, find a good web host provider with our help. Picking the wrong web host can affect your business as well as reputation.

Today, we will look at two opponents in the hosting space that seem to offer quality services to website owners.

If you need to switch the web hosts you have been using, this comparison of A2 hosting vs. Siteground can help you find one that can help you meet your needs.

As we compare these companies, we will look at the things that are important for a web host to outshine others. Find out more!


Introduction to A2 hosting


This is an independent company that has been running since 2003. Though the company is based in Michigan, it serves website owners from around the globe.

WordPress.org recommends A2 hosting due to its high performance and excellent customer support. The web host offers a broad range of hosting solutions that can benefit different entrepreneurs.

It is a fast-growing hosting company that has famous bloggers as customers. It offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space for some of the plans.

The web host stands out from the rest due to its powerful features and fast servers. You can get so much more from choosing a plan from this company at a reasonable price.

It prioritizes on reliability and speed and makes use of turbo servers which load faster than non-SSD servers. Click here A2 Hosting Coupon to see available discounts.

A2 hosting has managed to win a lot of hosting awards due to its consistency and high-quality services. It has frequently appeared in the list of the best hosting companies over time.

The company claims to be a developer-friendly hosting provider that is highly versatile.

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Introduction to Siteground


Creating a successful website takes time, and you need to make a lot of considerations. Siteground can simplify the entire process and make it easy for you to increase the conversion rate.

Three university buddies started this company in 2004 in Bulgaria. Since they wanted to take web hosting to a whole new level, they were determined to create a web host that would be faster and safer compared to the already existing companies in the hosting space.

True to their word, these friends managed to create a superior web host that now hosts more than a million domains. Click here SiteGround Coupon to see available discounts.

Most of the customers are happy with the way the company pays close attention to site safety and keeps up with hosting technology trends. The company also offers excellent site speed through the incorporation of different features.

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Complete Overview of Both Companies

A2 HostingSiteGround
1.Starting Price$3.92 per month$3.95 per month
2.Service OfferedWeb Hosting & Domain RegistrationWeb Hosting & Domain Registration
3.Payment MethodsAll types of credit & debit cards. PayPal, bank transfer, PayU, Skrill, UnionPay, checks or money orders.All types of credit cards. Contact SiteGround for Paypal Payment.
4.Coupons20+ A2 Hosting Coupons20+ SiteGround Coupons
5.Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.99%
6.Value For MoneyYesYes
7.SupportVery Good.Very Good.
8.Monthly Payment optionYes.Yes. But not in all plans.
9.Money Back GuaranteeAny Time.30 Days.
10.Free DomainNo. A2 Hosting not offer free domain.No. Siteground not offer free domain.
11.Free Migration ServiceYesYes
12.Free SSLYesYes
13.Account PanelA2 Hosting offer cPanelSiteGround offer cPanel
14.Free BackupsYesYes
15.SSD StorageYesYes
16.Free CDNYes.Yes. By Cloudflare.
17.One-Click InstallersYes. A2 Hosting provide it in cPanel.Yes. SiteGround provide it in cPanel.
18.PopularityA2 Hosting is very popular.SiteGround is also very popular.
19.SecurityVery GoodVery Good
20.Easy to useYesYes
21.Trusted Hosting Provider?YesYes
22.Do we recommendYes. Highly Recommend.Yes. Highly Recommend.
23.ReviewCheck A2 Hosting ReviewCheck SiteGround Review

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What makes an excellent web hosting provider?

Before we compare A2 hosting vs. Siteground, it is crucial that we mention the factors that make a web host great. This information is aimed at helping a new website owner who has never used a web hosting provider before.

Knowing the relevant factors can help you determine if the hosting provider you have been eyeing can help you achieve your company’s needs.

  • Uptime and speed

When you start building a website for your business or personal use, you need to be able to share it easily with the web.

Your website should be able to load as fast as possible so that your visitors do not click back due to slow loading pages.

A slow loading site increases the bounce rate and decreases conversion. A great web hosting provider should boost the speed of your website and ensure that you are always online to help you generate revenue with ease.

  • Pricing

Though you may have an idea of what you need, the pricing of web host will evaluate if it is affordable.

It is always good to have a budget in mind as you compare different web hosts.

Try to choose one that is within your budget to avoid wasting money.

A great web hosting provider should also offer plans that give you value for your money.

  • CMS compatibility

A lot of website users rely on a CMS such as WordPress to grow their customer base. If you are hosting a WordPress-based site, you need to choose a web host that is compatible with this CMS.

Not all the web hosting providers offer this. Apart from WordPress, you may also be interested in using other CMs such as Joomla, Drupal, or OpenCart.

The best web host offers compatibility with such options.

  • Security

This is a great concern that every website owner should take seriously. Statics reveal that hacking attempts take place every 40 seconds.

Though this is alarming, you can secure your website by choosing a great web host.

A good web host is transparent about how they can protect your site through different methods.

How do the two companies compare?

Now that you know what to look for a web host, let us look at A2 hosting vs. Siteground. These two are close competitors in different categories.

