How to Get Media.Net Approval Fast for Your Blog or Website

Get Fast Approval on Media Net

If you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting from Google Adsense, you can consider signing up with

Although Adsense is still the number one choice for monetizing websites through display advertising, many site owners are looking for an alternative or a complement to this ad network. is the contextual advertising network of Yahoo and Bing.

Although these two search engines do not have the same widespread reach as Google, is still the second-largest global contextual ad network.

Their roster of publisher clients includes Reuters, MSN, Forbes, Ziff Davis and The Street.

Advantages of

Some of the reasons to consider include:

  • Broad advertising pool: attracts some of the biggest online advertisers, ensuring that the ads displayed are of a very high quality.

  • You are assigned a dedicated Account Manager:

If you are just learning how to monetize your blog, your Account Manager will provide you with the assistance you need to succeed.

If you follow their suggestions, you are sure to grow your ad revenue.

  • You are provided with native ads that suit your content:

Unlike those from other ad publishers, ensures that ads placed on your site are not intrusive.

The ads are designed to blend with your content to provide website visitors with a seamless user experience.

You don’t need to change the layout of your site.

  • Outstanding ad targeting: uses algorithms that constantly self-optimize to analyze your content.

This allows them to better match it with relevant ads that are related to your niche.

Thus, you will get more clicks and enjoy increased revenues.

  • Adaptive ad units:

Once approves your application, you will be sent a single ad tag.

This lets you create ads of various types and sizes.

You may even be offered custom ads if your account performs well. ads are adaptable to any type of device so that they would display properly on different screen sizes.

  • Ad designs are high converting: ads are designed to look like navigation menus, which generates a high click-through rate.

  • You can place ads on sidebar zones that are sticky or fixed:

This is a practice that is prohibited by Google Adsense but can potentially earn you a four-figure income on

  • compliments Google AdSense:

Even if you are already doing well on AdSense, you can use to provide you with additional ad revenue.

It can provide you with additional ad inventory since it has a lot of unique ad unit sizes that are not covered by Google.

You can build on your present ad earnings.

  • Other:

On the other hand, uses a two-click revenue system.

This means that the first click will bring users to a landing page.

You will only get paid once they click on a second link. This makes earning revenue a little bit harder.

Things to Avoid

Unfortunately, it seems that it is very difficult to get approved by In fact, you may even know someone who has been rejected by the service.

The reason is that they are very strict about their terms of service.

They have a lot of conditions that will automatically result in your site being disapproved.

For instance, if the majority of your traffic comes from outside of North America or the UK you will not be approved.

The same thing goes if the majority of your content is not in English.

The reason is that 90% of’s traffic by ad spend comes from the US, with another 5% coming from Canada and the UK.

There are also a number of topics that will automatically cause your site to be rejected.

You will also be turned down if you have links to sites with these topics.

  • Pornography
  • Promotion and/or sale of prohibited drugs
  • Gambling
  • Violence
  • Promoting hatred
  • Promoting or selling counterfeit or fake products
  • Hacking and/or piracy

In addition, your site will also be turned down if it has primarily user-generated content and forums that are unregulated.

You should also not apply if your site has just started. And, if your site has just become active and many pages are still construction, don’t bother.

The reason is that requires that your site attract a certain amount of traffic before they consider you.

Although they do not specify an exact number of visitors, ask yourself if your site already has a regular amount of daily traffic. will likely not approve you if you don’t have enough traffic to make it worth it for advertisers to place their ads on your site.

What you should not do is to buy traffic or use other unethical methods in an attempt to boost your numbers. Avoid surfing bots and click-exchange programs.

If a lot of your traffic comes from non-human sources, it may result in automatic disapproval of your application.

How to Get Approved

Now that you know what to avoid, here are some of the things that you can do to make it more likely that will approve your application:

Have a lot of high-quality content on your site. According to the, sites they approve should have a substantial amount of premium content that is regularly updated.

The content should also be original to your site and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties.

What kind of premium content should you put on your site? It should be something that will be useful for your site users.

It should also be written in grammatically correct English and be as free of typographical errors as possible. In addition, the content should not be too short (around 500 to 1000 words should be alright).

How often should you post new content?

If possible, try uploading new content every day for 30 days before you apply.

After you are approved, continue posting new content regularly.

Include essential pages on the site. These include:

  • About Us. Briefly introduce yourself and what your site or blog is about.
  • Contact Us. Include details of how users can get in touch with you. You can also allow users to send a message to you on the page.
  • Privacy Policy. This policy describes how you collect data from site visitors and how you will use it. This is an importantway of assuring visitors that they can trust you by being transparent with them. Although it is a legal document, you should do your best to make it as readable as possible.

Don’t place too many ads on your site:

If there are too many ads on a page, the user will become overwhelmed.

They may decide to leave the page since it is not giving them a good user experience. Even if they stay, your users may develop “banner blindness”, which means that they will ignore your ads.

If you have been approved, will allow up to three ad placements per page.

This is seen as the optimum number since it allows users to enjoy a good experience when surfing the site while still ensuring the best placement to generate clicks from interested visitors.

Thus, before you apply, look at your ad placements. Consider how your users would view them, and how they would affect the user experience.

In fact, there are some experts who advise you to turn off your ad placements for a few days before you apply for

Avoid unethical practices on your site. If you have been using so-called ‘black hat’ SEO practices, you should stop these immediately. Your site will be manually reviewed and the reviewers will likely discover what you have been doing.

If you have been approved, one thing you should definitely not do is to engage in any questionable practices to get ad clicks.

Don’t click on the ads or pay/incentivize other people to click on them. In addition, use only Click This/Here and not alternative phrases that might be deceptive.


You should not expect too much from

If you are actively monetizing your site, you will probably still get most of your ad revenue from Google Adsense.

However, if you have sites that appeal to a niche audience or occupy a narrow market segment, you might do well with

It is definitely the best among the various Adsense alternatives, and a good way to earn incremental income from sites whose audience are primarily users from North America and the UK.

Get Fast Approval on Media Net

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