My Experiment of Buying Paid Traffic From Different Ad Networks

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Experiment of Buying Paid Traffic From Different Ad Networks

It is the dream of every business owner and website to have sufficient website traffic for their website and it is very challenging to have the desired number of traffic in a website.

There are different methods like content marketing, SEO and other advertisement campaigns which you can use in order to get web traffic for your website.

But, business owners today look for other easy alternatives to increase the number of web traffic for their website. One such popular method is paid traffic. This is the type of web traffic that you can get in unlimited quantity upon certain payment.

People used guest posting, SEO, and ad campaigns to drive in more traffic to the website.  But now things have changed a lot and people are now using a variety of methods to drive in web traffic to their website.

But the matter of fact is that people are now looking for targeted traffic instead of organic traffic.

This is only possible when you buy the paid traffic. The premium site offers you with targeted paid traffic when you buy from them.

In the recent past it has been observed that social media is contributing greatly towards web traffic rising and there are many social platforms that offer a variety of advertising solutions.

All these platforms and the influx of traffic can be used to promote the social presence and also drive in more traffic to your website.

However, it is necessary for you to ensure that the web traffic that you are buying is from superior sources, but not from the cheaper sources online.

It is always better to spend some extra money and get more quality and targeted traffic which are reliable and trustworthy.

If you are also planning to buy traffic for your website ensure to check for the below mentioned sources and if you have any suggestion regarding the sources to purchase paid traffic feel free to mention it in the comment section.

StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon is the social platform which is the popular source to get some paid and premium web traffic. This is the platform which keeps on changing and updating their strategies in a bid to increase the influx of web traffic.

This platform offers you with organic traffic and it is estimated that the website offer you with above 10K traffic per day.

StumbleUpon is the self-serving ad platform and all you need to do is to add the link of your website and set the specific budget for the campaign. The rest of the things will be done by the platform itself.

It will start sending you the required number of web traffic. This may seem easy and faster method to increase the web traffic of your website.

If you are a huge entrepreneur and can afford to spend above 10K dollars per month, then there are some additional features that this platform has to offer.

The best part of StumbleUpon ads is that it helps in driving in more and more organic traffic if the paid traffic voted for the promoted content on your website.

But you need to keep in mind that the ads won’t work efficiently with all types of posts. So, you need to ensure that the post is related and it works smoothly with the StumbleUpon ads.

There are few factors which you need to keep in mind to increase your success.
  • Ensure to post the content that is scan-able
  • You need to place the StumbleUpon badge on the post and it must work as reminder to the VoteUp
  • The content you post must be visually attractive
  • You must list your post with headings like 21 Best or Top 10 and more
  • Users of StumbleUpon are usually bored with the same content, so ensure to provide something interesting and engaging for them

The Reddit Ads

Reddit is the popularly used social platform over the internet today. The links that are having the likes naturally on this social platform are likely to have more and more web traffic to their website.

This social platform also offers you with advertisement options and it is referred as Promote on Reddit. It is really very simple and easy to develop ad campaigns on Reddit and the users are offered with the option to choose the target traffic based on their Sub-Reddit.

But when the targeting is usual the options are also limited.

But it is necessary for the users to first understand the concept of Reddit and how it uses the ad campaigns to promote the content of a link.

You are required to make the payment prior to starting the ad campaigns and ensure to post the link once you get the approval after payment.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is considered to be the best platform for detriment campaigns. It is the platform from where advertisers usually purchase web traffic and it is also used for advertising their products and services on social media.

You are required to pay for the Facebook ads and also need to buy the likes for your Facebook page. You also need to pay the platform for updating your status and ensure that all you recent update reach out the audience.

This way it increases the web traffic and you get more organic traffic for your blogs and posts. Once you become successful you can use Facebook to drive in more traffic to your website and you will see that your website is getting targeted web traffic for your blogs.

What to Promote with Paid Traffic?

There are several things that you can promote with the use of paid traffic. You can use it to get more email subscribers and app installs and more.

The prime ROI of your ads is when your traffic converts into your prospects and offer you some business for making some profit. You can do anything that you want to do with the paid traffic.

It will help boost your online presence and increase the credibility of your blogs online.

Experiment of Buying Paid Traffic From Different Ad Networks
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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