Since both companies have some similarities, deciding which of the two is better than the other can be difficult.

Regardless of your need, you should look at each web host from a broad perspective so that you can pick one that is perfect for your website. Read on!

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1. Hosting solutions

Though both Siteground and A2 hosting providing similar solutions, each category is priced differently. These are the hosting solutions that both companies offer and how they differ in regards to their prices.

  • Shared hosting

Most new website owners choose this hosting solution from web hosts. It is a straightforward solution that lets you share server resources with other website owners.

The hosting company you choose configures and maintains the resource management software.

Choosing the shared hosting solution gives you the freedom to do what you want as long as it does not affect other website owners using it.

Both A2 hosting and Siteground ensure that the shared server operates smoothly without any interruptions.

They, however, impose certain limits on every account to avoid any cases of downtime on accounts. If you have less traffic on your site or are just starting out, then shared hosting should work fine.

Both Siteground and A2 hosting may offer shared hosting, but the cost is not the same.

While the shared hosting from A2 hosting costs $ 7.99, the same solution from Siteground goes for $ 9.95.

Though you can use coupon codes to get a cheaper price for this hosting solution, the shared hosting from A2 hosting is still more affordable compared to what you get from Siteground.

  • Reseller hosting

Most of the agencies and freelancers prefer using reseller hosting, which provides them with technical expertise that helps them generate revenue easily.

Both A2 hosting and Siteground offer reseller hosting at different prices. They give you an administrator account where you can create individual hosting accounts as you please.

You get the liberty to dedicate specific resources to every account you create and bill them individually.

If you choose reseller hosting from A2 hosting, you have to pay $19.99 without the coupon code. The company can give you a discount so that you pay $ 13.19 for this hosting solution.

The same hosting solutions cost $ 42 annually in Siteground.

  • Dedicated hosting

If you don’t want to share a server with any other website owner, you can choose this option from either Siteground or A2 hosting.

Large enterprises looking for their own servers prefer dedicated hosting from such superior companies. This contains a lot of features which can help you take your business to the next level.

A2 hosting charges $ 119.99 for this hosting solution while Siteground offers dedicated server plans for about $ 229 monthly. As you can see, A2 hosting is cheaper in each of the hosting solutions it provides.

2. Speed

When a customer keys in your website’s address, the request is transmitted to your web hosting server for the relevant files.

Though different factors affect the speed of your website, it is the responsibility of your web hosting provider to send the files requested to the visitor’s browser without delays.

Research reveals that about half of the site’s visitors leave pages that fail to load within seconds.

Though you can prevent this by compressing some of the images in your website, the web host you use should also help out.

These two web hosting providers can deliver speed to your site to help you grow your business. Siteground has speeds of up to 713 ms, which may not be the fastest but relatively good.

All the hosting plans of Siteground make use of solid-state drives, which also boost the speed and performance of your site.

The company also offers speed technologies such as PHP7, HTTP/2, and free CDN that can also affect the speed of your site.

A2 hosting, on the other hand, offers turbo packages which ensure that your pages can load up to 20 times faster than using any other web hosts.

This web host also makes use of advanced techniques and caching to prevent slow internet speeds.

3. Uptime

You can only drive traffic to your site if you choose a web host that offers excellent uptime.

This factor is important since it ensures that your website will always be online round the clock so that you don’t miss out on a customer who wants to make purchases out of your site going offline.

A2 hosting promises to give you 99.9% uptime. It has privately owned servers with some data centers in different regions, including Michigan and Singapore. Like A2 hosting, Siteground has 99.99% uptime.

The software of this company tries to minimize downtime by offering real-time detection automatically.

It also provides automated instant reaction so that issues on server performance can be solved instantly without the need for human interaction.

Such innovations in regards to uptime, make Siteground more superior in this aspect compared to A2 hosting. The server monitoring program that Siteground offers can save time as well as prevent your site from going offline.

4. Ease of use

Not everyone is experienced in using web host services, and a good company should provide room for such customers. Both A2 hosting and Siteground have a cPanel platform which gives you access to the web hosting accounts.

This interface allows you to manage your account and perform different actions. They feature 1- click installers to simplify the process of installing different website scripts.

You can also adjust passwords or utilize interesting apps from this interface.  According to users from both companies, A2 hosting and Siteground offer a user-friendly Cpanel that is easy to navigate.

5. CMS management

WordPress is famous for powering more than 30% of the web.

Whether you would like to use WordPress or other CMSs, both companies provide you with apps such as Softaculous that allows you to install different CMSs, including Magento and OpenCart.

If you choose to work with A2 hosting, the company can manage WordPress on your behalf. They can handle all the technical aspects involved in this CMS so that you can focus on creating high-quality content that can resonate with your viewers.

The managed WordPress package from this company goes for $ 11.99 monthly. It comes with all the benefits included in the rest of the hosting plans.

Siteground was also designed to offer CMS compatibility. Choosing this web host for your WordPress site lets you enjoy automated daily backups.

