50 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for Free Quickly

Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for Free Quickly

Despite the 140 character limit, Twitter still remains to be one of today’s social media powerhouses.

With over 326M people logging on to Twitter every month, It’s one of the best platforms to get your message out there.

Also, if you play your cards right, it can connect you with influencers who can help you increase brand awareness.

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head honcho for a fortune 500 company, being on Twitter has tons of benefits.

But keep in mind that your Twitter success is dependent on the number of *quality* followers you have.

And we’re not talking about buying followers just for the sake of having a lot of followers, but really going the extra mile to attract followers who would turn to qualified leads someday.

50 Quick Tips to Get Twitter Followers FREE!

  1. Have a compelling and complete bio. Most people will decide whether or not to follow an account based on what they see on the bio.
  2. Include relevant keywords and hashtags in your bio if you want to be found. It will help increase your visibility on Twitter search results.
  3. Use only real photos to show who you are. Research shows that people are more likely to follow accounts that use images of people than logos. Let people know that there’s a real person representing your brand.
  4. Include your real location. It doesn’t just show people that you’re real, but it will also win you followers in your local community.
  5. Create your own branded hashtags and make sure to include it when tweeting about your company. The more creative or witty the hashtag, the better.
  6. Follow expert accounts in your niche.
  7. Follow more real people – make it a daily habit! Be the first to follow someone because it’s still one of the most effective ways to make an introduction.
  8. Upload your email contacts list on Twitter and follow the people you already know. Since you already know them in real life, you might as well connect on Twitter.
  9. Help people out. Look for #crowdsourcing posts where you can share your expertise with people who are looking for advice. Being genuinely helpful is guaranteed to win you some followers.
  10. Share great content with your followers. People go on Twitter to be informed so be generous with valuable content that you find online.
  11. Tell your brand story. Everyone loves a great story so if your brand story is one for the books, share it on Twitter.
  12. Write attention-grabbing headlines but be careful not to go overboard by making big claims that you can’t deliver.
  13. Always tweet with a purpose. Don’t just tweet your selfie or a picture of your lunch if you don’t have a meaningful message to back it up.
  14. Aim for clarity. Make every tweet matter. Remember, you only have limited characters to get your message across.
  15. Have a positive and upbeat tone. Just because you’re talking to people using text, doesn’t mean that you can’t show off your pleasing personality.
  16. Take a different approach. If a specific technique isn’t working for you, try other ways to get your message across. Maybe your followers respond better to tweets with images than those that are purely text.
  17. Analyze your followers so that you can tailor fit your Twitter content to their needs and wants. If you want to gain more genuine followers, people need to feel like you understand them.
  18. Optimize your tweets with keywords. Keywords are still the best way to make sure that people find your content on search.
  19. Engage on Twitter chats. It’s a good place to start if you want to listen in on what’s going on in your niche. It’s also one of the best ways to establish your credibility as an expert if you have anything valuable to share about a given topic.
  20. Start your own Twitter chat but make sure that you start a conversation that is actually worth talking about. Try riding on trending topics.
  21. Include relevant hashtags on your tweets. According to social media experts, tweets that use hashtags get more engagement than those that don’t.
  22. Be creative with introductions. Don’t just write “thanks for the follow” on a person’s tweet. Also, don’t send generic DMs to everyone who follows you. Take time to send back a personal response.
  23. Aim for familiarity. When crafting tweets, try not to sound too technical. People follow personalities or brands that they feel they can trust and be friends with.
  24. Use tools like Twiend to look for followers with similar interests. To win the Twitter game, you need to constantly find new people to connect with.
  25. Include links in your tweets. Studies show that tweets that include links are more likely to get retweeted than regular tweets.
  26. Promote your blog articles on Twitter. It makes for great branded content and shows people that you have something valuable to share with the community.
  27. Hit two birds with one stone! Instagram has a feature that allows you to automatically post your IG content on Twitter. Keep your Twitter followers up to date with your IG feed by cross-posting your IG posts on Twitter.
  28. Include an appropriate photo or a GIF with your tweet. People, in general, notice tweets with images more.
  29. Feel free to @mention other people in your tweets. Do it the right way and it’s a good strategy to increase your reach. Limit your mentions to retweeting someone’s highly-valuable content and asking or replying to questions. Avoid mentioning someone just to promote yourself.
  30. Don’t be shy to ask followers for retweets. It’s straightforward and people are more likely to do what is asked of them when there’s a call-to-action.
  31. Retweet others too. Not only does it foster a sense of familiarity on Twitter, but it shows people that you’re listening to what they have to say. Spread the love by being generous with your retweets.
  32. Take advantage of peak hours (1pm-3pm) and the weekend. Research shows that people on Twitter are most engaged during the peak hours of 1pm-3pm and the weekends. If you want your valuable tweets to get the most exposure, schedule them to go live during these times.
  33. Use a social media marketing tool like Hootsuite to automatically post tweets. This way, you can focus on your other marketing tasks without ever neglecting your Twitter tasks.
  34. Promote your twitter account via your other social media accounts
  35. Embed a Twitter follow button on your website. This is a good way to show social proof and also invite web visitors to follow you on Twitter.
  36. Tweet inspirational quotes every once in a while. No matter how cliche it seems, people will never get enough of feel-good content like motivational quotes and stories.
  37. Make sure that you respond to tweets publicly. It sends the signal that you care enough about your followers to reply to them one by one.
  38. Use tools like Social Mention to check what other users are saying about you or your brand. This way, you can acknowledge people’s good comments and clarify or address the bad ones.
  39. Pin your most popular or engaging tweet on top of your stream. Since it’s the first thing that people will see when they visit your profile, it’s a good way to give your most active and engaging tweet extra mileage.
  40. Invite your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter. Since you’re already connected through your newsletter, it won’t hurt to ask them to follow you on Twitter as well.
  41. Expand your network with #FF (Follow Friday). It’s one of the most popular hashtag events where people suggest accounts to follow. Play the role of connector and you’ll increase your followers in no time.
  42. Tweet your most valuable content multiple times. A tweet’s lifespan is only around 18 minutes so don’t be shy about tweeting your link 3-4 more times. But this only works if you’re promoting your high-quality branded content.
  43. Ask influencers meaningful questions. Don’t forget to mention them in your tweet when asking for insights. It’s hard to ignore a question when someone is asking you directly.
  44. Pace your tweets. Avoid flooding your followers’ feeds with a tweet every minute. While you can increase visibility by tweeting multiple times a day, it’s still best to pace yourself.
  45. Share trending niche-related news to your followers. News remains to be the most-shared type of content on Twitter. Make sure that it’s news that your target audience will care about.
  46. Offer your twitter followers exclusive content like discount codes or high-value content. Take it up a notch by hosting giveaways using your Twitter account. More than 90% of people on Twitter follow brands to get access to exclusive freebies and promos.
  47. Embed Twitter cards to your website. It’s a simple and easy way to improve your brand’s visibility to website visitors. You can use it to highlight your rich media content on your Twitter account.
  48. Promote your twitter account everywhere! Make sure to include your Twitter handle on your business cards, storefront signs, printed brochures, and other marketing materials.
  49. Avoid posting product-focused tweets. While it’s completely fine to do it once in a while, avoid saturating your followers’ feeds with promotional tweets.
  50. Keep up with the changing times. Since Twitter’s algorithm is always changing, make sure to keep up with the trends. Don’t be afraid to try out new techniques to get more Twitter followers.
Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for Free Quickly

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