Why Aweber Blog Broadcast Feature Is Not Useful?

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Aweber Blog Broadcast Feature

To understand the article better, we should first know what AWeber Email marketing is. If you are a blogger, you have a lot of pressure hovering over you to attract more and more public and improve your marketing results.

One of the ways to go about it is Email marketing that people can do through many emailing tools out of which AWeber is an important email tool.

This tool has been in the market since a long time, from around 1998 and still is the first choice of many among many email marketing tools, the reason being the user-friendliness and the smooth management of the tool.

Even the non-professionals, in this case, can use the tool pretty easily.

AWeber uses email broadcasting to the general public for the companies that see its help. Though there are many advantages of using the tool, you can find some disadvantages as well.

Why do businesses consider Email broadcasting important to improve their market value?

To understand the whole subject of the article, let’s start with the basics first. Why email?

With so many people using email today, it becomes a very powerful and useful source of connecting with the people. This is also a very personal way of getting in touch with the company’s target audience.

There are many other reasons why email broadcasting is important and should be used in marketing, such as :

Works better than social media:

Social media is indeed an important and easy way to communicate in today’s world and has become a very important part of company promotions and marketing strategies.

But when it comes to increasing the number of customers or supporters or even trying to increase the number of members to a certain group or program, emails work best.

Moreover, people still consider it to be the best and the most formal way of initiating something that could be long-lasting. Mails are classier ways to invite people and have a long lasting impression as well.

Inexpensive and user-friendly:

Mails have been and still are very easy to use and are of course cost effective. You don’t have to pay anything to be on any of the mailing sites and can use them as much as you want.

For a business with a smaller turnover, emails stand to be a better way to promote their brand or product instead of turning to TV or radio ads that could cost a lot of money.

Also, traditional marketing strategies such as printing, posters, etc. can also cost a lot compared to just forwarding simple and formal emails to your target audience.

Easy to act:

Emails have been pretty much action oriented. Almost everyone is trained to reply, send or forward on their emails with a lot of ease.

This encourages customers to a one to one interaction with the sender and provides a more personalized review of the brand. You get detailed views from your customers that allow you to build trust and a better relationship with them.

How does email broadcasting work?

AWeber focuses on passing emails on a large scale that helps build up brand quality and trust among the customers.

Tools like this have been designed to capture emails belonging to the subscriber and message them directly regarding the business or the theme of the blog.

This is a very important asset for businesses that have been set up online and depend on the traffic that responds to their emails and messages.

They get to communicate with their potential and already present customers regarding the products and services they offer.

Tools that have target emails are sometimes counted as spams by many customers because of their regularity.

AWeber, however, unlike many other email tools takes double confirmation from the subscribers to exclude them from the spammers online.

This is done to confirm that the customers do want to receive the information. This also ensures that you will not be ignored and be kept as a spam, at least for the initial days.

Why is the feature not successful?

AWeber has many features that can be used by businessmen online. Blog broadcast feature on AWeber, however, can be a bummer for many as it fails to perform the requisites a lot of times.

This mainly happens because the AWeber sends your potential customers and recipients emails every day from the same address. This results in them ignoring the emails, let alone opening them and responding to them.

Not just the sender, but the email title of the mail also stays the same which makes the recipients lose interest even faster. The above process or tactic is expected to work if the mail is sent once in 3-4 days instead of every day.

With such regularity and so many emails being from the same sender gets to the customers’ nerves and the brand starts to lose the important sooner.

The feature, which was designed to get in touch with the customers, becomes a problem for them later. Therefore, it stays unsuccessful.

What can work instead?

If you have subscribed to some blogs, you must be getting emails from them every once in a while in which you find some good information to read on and learn new things about the topic.

This seems fun as it doesn’t happen every other day. You are expected to take some positive action on such emails if they don’t bother you and present them once a week or regularly if and only if something important comes up.

Also, such emails have a different topic to introduce you to every time that provokes you to open and read the mail.

Blog broadcasting can be improved if this feature is looked and worked upon. The brand is still a big hit in the business market and people consider it to be the best among the rest. The one feature that has bothered the customers and well as the companies are the regular spamming which can be improved quite easily.

Aweber Blog Broadcast Feature
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