Each plan in Siteground includes WordPress installations. This differs from A2 hosting, which enables you to choose the managed WordPress option for a single website.

6. Features

The features of a web hosting provider form the backbone of the company. In this A2 hosting vs. Siteground review, we see that two web hosts offer numerous features for beginners and advanced website developers.

While some features are similar in both companies, others are unique to either of the web hosts.

For instance, both companies offer standard features such as unlimited bandwidth on some of the plans, daily backups, 24/7 monitoring, and free email account.

While Siteground offers SSD storage, A2 hosting provide RAID 10 storage. Siteground also boosts its performance by providing OpCache and latest PHP Version.

When you choose this web host, it lets you install website builders such as Weebly in a few clicks. You get a drag-and-drop editor that puts you in control of your site.

The web host also offers staging environments which allow you to test different services beforehand.

A2 hosting, on the other hand, offers unique hosting solutions. For instance, you get the freedom to select between Linux and Windows hosting.

Caching is a unique feature that this web host discovered to boost web experience for every user. It also makes use of quadruple redundant network which allows you to remain connected regardless of the status of data center links.

A2 hosting also tries to minimize its carbon footprint by using the geothermal cooling system. While this company is carbon neutral, Siteground does not take such measures.

A2 hosting is more versatile when it comes to the features that it provides compared to Siteground.

7. Security

We mentioned the importance of safety to website owners.

Whether you choose to work with Siteground or A2 hosting, you can be assured that your website will not be susceptible to attacks. Both companies take security measures to protect your site.

The plans available in A2 hosting and Siteground come with SSL certificates which handle data encryption to boost security. They also offer free backup restores for some of the plans.

A2 hosting also makes use of 256-bit encryption to add a new layer of security while Siteground has a proprietary tool known as Al-bot prevention system, which keeps your site safe from different types of attacks.

When we compare the two companies in regards to security, we see that A2 hosting has more encryption options than Siteground.

8. Pricing

Each of the two web hosts has different price points for their plans. A2 hosting has a lot of plans that you can choose from. The most basic plan from this company costs as low as $ 3.92.

Its plans come with free site transfers as well as optimization options. Though Siteground excels in different aspects, it has limitations when it comes to its plans. Its startup plan goes for $ 3.95.

Unlike A2 hosting, this plan from Siteground is limiting since it comes with 10GB. If you choose this plan, you can only have about 10,000 visitors on the plan per month.

A2 hosting is more favorable in this category compared to Siteground since it offers more storage for its plans as well as better control.

You can easily grow your website by choosing an ideal plan from A2 hosting. The company gives you both managed and unmanaged plans at a reasonable price.

Though plans from Siteground have some limitations, the company offers high-quality services, thus giving you value for your money.

Both companies also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for customers who are not contented with their services. It means that you can test the services of each of the two web hosts without risking your cash.

They also offer different payment options, including buying plans through the use of credit cards.

9. Customer support

When using the services of a web host, you will probably need representatives of the company to address different issues. This is where customer service comes in.

Most customers have been raising concerns regarding how different web hosts are flawed when it comes to customer support.

When we look at A2 hosting vs. Siteground, we see that both hosts try to minimize such complaints by offering excellent support options.

A2 hosting has employed professionals who have a lot of knowledge regarding everything you should know about the company and its services. It can help you deal with any technical issues you may have during website setup and hosting.

The web host provides different support options such as live chat facility, ticket system and phone lines for users to get instant feedback.

You can talk to friendly technicians any time since they operate 24/7. The company also allows you to pick a server near you. Most customers report that they get replies from this web host within 3 minutes.

Siteground offers great competition when it comes to how it serves its customers. The company also makes use of similar support options to address the needs of each client. Most customers also find this company highly responsive across its wide range of channels.

The company has also invested in knowledgeable employees that can train developers. You can also make use of the available tutorials to learn more on web hosting services.

Who is Winner?

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Hosting SolutionsA2 Hosting
SpeedA2 Hosting
Ease Of UseBoth
CMS ManagementSiteGround
FeaturesA2 Hosting
SecurityA2 Hosting
PricingA2 Hosting
Customer SupportSiteGround
🏆 Final WinnerA2 Hosting

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From our A2 hosting vs. Siteground comparison, it is clear that both web hosts have a lot of unique features that can provide room for different business sizes.

Individuals and large enterprises trying to grow their websites can benefit from choosing either of the two companies. A2 hosting is ideal for e-commerce companies, individuals, and small business.

This has a lot of features and customizable hosting packages that make it suitable for such categories.

Siteground, on the other hand, is a high-quality web host ideal for developers looking for flexibility. The company guarantees you consistent uptime and offers advanced technical features that boost the security of your site.

Though both of the companies have a lot to offer, we choose Siteground as the winner in this comparison. This web host continuously improves its hosting infrastructure to give users high-quality performance throughout.

Though you may not get freebies from Siteground, it has everything you need to enhance your website. If you need a more affordable when hosting provider, then you should choose A2 hosting.

A2hosting vs Siteground
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