Story of The Blogger That Every Blogger Can Relate To

Story of The Blogger That Every Blogger Can Relate To

Bloggers are perceived to lead a totally different lifestyle than those in other professions. This does hold good in lots of places because to begin with bloggers get to work with flexible time schedules. Indeed, to get more consistent at blogging you would have to set daily schedules but you have the freedom to flex your time and even take leaves when required.

Being a professional blogger means so many other things than just flexible work timings and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Blogging life could be very different for two different bloggers

There are some who own a blog and keep adding content. There are others who leave behind the responsibility of blog management and choose to blog for other companies instead.

Ghostwriting is one such category where the ownership of the content is also given up in return for steady revenue.

When you own a blog you have the flexibility to earn revenue in more than one way. There are advertisers with whom you can collaborate or even make use of the many free ways to earn money from blogs.

It all begins with the creation of your blog which is very simple. And there are methods to create a blog that does not cost you anything.

Your deadlines, the themes or the niches that you work on and the writing style might all depend on the type of blogging you undertake.

When you blog for a company that has outsourced its content creation module, then you would have to stick with the given deadlines and also adhere to the expected writing styles. For independent bloggers, there is a higher level of freedom in work.

Before you become a professional blogger, before you take the big leap here are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

  • First few days into blogging might be zero income days for most bloggers. Can you afford to post content without expecting any revenue from it? Do you have another job or even a gig to back it up?
  • Have you finalized your niche?
  • Have you sharpened your SEO skills?
  • What is your plan for widening your network?
  • Have you set timelines for achieving various milestones of your blog?
  • Have you chosen the blogging site?
  • Do you have a budget allotted for maintaining your blog or would you prefer a free blog?

Once you are sure about your blogging career and once you start generating sufficient income you can give up on your full time or part time job and take up blogging as your full-time profession.

This does take some time and patience. And it also takes a lot of quality content for you to get stable in blogging.

Remember that blogging is an ongoing process. You would have to keep producing content that is better than the previous content and keep giving posts that would intrigue the audience.

Only when the audience keeps yearning for more from your blog would they consistently return to your blog site and check all your posts.

So always being on the lookout for what the internet users are reading, what they use the blog sites for and what type of information they want are what the bloggers do.

The one mistake that most bloggers might relate to

Every blogger tries to establish a unique style a style that makes the blog stand out and appear different from all the similar ones out there. Even if you manage to create a unique style that is like no other existing blogs there might be a new blogger who ends up copying your style.

So if you wish to strengthen your branding as a blogger you should also seek legal advice on intellectual property protection and in the process of obtaining copyrights and trademarks.

These are also very useful when you begin using photographs. The copyrights would prevent others from using the photographs on your blog site.

This is a very critical step especially for bloggers in niches like travel and cooking. You cannot risk anyone using the photo of the dish you prepared after putting so much efforts or you cannot risk anyone using images that you captured traveling far and wide.

Protection of IP is something that most bloggers ignore. But remember that instead of learning it the hard way to learn from the mistakes of the other bloggers and do not let your efforts and creativity be credited to someone else.

The blogging lifecycle that most bloggers relate to

To begin with, there might be several hurdles and several stages of friction that every blogger faces. The thing that ignites the whole idea of getting into blogging could be different for different bloggers. But you might have ideas flooding your brain but when it comes to execution you should be ready to aim high and overcome the obstacles.

You might not get the audience you expect. Your blog might not get the traffic you expect. This might not attract advertisers in the beginning. All of these happened even to the bloggers who are very successful today. A little patience, oodles of efforts and smart approach are all you need to get better at professional blogging.

Writer’s block – every blogger’s nightmare

One other thing that every blogger can relate to is the writer’s block. This does happen to most people in art. Creativity might not be flowing when your mind is preoccupied or when you are exhausted. A short vacation as a cure for writer’s block is something that most bloggers swear by as an effective one.

Give your mind something else to focus on. This brief moment of detachment helps your brain regain the connection and thus allow your ideas to start flowing again. This would also result in better blogs. And when you get back after a break you would also have some new story to share with your viewers.

Continue to stay active on your social media page even when you are on a break and you can use this time to share your old posts and increase the traffic.

Story of The Blogger That Every Blogger Can Relate To

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