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Let us start with a simple question.

How frequently do you buy a book or a magazine?

What is the purchase process of a book?

Now, most of you will think that what it has to do with blogging. In fact, there is everything that you need to know is from the example itself.

According to a survey, around 80% of the respondents are found to buy books which their friends or relatives have recommended.

This makes the process easy and less time-consuming.

However, when the similar sample was asked to buy the books on their own, it has been recorded that 60% of the sample tend to buy books based on the cover itself, whereas only 20% would prefer to read the initial chapters to decide whether or not to buy a book.

The rest of the sample tends to buy books which are authored by famous writers and novelists.

So, what can you infer from the survey stated above?

Most of the people on this planet tend to get attracted to a book based on its cover and design.

Now, consider your blog to be a book and the various posts are the chapters of the books.

Then, what will be its cover?

It is the template or the design of the blog that acts as your book cover.

Moreover, it is the first thing that people notice when they land on your page.

The rationality of templates

While considering various elements in a blog and how to increase traffic, there are three important aspects.

The first one is the blog design followed by writing style and moderation of your blog.

But, this article primarily focuses on the templates and design of a blog and the benefits that can be derived.

Similar to writing style and moderation, the blog design can also be improved.

There are several premium quality templates that one can implement to attract for visitors including the first time readers.

But, many bloggers become sceptical whenever it comes to templates.

There are free and paid options for templates and mostly initial bloggers tend to stick to the free version reducing the overhead expenses.

But, that does not only reduce the expense but also tend to reduce the traffic.

As already mentioned, 60% of the population tend to subscribe to a blog whose templates are ergonomic and attractive.

So, getting a premium looking template might help your blog receive more attention from the viewers.

But, the constraint that most of the young bloggers face is the cost of purchasing a premium looking template.

However, there are many web developers who are developing premium looking templates for free.

So, you can download them and apply the themes to your blogs to impart more professional and elegant look.

Premium looking blogger templates

Following are top 10 premium looking free blogger templates which are available.

These themes are SEO-friendly and free of cost that will certainly improve the way your blog looks.

  • Bresponsive Blogger:

Bresponsive Blogger template is an elegant and effective blogger theme which comes free of cost with a premium look.

It has an extensive design template which caters to different blogging themes.

You can create templates pertaining to the theme of your blog.

Some of the default blog templates are for technology and fashion blogs.

The template is Adsense ready. So, install it to start acquiring more viewers and generate more revenue.

  • Fast Gear Blog Template:

Fast gear blog template is a search engine optimization friendly template particularly designed for consuming fewer data.

The template not only looks elegant but is also compact which makes it mobile friendly.

This simple template is very simple but the layout is enriching.

If you want to write something for a fashion blog, the template serves the best.

  • Dex:

Dex is another template developed by some creative web developers which require a little money involvement.

However, there is a demo version available on the internet and you can download it.

It works seamlessly on the blogger platform and allows you to customize the font, colour, and layouts.

There are eight pre-defined layouts which are Fashion template, Travel blog template, Creative blog template, Photography template, Personal blog template, and Portfolio blog template.

  • Lummox:

Lummox hits the sweet spot of blogger templates with two column layout, publish date, and stylish labels.

  • Elice:

Elice is another responsive blogger theme available for free around the internet.

It entails various premium features without costing you anything.

Some of the features are a sleek sidebar, ergonomic template, opt-in form on the homepage, clear, and concise.

The blogger template is also SEO optimized with fast loading pace.

The comment section is threaded which allows segregating different comments.

It is practically useful for blogging niche but can be applied to any form.

  • Gordon:

Gordon is a simple yet elegant template with two column layout and beautiful social buttons.

  • Copy Blogger V2:

Copy Blogger V2 is the second generation of the Genesis child theme which is a paid template.

But, the Copy Blogger V2 is absolutely free and has enriched features which are off the edge and at par with this generation.

The template has a responsive design and drops down navigation menu.

The custom e-mail subscription widget helps you to monitor the subscribers and you can also manage the icon according to your needs.

  • Balance:

Balance is a responsive blogger theme which ranks among the likes of Elice.

The template has a clean look and the posts will be shown in a grid with the latest posts at the top and larger space followed by previous stories in small thread grids.

Other features are threaded comments and drop down navigation.

  • Magazon:

Magzon is an attractive template which imparts a professional look.

It has an add-in cart from where you can add features according to your liking.

  • Movie blogger template:

Movie blogger template is especially a premium looking layout if your blog posts are related to review movies or cover stories of videos all over the world.

There is a feature of adding videos to your blog so that you can add clips as well as write about a facet of a video or a movie.


So, these are the ten premium-looking free blogger templates which are designed to cater to your blogging needs and glue your first-time readers at the very instant.

best blogger templates
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